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The Good, Bad, and Ugly!

M ISERABLE SOULS, incarcerated in the degradation of the love of the world! Loving the sinful world defiles the Christian’s pure fellowship with the Lord and eventually, if this love of the world is not forsaken, leads to total destruction. Take heed, sinning Christian!!

           How can a world-loving Christian (believer) escape the all-pervading, clear and penetrating, God-inspired Scriptures in the Bible that condemn world-loving? How can such a one incarcerate his or her soul in such a horrid cell of enormous degradation?

           The wicked wiles of the Devil and his evil demons have overwhelmed our country with a never-ending supply of worldly merchantable commodities and entertainments, which, of course, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enticing all the lukewarm and lazy believers farther and farther away from any real spiritual covering and protection. This country is literally “filled to the brim” (and more) with every imaginable worldly device that appeals to any avaricious, greed-centered heart.

           To love (lust after!) the world means “to be in intimate fellowship with and devotion to the world’s values, interests, ways, and pleasures; taking pleasure in or enjoying what is offensive an opposed to God and His holy standard.” I John 2:15-16 commands us to “love not the world” and mentions the following:

#1 “lust of the flesh”—This includes impure desires and seeking after sinful pleasures and sensual gratification (see I Corinthians 6:18; Philppians 3:19; James 1:14).

#2 “lust of the eyes”—This refers to the desire to watch that which gives sinful and shameful pleasure (e.g., porn, violence, immorality of very sort in theater, TV, movies, magazines and books, etc.).

#3 “pride of life”—This signifies the spirit of arrogance, pride, and self-sufficient independence. It seeks to exult, glorify and promote oneself as the center of life, not Jesus.

           While America is in the sick, swirling middle of self-destruction and is under God’s severe judgments, all the carnal Christians are enjoying the gross sights, sounds and tastes of Sodom and Gomorrah. Just when God’s professed Church should be circumspectly walking in the fear of Him, multitudes are shamelessly throwing a sin-party right in God’s face. So-called Christians are accumulating “stuff and things” instead of Kingdom treasures—they’re working themselves up in an “egregious yearning of the bowels after filthy lucre.” To them, nothing else matters but carnal gain. Whether it’s God or country, family or friend, holiness or health—got to get “the Biggest, the Best, and the Most”! It is truly amazing how professors of the Christian faith walk on blindly, determined to foolishly press on into their totally unprincipled, unholy, unhealthy, heartless, reckless ambitions and acquisitions, and meanwhile totally avoid God’s clear Biblical warnings to “LOVE NOT THE WORLD”! It seems that the modern Church’s whole (backslid) heart is immovably fixed, forever stuck, on things below and not on things above.

           There is no gross deed of darkness which these lustful souls will not try or do to fully enjoy the world. Miserable souls! At such a crucial time as this! Yes, at such a crucial time as this, these wanton whores feed themselves lavishly without fear. They fatten themselves upon the filth of the world. They rebel in the very face of God. They defy every Godly principle of Jesus’ lovely, immutable Word, never thinking of the poor Hellbound souls who are perishing all around them. They are the “King’s kids,” they say, and that is that!

           Spoiled and pampered, bereaved of all Godly sense and holy virtue! These proud, independent souls I am speaking about can walk over lost souls without wincing; they can trample over a dead, cold corpse and never feel anything but disgust. Oh, yes! These church-hardened souls can gaze upon the fields white for harvest and go along merrily in their selfish way, all the time thinking that all is well with them.

     The LOVE of money—oh, the love, the lust, of money! Well saith God’s divine Word: it is the root of ALL EVIL!! Look out! cold-hearted churchgoer. Yet a little while, and that dirty love of money shall fully pierce thee thru with many terrible sorrows and drown thy lost soul in perdition and everlasting destruction.

     These should be the days of fervent self-denial. While God is judging nations for their sins, while multitudes all about are dying for severe lack of spiritual food, you, dear church whore, are making money and going to parties and feasting on rich dainties. Verily, the humble voice of confession of sins and contrite prayer (for yourself and the utterly lost) would suit you and the Church much, much better.

