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“Which Way Are You Running?”


WINDS OF ADVERSITY are blowing strongly and steadily against the Christian Church. The infernal powers of false spirituality are whipping up lots of hatred, animosity and murder towards Biblical Truth. Militant Islam and Militant Hinduism are on the aggressive. The question I now ask my readers is this: “Which way are you running? Are you running into the advancing ranks of anti-Christ or are you running the other way?”

     Despite all the constant hullabaloo about “Church planting” and “spiritual mapping” and so on, there is a disquietingly high incidence of defection from the Church of Jesus Christ (many have gone AWOL!). Not only this sin of defection is prevailing, but the sin of alienation from Christ’s Lordship is also very prevalent (way too prevalent!) among those who are still within the Church system. The combined phenomenon of defection and alienation is creating the perfect condition for the advancement of anti-Christ.

     The daily news around the world testifies to the truth of what I’m saying about adversity and sin. The constant sprees of violence and killing and church burnings by Islamic Militants over such things as a silly cartoon about Islam, for example, is proof enough that Islam is not a peaceful religion—as I have been telling you now for years. And the “peaceful” Hindus and Buddhists are currently following the Islamic example of bloodshed and destruction (with Christians as the main targets).

     But many Christians are running from battle! All the COWARDICE among the so-called Christian sector definitely imparts a spirit of euphoria into the hearts of the above-mentioned strategists (they love it!), making it easy for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and anything else to advance, conquer and set up an anti-Christ religion more than ever.

     Christians: When was the last (or the first!) time you really contended for God’s Truth? (Read Jude 3.) Did you know that the Greek word translated “contend” (epagonizomai) in Jude 3 describes the real battle that the faithful believer must fight in the earnest defense of his or her faith? The word literally means “to struggle; suffer; be under great stress; fight a fight.” Don’t you, Christian, love God’s truth enough to “contend” for it? (Sadly, those of us who love Jesus must now constantly contend against the sinning apostate Church while also fighting the heathen enemies!)

     This current militance among false religions is not going to disappear. It never has. For we are dealing with spiritual realities—demon forces (see Ephesians 6)—that don’t just go away. Yet while false religions are powerful and aggressive in one sense, they are definitely not impregnable, for they cannot overpower the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, we here at ACMTC are seeing thousands forsake their false religions because Biblical Truth was given to them. If we Christians would put up a good Holy Ghost FIGHT, we could at least slow down the advance of anti-Christ, and many souls in our generation could be saved.

     In a time of a veritable explosion of information concerning “strategic-level spiritual warfare,” as it is called, there is NO reason why the Church of Jesus Christ must take the back seat (or especially run from battle!). If so-called Christians would sincerely dedicate or rededicate themselves to the Lord Jesus, afresh and anew, we could and would surely be spiritually challenged, soundly instructed, inspired, convicted, and AGGRESSIVELY CHANGED to CHARGE into the enemies’ wicked ranks! No doubt, an enemy like Militant Islam is a most ferocious anti-Christ, but we here see that it can be defeated by God’s Holy Word.

     One reason for the present lack of concern over the fast-moving aggressors is a desperate lack of prophetic visionary leadership. The Church may still be academic (overly so!), but for the most part, it lacks the AGGRESSIVE Spirit. The AGGRESSIVE Spirit will call us—RIGHT NOW!—into ACTION to fulfill the Great Commission (the Great COMMAND).

     If you want to CONTEND for the Christian faith and become an active participant in the war for souls, write us and we’ll send you an “AMMO PACK” (tracts and booklets on various subjects, particularly Islam).

     Join the Army that sheds no blood—join Christ’s “RESCUE RANGERS” today!


—General James Green


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