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“What Are You Waiting For?”

DESPITE THE UPSURGE OF RELIGIOUS NATIONALISM (called “God and country” here in the U.S.), in reality the Christian Church is doing very little to fight the Islamic anti-Christ inroads that have been paved into America and other (once Christian) nations.

           Sadly, the predominant attitude of America’s backslid Church is, “We wrestle NOT!” (from Ephesians 6:12). Let me finish this challenging verse: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (KJV). (We have lots of free printed materials and taped messages dealing with “The War Against the Big Four!” that deeply delve into the necessity of the Christians’ warfare.)

           The veil that once covered the reality of Jesus Christ—His preeminence over all, particularly Islam’s false prophet, Muhammad—is being lifted off today as never before! We here at ACMTC have contended against Islam since the early 1980s. Over the years, together we have seen and heard about tens of thousands of Muslims convert to Christianity. Unfortunately, we have lost many soldiers of Christ (they were murdered!), both males and females, in this war for souls. But they are in God’s hands.

           For centuries, the true Christ of the Holy Bible (and even the Christ of the distorted Muslim Qur’an) has been veiled from the eyes and minds of “free-thinking” Muslims. But God is now penetrating the darkness with His glorious light! It hasn’t helped that the Qur’an is distorted and confusing. Here is why the Qur’an is so confusing: it speaks of Christ Jesus in certain positive, significant ways, but denies the most positive, significant thing about Him—His Deity. To make matters worse, Christ’s Divinity is diabolically stripped away by false teachers, Arabic “traditions” and Islamicized commentaries on all Christological passages—all references concerning Christ are completely weighted in favor of the Cult of Muhammad.

           Now we all know Muhammad himself confessed to being a very sinful man while Jesus was undoubtedly sinless. In fact, both the Qur’an and the hadiths testify that Muhammad was sinful while Jesus was sinless. Yet millions follow the sinful Muhammad instead of the sinless Jesus. THIS IS DARKNESS!!!!

            But things are changing. This is why the militant fundamentalist Muslims are on the hateful warpath—they are losing members BIG TIME! Yet their physical birth rate, of course, keeps their numbers growing.

           Thru the AGGRESSIVE WARFARE of a few true Christian soldiers worldwide, Muslim lands are being interrupted and won. Thru the pen and vocal warfare (not the carnal sword of steel), great genuine interest has been aroused in dark Muslim quarters. Despite their hateful “Bill of Legalistic Penalties” (BLP), converts to Christianity are still coming forth. Their BLP states, “A person guilty of apostasy (male/female) shall be PUT TO DEATH if repentance is not made within the period allowed which shall not exceed 60 days.” This is “peaceful and tolerant” Islam, ladies and gentlemen! I could quote many things here to prove my point (you can order our free materials for more), but lets move on.

           ACMTC has started a new outreach corps—the “Rescue Rangers.” We are dedicated to the Christian cause of rescuing lost and dying souls out of the world’s false religions. This task is URGENT!

           Beware, churchgoers: Muslims are used to strict discipline/discipleship, and therefore most Western churches, which are lax in both, will not “sit well” with a converted Muslim. Lots of food, fun, and silly fellowship will be repugnant to the more strict ex-Muslims who have been truly redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

             The harvest (RESCUE) time is here. We must go in vigor to the ripened fields. Now! Today! And we need proper tools for the task at hand. We offer some good, free tools for the frontline soldier.

           To say the least, Islam (as well as every other false religion/cult) entertains definite negative, anti-Christ opinions about true Biblical Christianity. And what about all these liberal “Christians”? They run down the truth too. Even so-called “Bible scholars” do not help in this matter. There are many “scholars” who entertain unorthodox views and opinions that literally come out of the pit of Hell; and, of course, perceptive Muslim scholars use those “Christian” unorthodox views and opinions against us. With Muslim lies and borrowed lies coupled together, we see a definite false exhibition and gross misunderstanding of the truth of the Christian faith and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

           Actually, some Muslim scholars (of the Qur’an and/or of the Bible) believe more in our Holy Bible than some of our very own perverts called “Christian scholars” who are, in fact, Spirit haters!

           There is no doubt in my mind that Muhammad had come in contact with both real and heretical sects of Christianity. It has been reported that Muhammad had esoteric conversations with the monks Nestur and Bohira, and it is no secret that Muhammad was schooled and groomed by the Christian monk/priest, Waraqa ibn Nawfal, who held some heretical views of Jesus. Nawfal belonged to the Nosrania Christians, who originated from a Jewish system of beliefs and practices, before he joined Ebionism. Ebionism represented the un-Biblical faith of a Jewish Nazarene group which claimed to follow Jesus but did not believe in His Divinity nor His Divine Sonship. Here, no doubt, is why the Muslims do not believe in Christ’s Divinity or true Personage—because of Nawfal’s teachings accepted by Muhammad.

           Some have considered the Nestorian Church to be a major source of “Christian” influence on Islam. (Nestorius was a heretic of the fifth century who taught that Christ was divided into two separate persons.) Professor Andre (Univ. of Upsala) believes in the Nestorian influence, and he proves that Muhammad with his Christian ideas are indebted to several men in pre-Islamic days.

           Not only were the Christians in Arabia but the Jews were an old-settled community in Arabia too, and they were also an actively proselytizing group. Two prominent Arab men who were converted by the Jews were Habib ibn Malik and the priest/monk Waraga Ibn Nawfal, whom I mentioned earlier. Another convert to Judaism was the notorious Dhu Nuwas, a Yemeni, who turned out to be a terrible persecuter of Christians. So Jewish influences surrounded Muhammad as well as “Christian” ones.

