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The Old Out—The NEW IN

 by General James Green


ALL IS WELL AND VICTORIOUS for us here at Headquarters Company. Oh, we have our battles alright, but thru the Spirit of our God, we do prevail VICTORIOUSLY. Thank God, He is bringing in the abundant harvest of souls—more souls regularly than ever before. And, thank God, more and more free materials are being sent out to the hungry and perishing worldwide. God is certainly merciful and good to us! Indeed the propagating of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our commission—our mission.

     We trust that this year (2007) will be a wonderful, fruitful year. Our prayer is that ALL soldiers of Christ Jesus will “PRESS THE BATTLE” in this great Holy War! The harvest is certainly RIPE!! Let us not shun our commission—our mission.

     No matter if carnal wars do or don’t erupt all about us, our duty is to be witnesses for the Captain of our salvation. For though both national and international unrest loom like stalking giants, we, Christ’s soldiers, must be willing to do ALL we can to preach and publish His Word.

     Certain worldly powers are talking about gearing up for a deadly conflict with militant Islamic forces and others, and this alone reveals the prevailing existence of SIN and its consequences, for men are all functioning in the carnal realm. Well, we must concern ourselves with God’s Kingdom. I’m not one to watch, with interest, the so-called “signs of the times,“ for we here at ACMTC have NO PART in carnal warfare. True, we are engaged in “Holy War,” but our weapons are not carnal, but mighty thru our God.

     These evil days call for the LORD’s soldiers to be tried and true. Soldiers who are just going through the motions will not gain victory against a very real enemy. One writer and holy warrior of bygone days put it this way: “The enemy is no petty foe, but one whose hatred is bitter, whose experience is world-old, whose tactics are adroit [i.e., skillful and dexterous (showing expertise or ability)], whose aim is deadly and whose ultimate purpose is utter ruin. He [Satan] is a mighty foe, but opposed by an Almighty leader. This leader is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, the ‘Captain of our salvation, made perfect through sufferings.’” So, my dear soldiers of the Cross, take courage for this new year: let all Hell break loose, if it may; WE WILL AND WE MUST “PRESS THE BATTLE” WITH ALL DILIGENCE AND DEXTERITY.

     It is our duty to rescue the perishing, however we can. We must continue, for God is continuing. No matter how weak the compromising Christians have become, God will have a militant people who will aggressively attack the strongholds of Sin, Self, and Satan. God has had His aggressive soldiers, and He will continue to have His aggressive soldiers around the world. Warriors of old, those who have been mustered out and have joined “the great cloud of witnesses”—their inspiration and their clarion call put new and fresh courage into our ranks when the battles are fought. Thank God!

     The Lord Jesus Christ is raising up a NEW ARMY, forming a NEW BREED OF WARRIORS who will fill the ranks of His Holy Tribal Nation. We can thank God for the old-timers who show age and are slower but have no thought of retiring til they are called home to receive their rewards (“medals” in Christ). No doubt these old warriors salute the new recruits with assurance that they too will “endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.”

     Many believe that World War III could happen anytime. Certainly the world’s forces are marshaling for a fearful conflict. And no matter what happens, one thing we can count on is that Satan and his malignant forces will continue to cause “Hell on Earth,” for he and they can do no other—they will not leave the field of battle (the world) tamed and subdued under Christ.

     Let us face the future with an iron will to do the will of God. Let every soldier of Christ Jesus be true to his or her post of duty, go cheerfully to the front line of battle, and shout the victory shout in the face of all persecution and peril. Let all this be a witness about us and an incentive to others to live for Jesus. And when our time comes to depart the field of battle, let us all have this testimony: “I have fought a good fight!”

     The times are terrible, heartrending and horrific. Myriads of graves testify to the satanic fact that violence and death rule this world. Yes, both creature and creation are groaning to be delivered; the world’s lands have been soiled, crimsoned with blood, time and time again. Yet we must not let our hearts faint when we see the horrors of the times. WE MUST NOT FAINT.

My God! . . . will we stand by (or lie by) and let the killing go on and on, and let souls plunge into an EVERLASTING HELL, and not lift up the blood-stained banner of our Lord Jesus Christ? Never!! NEVER!!

     Souls are precious to the One who created them. Do we expend ourselves to save souls? Have you ever thought of the expenses of carnal wars in reference to all the money spent and the manpower utilized? Have you thought of those expenses in contrast to the money and manpower expended for God’s sake? All the expense for carnal wars, my dear friends, is the work of SIN! It is time we expend ourselves for the Kingdom of God, no matter the cost, no matter what comes.


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