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Time for Renewal
by General James Green

OUR PURPOSE is to challenge people called "Christians" unto a renewed daily companionship with Christ, unto a vigorous renewed faith, unto a genuine and renewed commitment, unto a zealously determined FORWARD AGGRESSIVE movement to the front lines of battle--"taking Jesus to all the world!" Let the adventurous march begin . . . "TO THE FRONT! TO THE FRONT!"

Look up, not down! The troubles, problems and disturbances of our day must be trod underfoot. The times DEMAND IT! It is the hour to renew our WARFARE efforts. We MUST ADVANCE upon every frontier, for our entire Christian force is invested in Jesus Christ the Lord, and He calls us to CONQUER THE WORLD IN HIS NAME.

With great shame, the Church of the 21st century lacks real vision and Spiritual power. The word, then, for this generation, is "To your knees!" For only sincere heart-repentance will revive us for revolution. We need the presence of God. Nothing but God's indwelling presence can bring TRIUMPH amidst FAILURE. Thus, "To your knees!"--the Battle Cry has sounded.

What good are the many beautiful churches, expensive colleges, daily TV/radio programs, and everything else, if we've lost the "cutting edge"? Truly we face a distressing situation right now, and only supreme sacrifice on our part can prevent total spiritual defeat at the hands of the hosts of HELL!!

God's TRUTH compels us to press the battle for souls. Yet the lack of real spiritual fighting is apparent everywhere. Why? The burning zeal of God's love has been greatly quenched, despite our command to "Quench not the [Holy] Spirit" (I Thess. 5:19).

Too often the churches have followed the line of least resistance, the easy way, by hoarding budgets for "benevolent enterprises" while leaving missionary work completely neglected. So souls languish all around the world for lack of truth, for lack of true love! It is time, over time, to sound the piercing Battle Cry and attack the spirits of worldliness that have led and are leading the Church into utter decline and death. Pray for the Church, the Ekklesia, to be re-impassioned for lost souls, DAMNED souls. Pray that church people will become real Christians and sincerely dedicate (or re-dedicate) themselves to the Lord's service uncompromisingly. Our loss of world vision--WORLD CONQUEST!--has weakened and made destitute the whole Body of Christ.

Warring for souls to be saved is the supreme adventure (and ultimate command) of all history. It is the CHALLENGE of imparting real hope and strong courage into a world gone MAD: a world full of fear, doubt and "demoralizing futilities." Fighting the good fight of faith in Christ Jesus the Lord (I Tim. 6:12) is the only real and meaningful moral substitute for carnal warfare. Proclaiming the "Good News" is the duty of every born-again believer to a dying, bewildered world; the Gospel of Christ Jesus the Lord is the "lone champion of love and good will" in a dark world of hatred and carnal war. And may I declare that any lowering of the Gospel's standards or lessening of its divine power or cheapening of its pure motives is the BETRAYAL OF THE CENTURY, as it is said, and is "a yielding of the only fortress that flied the flag of true brotherhood." I have preached this fact for years.

The Great Commission (Great COMMAND!) of Jesus--"Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel" (Mark 16:15)--furnishes us with a definite purpose and sure plan. The early Church took this commission/COMMAND seriously, and they were not stopped by discouragement nor any difficulty. What should we say of our present Church? Do we have radiant, heroic, vibrant, zealous, stalwart Christian features we can rightly be proud of? If we're to please our Captain, we must actively rise up in renewed zeal for loving Jesus and true vigor for MISSION WORK.

Let us say as Nehemiah said: "Come, and let us build up the (broken down) wall of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach" (Neh. 2:17). Cannot we all shout, "Let us rise up (NOW!) and build!" (v. 18)? Let those of us who name the name of Christ pray that the Church will be fully restored to genuine Spiritual life and Spiritual AGGRESSIVENESS. Let the Christians be a people with a fresh spirit of moral and missionary zeal!

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