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Whitewashing or


General James Green, Dec. 12, 2011

THIS TITLE WAS USED by a British Christian back in the early 1980’s when he wrote an essay on the dangers of nuclear weapons. Being concerned, as millions were, about the massive nuclear weapons build up between the US and Russia, he posed many questions that needed to be answered. He perceived that the U.S. Gov. wasn’t putting forth the WHOLE truth on this grave matter, but was indeed whitewashing and not watching.

     I would like to forward this subject some 25 years plus and put forth questions from our own camp about the “whitewashing” being done in both State and Church.


What Is God Saying In This Hour?

THEORIES AND LIES ABOUND THESE DAYS, from both Church and State about world events. Please forgive me if I generalize a lot, but there is no way I can list all the things “out there” that men are discussing, debating and FEARING! You know there are plenty of “scary”, “disgusting” and “disrupting” things that speak, as it were, loudly—but what is God saying to this current generation? Two of the biggest events that have happened since the new millennium began. 1.) The “supposed” terrorist attack by Muslims against the US, 9/11/2011 or 911. Millions in both the secular and religious sectors believe that the U.S. bombed the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) and blamed the Militant Muslims. I, for one, believe this! 2.) The acceptance and promotion of same-sex marriages by both Church and State. And there are dozens of other smaller things. The war in Iraq is the result of the “supposed” Islamic attack of America, so we must combine the two.

     Psalms 50:3 says, “Our God shall come, and shall not keep silent.” Many anticipate a pre-tribulation rapture as I write, HOPING they will escape the Great Tribulation…another false hope! Most, and I say MOST Church folks are no more waiting to “meet Jesus in the air” than the Devil’s waiting to get saved!


Who Knows WHAT God IS Saying?

THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF RADIO SHOWS, T.V. shows, meetings, discussions, seminars, internet exchanges, etc., all putting forth THEIR interpretations of world events and THEIR Biblical and non-Biblical beliefs. Most are dull, insipid, stupid! Many are trajectories, others are synthesis, eisegesis, olfactories, even ebullient. Many today who deliver such speeches, writings, and sermons are obdurate, that is, hardened in heart or feeling, especially against morality.

     Nevertheless, once in a great while we read of, or hear of a real man / woman of God who hears from our God on current matters—but they get no limelight. But we need to HEAR above the fools and fears of our time.


Do Parallels Speak?

THEY DO! If one cannot hear, personally, from the Spirit of God, we have our Bibles that speak plainly and loudly to us. Allow me to put forth a very good example where God spoke plainly during a crisis. Ezekiel was a refugee from Jerusalem who had been deported (taken captive!) in 597 BC, along with many Jerusalem aristocrats by the King of Babylon. Ezekiel had been a Jewish Priest who ministered in the Jewish Temple. However, it was not in the Temple that Ezekiel saw his first visions of God, but in Israel’s enemies territory, by the river Chebar (Ezek. 1:1). It was here that he saw “the heavens opened up” (some estimate around 593 BC). This was the time that God called him to be a Prophet to the exiles.

     Ezek. 1:1 puts this time at “the 4th month, on the 5th day” (some calculate this to be July 31, 593 B.C.) Babylon was around 500 miles from his home, yet he obviously kept well informed—(by letter?) of the distressing developments among the Jews who still remained behind.

     If you care to read the whole book of Ezekiel, you’ll get the whole context of his writing. We read in 3:17 that “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore HEAR the WORD from My mouth, and GIVE them WARNING from Me:” then God gives forth His Word (18-21). Ezekiel was warned himself, by God, to speak the Truth to Israel and personally to individuals: The warnings were not just about physical death but also about spiritual doom (the duties of the spiritual watchmen are presented in 33:1-9).



EZEKIEL WAS GOD'S CALLED AND CHOSEN WATCHMAN, but Israel had their own prophets who would not put forth God's Truth but whitewashed the whole situation. You see, then, as now, Ezekiel had competition! He told the sinning Jews that “…you have not walked in My statutes,” (11:8-12), but in Jerusalem a different word was being proclaimed. There were other prophets, (see Jeremiah 28:2-4) that reassured the Jerusalemites that ALL was going to be WELL! Jeremiah the Prophet was also warning Israel about their fate, but to no avail.


