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People of Notoriety


[an e-mail addressed to the Generals:]


     I’m a pagan! Lucifer is our protagonist, unlike your Christ that you believe in.

     The reason for this letter is to let [sic] you know that we ran across your web site right under aggressive christianity missions training corps. After reading all we could find on you people—all the chat rooms, bulletin boards, web sties and message boards, you people are a people of notoriety. I especially took interest in your “Pathological Antagonists” article, well thought out, well written Mr. Green.

     I don’t know who MS is but who ever [sic] she is, she appears to be your main antagonist. It seems that this woman has one thing in mind—to discredit and destroy you people. All of her accusations and related spin offs portray you people, especially the generals, as noble enemies of society, apocalyptic!

     Planetary Liberty

Strangely Silent


Dear Pagan,

    It takes all kinds to make up this world. Why not join ACMTC and find real “liberty”? CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.

     We’re quite aware of all the publicity available on the internet. This “notoriety”, as you call it, works two ways: it exposes the true motives of our antagonists (i.e., to discredit and destroy us), and lets us be more deeply acquainted with Christ’s sufferings. Plus, persecution builds strong Christian character. Few in this hour, especially here in the West, will fellowship Christ’s sufferings.

     May I tease my readers for just a moment? MS’s “acclaim to fame” is her “SHED” story: we supposedly locked her up for 10 weeks (some places she implies that it was 24 weeks!), fed her 6 stale peanut butter sandwiches a day ONLY, never allowed her to take a bath, blah, blah, blah. This pathetic lie has been told and retold hundreds of times over the years by her and her fellow antagonists. I have many newspaper articles carrying this 20 million dollar LIE! This “SHED” story (lie!) is the main theme throughout all her interviews in the media—radio, TV, newspapers, and, of course, word of mouth: “They held me captive! Boo hoo! Feel sorry for me!”

     Isn’t it strange (of course, you don’t know what I know, and this is my tease!) that in the 5 handwritten letters to me and my wife, General Deborah Lila Green, there is not ONE, I said ONE mention of the “shed”? Four letters were written while she was in “captivity” and one shortly after she was ASKED TO LEAVE BY ME!

     The “SHED” is strangely silent in these letters—it doesn’t pop up at all. Why? Good question. It appears that I must write a book about this “SHED HEAD”.

     After the airing of the Dr. Phil Show (Sept. 21, 2006) in which MS implied to an audience of millions that we held her “captive” for 24 weeks, our website was tremendously visited and has been ever since. Thank God! There is a great public interest in this aspect of the TV show. So, you see, all those sites out there can work together for OUR GOOD—they contradict much of what she said on the show, and the letters I’ve got are real DAMNING...


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