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Blessed by the Glory of God in His People

   Dear Generals Jim & Deborah & fellow soldiers of almighty God.

   Greetings in the precious name of Jesus. I was compelled this day to write you and to personally thank ALL of you for your Christian hospitality and the love you bestowed upon Cliff & I on our recent visit to your camp.

   Words are so inadequate to express the sheer joy, love and peace that I felt while I was so privileged to visit Shim Ra Na. The world and all its trappings fade in comparison to the beauty of the glory of God in that place. I will never cease to thank God for the richest spiritual experience since my new birth in Christ Jesus. I pray that everyone who desires to draw nearer to God will seriously consider visiting your holy Ekklesia. I hope to return as soon as possible and the desire of my heart is that my Heavenly Father will prepare me to live as you do until the very end. I love you all from the depths of my being and your faces are etched in my memory forever. May God continue to pour out on you His richest blessings as you march forward in His love and the power of His Spirit! Many souls will be swept into the Kingdom of God through your anointed ministry. Glory to God! Please remember us in your prayers as we do the same.

Love and blessings from your fellow soldiers of Christ,

Naomi Waters

P.S. I have written a poem that better expresses what I feel in my heart and I wish to share it with you.


I have seen the glory of God

In His true and faithful people.

I have seen the majesty of His grace.


I have seen the glory of God

Not beneath a whitewashed steeple,

I have seen it in His precious children’s face.


I have seen the glory of God

From a brand new perspective.

I have seen it in a high and holy place.


I have seen the glory of God

I have seen His love reflected,

In a way that time can never erase.



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