Hananiah, the False Prophet

HANANIAH WAS ONE OF THE FALSE PROPHETS who confronted Jeremiah (Jer. 28:1). God's true Prophets prevailed in the end, for Hananiah, the false prophet DIED at the hand of the LORD, as Jeremiah prophesied (28:16, 17).

     Friends, we still have plenty of false prophets “out there” telling God's people that ALL will be WELL, but they LIE! God is going to punish this nation (USA) for its great sins and all nations for theirs. This is the Truth!

     Ezekiel was told by God to prophesy against the false prophets of Israel (13:2), for they prophesied out of their own hearts (13:2). Take time to read Ezek. cpt. 13. God called them “foolish” prophets who followed their own spirits, not God's Holy Spirit. And so it is today!


Micah the Prophet

FALSE PROPHETS LIED and did not hear from the LORD. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Micah, etc., were true prophets of the LORD. Hear what Micah the Prophet says in 3:8, “But truly I am FULL of power by the Spirit of the LORD, and of justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.” This is what we NEED to see in our perverted generation of “funny and foolish” prophets.


What Was Israel’s Sin?

THERE WERE MANY—lying was one, “They have spoken falsehood and divined a LIE” (Ezek. 13:6). These fools reassured the sinning Israelites that God would protect them (from Babylon) without repenting of their sins! Hello! Are you out there? Is not this the Church’s SIN today? YES!!!

     These “foolish” prophets had a demonic vision, delusive, despite their political / religious impressive credentials—their message, to that MESS-AGE was unreal and untrue.


Prophet’s Falsehoods—Yahweh’s Outrage!

BY YAHWEH’S DIVINE DECREE, “My hand will be against the prophets who envision futility and who divine LIES; they shall not be in the assembly of My people, nor be written in the record of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter into the land of Israel…”

     We’ve got plenty of false teachers—leaders—prophets etc. in the land today that are not watchmen but are white-washers—they spread lies like one would whitewash on an object or objects. Oh, they say “Hear the Word of the Lord!” but they teach, preach, and prophesy out of their own hearts and minds (Ezek 13:2), they follow THEIR own spirits (13:3).

     Jeremiah the Prophet had “stood in the council of Yahweh to PERCEIVE and to HEAR His Word” (Jer. 23:18). Ezekiel had the same attentiveness.


Tickling Their Ears

THE “TICKLING OF MEN’S EARS” is quite popular; telling the unrepentant “Church folks” what they want to hear. Today, they do not want to be told to put away their sin/sins! NO WAY!! They don’t want to be told that if they don’t, they will receive God's unpleasant judgment. NO! They, like the Jews in question, want to hear SHALOM (peace). They want to be told how good and blessed they are, even though they already have one foot in HELL and sliding fast. They want to be told that “God loves you!” even though they make Him SICK! They want to be told that it is God's will for them to be prosperous and to have ALL the world can offer.


God is Patient

BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS, God sent the King of Babylon, Nebuchadrezzar, to invade their land, spoil their treasures and take away some hostages. Was not this a REAL warning enough? But the false prophets made light of the whole affair, white washing the whole event, promising Israel, Shalom!

     Look at the judgments that have befallen America over the last 10 years—still the prophets laugh and promise us peace and safety and MORE prosperity.


Misled the People

WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING! They are everywhere today, globally. “Shalom” where there is no shalom! (Ezek. 13:10; Jer. 6:14; 8:11). So, the people, in their delusions, have built up a wall of false securities between them and God.


Trusting in Egypt (i.e., the “world”)

EZEKIEL TELLS US IN 17:15 THAT ISRAEL “rebelled against Him (God) by sending his ambassadors to Egypt, that they might give him horses and many people. Will he prosper? Will he who does such things escape? Can he break a covenant and still be delivered?” You silly Church folks better read the answers that follow.