     But not all is hopelessly bad. The Lord spoke to my wife and I on April 3rd, 2006, and told us the time is right for a great move of His Spirit. He said that He is about to pour His Holy Spirit out upon all flesh, and that the most unlikely will be saved and baptized by and in His Spirit. But alongside this great blessing, He said His judgments will also be poured out upon the rebellious and multitudes will die. He also confirmed again to us that ANYONE WHO WILL TRY TO LEAD OR MAKE GAIN OFF THIS GREAT OUTPOURING WILL BE SMITTEN. Take heed, preacher, televangelists, church leaders.

     It is time for God’s people to sober up and REPENT. It is past time to repair the home of God which long ago had fallen into disrepair. It is time to deny ourselves, pick up our crosses and follow after our Lord Jesus, not chase the world. We need to and we MUST beseech our merciful God to forgive our individual and national sins and grant us full deliverance from the spirt of the age—WORLDLINESS!

     If you can’t perceive what I write here, you are incarcerated in Satan’s cell. If you can’t see the need for the Church to marshal its Christian forces against the satanic hosts of Hell, you are altogether blind! We need to pray that the people of God, though they are backslid as Hell itself, will let the penetrating Holy Spirit melt their hard hearts so that we can shed sincere tears of deep repentance. There is a small stir—and we thank our God for it!—among the worldly church folks towards removing themselves out from among the sinning church crowd.

     Brethren, sisters, ministers! Are you asleep? Don’t you hear the voice of God telling you to AWAKE and put on the whole armor of God? Yes, it is time to rally around the blood-stained banner of Jesus Christ the Lord. The world’s people are feeling the urgent need for salvation: they are perishing for lack of love—God’s love. Will you, dear church member, withhold the Good News from them?

     Who can withhold the Gospel from the perishing? The calloused Christian! The Army of God must take to the field of battle once again: we must make an earnest effort to reach the lost, both in and out of the Church, for our holy duty demands no delays.

     CHRISTIANS! Awake from your slumber, your deadly stupor: put off your whore’s garments and put on the full armour of God! Our country calls. The nations of the world call. God implores our aid, for He desires none to perish and He longs for us to fulfill His perfect will for us. Christianity urges us to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Piety pleads with you who have left your fist love: “Return, return to the Lord God!” The present and the future demand a true, aggressive Gospel witness.

     Let us be up and doing the right thing. Give freely of your time, money, energies. Magnify God’s grace thru your willing obedience. Jesus deserves the best we can give.

     Can you imagine what the world would be like if all of God’s people were walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh? We would all be strongly united in a struggle for justice and righteousness, and all would be diligently laboring to sustain the LORD’s Noble Army. With this valiant force in place we would see Satan lose his deadly grip upon lost humanity, especially upon the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The idea of rebellion and disrespect among Christians would fade away . . . if we would “awake unto righteousness!” Those two sins, rebellion and disrespect, have certainly gained the ascendency in and among most churches today. It is a sad day when most church folks are longing and lusting after the things of this world and are not loving God’s Word; when they have no aspiration for God beyond using His holy name in vain.

     Fashionable church crowds quickly turn out to see the latest “Christian Star” but couldn’t care less about spending even 5 minutes in deep prayer or spending 10 minutes reading the Bible, for they are without an ounce of deferential feelings towards Almighty God. Yes, dear readers, “The Good, Bad, and Ugly!” are among us. Let us repent for those who have gone a whoring after the world’s gods. But let us never forget that we are also surrounded with a vast, valiant host of warriors who have boldly gone before us. With this in mind, we can inspire ourselves and others with the warriors’ indomitable courage, their unshaken and unbroken confidence in God, who is also our enduring hope and our strength forever.

     As we really live out our Christian lives, let us who love the Lord emulate the invincible determination and the saintly glorification of Christian warriors gone before us, even to the end.

~General James Green

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