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Dear Generals James and Deborah Green,

          Glory be to God who made us. I express my sincere appreciation to ACMTC on behalf of myself and my friends for the materials you sent us all along. We have been reading through them again and again and they remain ever edifying and electrifying. Once again, thanks for sending the books at no cost. I pray that God will increase your strength.

          James and Deborah, I keep on praying to God our Father on your behalf that He may spare you because of His people who are dying without God in their lives. Go on proclaiming His words fearlessly in this dark generation where people who are claiming to be religious and worthy really aren't. Many are the times I weep within me, for the anointed ones have now equally yoked themselves with the ungodly. In our church especially are multiple Samsons who are proclaiming that they intend to bring multitudes to Christ while their zeal for God doesn’t exist. Clubs are increasing which exist between believers and unbelievers having to do with worldly affairs. This always brings about misunderstanding and abusive words are taking root. Light has nothing to do with darkness.

          I will therefore take this opportunity to encourage ourselves to intercede for one another in prayers, for the days are evil. Please pray for me to stand firm as I distribute your booklets as people continue coming to get materials.

          Yours in service,

           Elder Isaac Mwale / 1st Commando Unit

         Zambia, C. Africa


*   *   *


Dear Elder Mwale and all the soldiers of the 1st Commando Unit,

          Battle Cry greetings!

          We rejoice in your STANDING UP FOR JESUS and not shrinking from His foes. It is time for all those who claim the name of JESUS to aggressively show their colors (battle flag) and hand out their sign to be plainly read and known of all men.

          I pray that this letter will encourage you, strengthen you more and more in the Lord Jesus. We pray that the lukewarm, even the backslid in heart will be challenged by you and your unit.

          This letter addresses not you there on the frontlines, but the ones who are afraid or the one who knows not the way of WAR. So many are drunken in this hour on worldliness and emotions, it is time, yea, past time to charge into the ranks of the enemies.


*   *   *

Stand up for Jesus!


“Stand Up For Jesus! all who lead His host!

Crowned with the splendors of the Holy Ghost!

Shrink from no foe, to no temptation yield,

Urge on the triumphs of this glorious field—

Stand Up For Jesus.”


Romans 13:13-14

“Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy. Rather clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature” (NIV).

          Sadly, the negative things in the above Scripture (v. 13 ) depict the lives of too many professors of Christ. Verse 12 tells us, “let us put on the armour of light.” This verse also orders us to “put aside the deeds of darkness.” (See Lk 12:35.)


How Are You Clothed?

Are you united and identified with Christ that you may imitate His holy life? Have you adopted His spiritual principles? Are you obeying His commands? To do these things, one must COMPLETELY REJECT all immorality and all the deeds of darkness.

          The KJV reads, “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.” So, hoist your colors (battle flag) and let your watchword be known. Let your signature be clear and legible on your “declaration of dependence” upon Christ.



Sure! Church folks can be drunk on things besides alcohol. They can be drunk on all the works of the flesh! Some drink the cup of sorrow, some shame, others “fun”—all may be in the drinking glass. There is an old poem that goes like this:


“You have heard of the snake in the grass,

Of the viper concealed in the grass;

But now you must know

Man’s deadliest foe

Is a snake of a different class!

‘Tis the viper that lurks in the drinking glass.”


Church Drunks

Lots and lots of them! From the highest to the lowest of society! They have stopped “standing up for Jesus” and have sat down to play, to drink from the glass of worldliness. Stupefied! Demonized! Drink, drink, drink—morning, noon and night! They have folded up the ol’ battle flag and have taken down their sign long ago.

          Jesus showed His colors—Blood Red! The Apostles showed theirs too. What about you? Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Christ? Paul the Apostle was not ashamed (Rom. 1:16-17), not even till his head rolled onto the ground.


Satan Creeps In Stealthily

Oh, that wicked, sly ol’ serpent...that evil snake in the grass! How many in this generation have been bitten by his sharp, venomous fangs? You gently close your eyes, you casually fold your hands, you quickly fall asleep—YOU BECOME THE DEVIL’S MEAT!


Storm Troopers Needed NOW!

You snooze, you lose! Arise, shake off the slumber of death, put on the armour of light, storm the gates of Hell! It is HEAVEN or HELL, dear ones. Declare WAR upon the foes of Christ and His Gospel—fearlessly, aggressively. Let these pink-pamper-wearing preachers and teachers play their baby games.

          Sickly preaching makes sickly converts—no fruit is brought to perfection. Sail on, dear backslid one, sailing on...very quietly, softly, and smoothly, or so it seems...but certainly not causing even a single ripple in Satan’s evil ranks. You will receive your reward.


Wicked Generation

Ours is a wicked generation, a God-dishonoring, unbelieving generation, which bows the knee to public opinion (PC-ism). Ours is a man-fearing, hateful, pharisaical, sin-damned generation, with no guts for standing up for Jesus. The Spirit of God will eventually take the wicked men away like stubble in a whirlwind! Fear God, dear reader, not man! (See Matt. 10:28.)


Strutting Studs—Dazzling Darlings

Oh, how the “strutting studs” and “dazzling darlings” of today just love to be seen and heard of men! “That which is higly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.” What is called “Christ” in our generation is abomination to God.


Stand Up For Jesus

Endure hardness as a good (first class) aggressive soldier of Christ, stand boldly in the battle’s front, meet and defeat Satan’s hottest fiery darts—what other choice do we really have if we truly love Him?


“Wake up, brother! Wake up, sister!

Seek, oh seek, this holy state;

None but holy ones can enter

Through the pure celestial gate.”


          Friends, the Church of America has “another Jesus”. The runaway Church is more than disinterested in the “real Jesus”—the Jesus that requires a people to be separate from the world. These people who fill mega-churches, for the most part, have no appetite for “standing up for Jesus.” They are quite happy with their “strutting studs” and “dazzling darlings” who drip with lust for the things of Beelzebub’s kingdom.


Time For Revolution!

“Revolution, General Jim?” Yes! The Spirit of God is calling those who claim to be Christian to STAND UP FOR JESUS. The Spirit is summoning those who claim to be “in Christ Jesus” to examine themselves to see if indeed they are IN CHRIST, in the true Biblical FAITH. Doesn’t it alarm you, dear reader, that the Church looks, smells, acts, talks, thinks, like the pagan world? It should.

          The real Jesus is the only one whom the real people of God will serve.

          Put away from you the vain thought that you are “safe” just because you are a member of some religious church. The Word says in John 14:15, “If ye love me (Jesus), keep my commandments.” Oh, the lip-smacking, hand-raising, and head-nodding—all in vain if you do not genuinely grasp and sincerely maintain a true love for His commandments. Put away cold hearts and empty heads. Take heed lest ye fall.

          Our standing (up) with God depends solely upon our personal heart/head response to the Word and Spirit, not upon some church affiliation. Are you listening? One minister has stated that in the Gospels, the phrase (as spoken by Jesus), “I say unto you,” or “I say unto thee,” occurs 135 times. “Jesus said” occurs 65 times. “Jesus answered” is found 64 times. “He answered” is found 40 times, and “He said” 227 times. That is 531 references to Jesus speaking. Are you listening?

          The Gospels contain salient examples on the need to “harken” to what Jesus and the Holy Spirit say. Another thing one minister said was that “a failure to believe is directly owing to the inability to HEAR Christ’s voice.” How can we STAND UP for Jesus if we do not or will not hear what He was and is saying?

          Church people in this hour are attracted to “intellectual intrigue”, curious things, and certainly material acquisitions...but not to what the “real Jesus” is saying.

          Will you stand up for the “real Jesus”?

—General Jim

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