           The Muslims have been taught that the angel Gabriel gave Muhammad all his Qur’anic revelation, but in reality, most of the “revelations” come from Judaism, Christianity, and various other sources. The Muslims have been taught a BIG LIE!

           It is our job, dear Christians, to point out all this to the Muslims. Why should we let over one BILLION lost souls go to Hell? The same goes for the lost Jews and all the rest of the lost souls worldwide. We must PRESS PAST THE BARRIERS AND GO FOR SOULS!

           In my panoramic view, I know offensive attacks will get rough. Take it from a veteran—things will definitely get rough! And don’t believe the “BIG LIE” that Islam was the true religion from Adam to Abraham and even to Jesus. That’s nonsense! The cult of Islam had a definite A.D. beginning: it arose during the lifetime of the “apostle of Islam” (A.D. 560-632).

           In his exegesis on the Qur’anic verses about Jesus, professor R. C. Zaehner stated that, in short, the “Qur’anic picture of Jesus” can largely be explained by referring to the heretical Nestorian Christological perspective: that is, Jesus is fully and only human, even though the Divine Word and Divine Spirit dwell in Him; also, Mary is not the mother of God (God the Son) or even of the Word since God and the Word pre-existed her and the Word was merely conveyed unto her (Qur’an 4:171). Zaehner goes on to tell the perspective that “the human Jesus” was produced directly by God’s creative Word or Logos: He was not a Son “acquired by God” but was brought into existence in the virgin’s womb (yes, Muslims do believe Mary conceived as a virgin) by the direct action of the Divine Word ”BE!” (Zaehner, Sundry Times, London, 1958, p. 206). And on and on go the half-truths and flat-out lies! So, twisted Biblical truths were mixed with other ideas...and out came the “Qur’anic picture of Jesus.”

           The Holy Scriptures clearly portray Jesus as fully human and fully Divine: He was the son of Mary, who conceived as a virgin, and is the Son of God, Immanuel, God incarnate. Just read the Bible! It’s very simple to understand. (If you would like additional study materials on this issue, write us and we’ll send them to you for free.)

           Don’t believe the BIG LIE that Islam (or any other false religion/cult) is the true religion for humankind. Muhammad was NOT the “seal of the prophets,” the last and the greatest of all, even beyond Jesus Christ. Jesus was sinless. Muhammad was a lost sinner. How utterly stupid to think that God would raise up a mere sinful man to supersede the God-man, the sinless Jesus Christ the Lord! Furthermore, the Qur’an was NOT, I repeat, was NOT verbally given to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. Muhammad, as I’ve been explaining in my writings, gleaned his “revelations” from Christianity, Judaism, and other sources such as occult sects and even drew from Arabian folklore. One Palestinian Christian boldly states that 75% of the Qur’an is taken from our Holy Bible (but much of the content is twisted, of course). Just because Muhammad claimed “divine revelation“ does not make it so.

           The Qur’an and hadiths need careful, honest scrutiny. We shouldn’t just buy this “Muhammad says so” stuff. At least our New Testament comes from original ancient copies for the whole world to compare with our present-day translations! Take into consideration the following information from Josh McDowell’s A Ready Defense:


Manuscript Evidence of the New Testament

THERE are now more than 5,300 known Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Add over 10,000 Latin Vulgate and at least 9,300 other early versions and we have more than 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New Testament in existence.

     No other document of antiquity even begins to approach such numbers and attestation. In comparison, the Iliad by Homer is second with only 643 manuscripts that still survive.


The New Testament Compared with Other Works of Antiquity

F. F. BRUCE in The New Testament Documents vividly pictures the comparison between the New Testament and ancient historical writings:

“Perhaps we can appreciate how wealthy the New Testament is in manuscript attestation if we compare the textual material for other ancient historical works. For Caesar's Gallic Wars (composed between 58 and 50 B.C.) there are several extant MSS, but only nine or ten are good, and the oldest is some 900 years later than Caesar's day. Of the 142 books of the Roman history of Livy (59 B.C. - A.D. 17), only 35 survive; these are known to us from not more than 20 MSS of any consequence, only one of which, and that containing fragments of Books III-VI, is as old as the fourth century. Of the 14 books of the Histories of Tacitus (ca A.D. 100) only four and a half survive; of the 16 books of his Annals, 10 survive in full and two in part. The text of these extant portions of his two great historical works depends entirely on two MSS, one of the ninth century and one of the eleventh.”

     Bruce also comments, “There is no body of ancient literature in the world which enjoys such a wealth of good textual attestation as the New Testament.”


[EDITOR’S NOTE: The Old Testament also has a wealth of proof to substantiate its perfect reliability. Just consider the testimony of the Dead Sea Scrolls in comparison to the Massoretic texts and the confirming testimonies of early Church Fathers, to mention only two points. If you would like to know more, write us for free materials.]


    In contrast to the Bible, the standardized Uthmanic Qur’an used by Muslims today has undergone many alterations and perversions, and its translations have too, despite the Muslims’ claim of a “perfect Qur’an.” (Write us for free study materials on this important issue!)

    Particular attention must be paid to the gross anti-Biblical and un-Biblical claims hurled against Christianity in this hour: that is, we must stand for the truth and not cave in to the lies. We must press the truth forward, even though Muslims avoid factual evidence and Biblical consistency. They just say, “The Qur’an says...” But that is not good enough for me!

    With all this said and done, what will you do, Christian, with all the attacks against our faith and Christians themselves? Will you join us in the war for souls, or will you just blink a blind eye to all the darkness that is transpiring on a worldwide scale? Will you obey Matt 28:19? “What Are You Waiting For?”


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