     Trusting in worldly alliances and weaponry failed for them; it will also fail for us! (17:17) We (Americans) think that God will always overshadow us because we “claim” to be His. Dear ones, the American Church, as it stands, is in filthy abomination unto God!! Amen.

     The false prophets in Ezekiel’s and Jeremiah’s day MADE the people to “trust in a LIE” (Jer. 28:15). God wanted Israel’s king, Zedekiah, to surrender Israel into the hands of the king of Babylon for judgment, but the court prophets kept telling him “ALL will be WELL!”

     Mark what Isaiah the Prophet said in Isa. 31:1 (also 2 Chron. 16:7): “WOE to those who go down to Egypt (the world / pagans) for help (alliances) and rely on horses, and trust in chariots (state-of-the-art military hardware)God does NOT want us trusting in delusory things, but strictly on Him (read Isa. 31:12, 13).


Trusting in Our Religion

OH, WHAT A DELUSION! America the “GREAT” is really good at trusting in her religion, what ever that may be?...religiosity I guess. Get serious here, 90 percent of the professors of Christianity in this country are not right with God…why LIE to ourselves? Oh, In Ezekiel’s day and Jeremiah’s day, the temple sacrifices carried on as usual, dull and dumb priests did their thing; the prophets (preachers mostly today) continued to pronounce “says Yahweh / God” stuff, all the while the people’s lives were literally weakened by idols (stuff and things!) (Ezek. 14:3).

     We have countless teachers / preachers who tell us DAILY that our “God is loving and tolerant, nothing to worry about!” White washing the lies to make them appear true and acceptable. Preachers in this hour are BIG LIARS!!



OH WHAT A DECEIVED GENERATION in which we live in. There are multitudes of “Christians” who are willfully deceived. They love LIES and LIARS! This generation is deceived to believe that God is now tolerant towards sin. Now we can have our sin and His blessings—we can have the standards of other gods and have the protection of the Biblical God.


Today's Church

MEN ARE SO DECEIVED TODAY. They think just because the “Church” is built with religious / economic / political materials that the structure is strong—WRONG! We forget that it has been built upon sand and not the Rock.

     Whitewashing sin and sinners, we think, pleases God. Oh, how it gleams in humanistic splendor, in the gloss of religious approval!


Hear what Jesus Said

“WOE to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness”— Matt. 23:27 NKJV.

     Jesus was speaking plainly about Israel’s religion as verse 28 explains. This modern and BACKSLIDDEN Church may appear to be successful, rich, beautiful and Politically Correct, yet it is full of DEAD RELIGIOUS FLESH. All the whitewashing, dear friends, will never conceal the horrid stench of rotting flesh within. All this outward ornate display merely conceals the decadence of the Church goer.


Hear the Word of the LORD

“SAY TO THOSE WHO PLASTER IT (the wall) with untempered mortar, that it will fall…” Ezek. 13:11. Israel had built “their” wall (a separation between them and the Living God!) but that man-made wall would not stand against God's judgment.

     “So I will break down the wall you have plastered (glossed) with untempered mortar, and bring it down to the ground, so that its foundation will be uncovered…”(v. 14). Of course this prophecy prefigured the destruction of Jerusalem, at which time the “foolish prophets” (v. 3) in Babylon lost their influence, their hopes.


Judgment Coming

DON’T BE DECEIVED, judgment will visit our generation. Even though the false prophets said “peace and safety”, the king of Babylon did come the second time. Amidst the invasion and destruction of Jerusalem, the prophets’ superficial optimism vanished. Babylonian battering rams spoiled their “prophetic party”.


Hear Me!

GOD IS WROTH with this generation’s watchmen who have turned white-washers, who speak in His name, but act in their own name.

     Ezekiel asked the people, “…why will you die, oh house of Israel?” (Ezek. 18:31, 32). I ask the same question, “Why will you die, oh American church people?” It was only 7 years after the first invasion by Babylon, that the second invasion came. The rebellious people did not turn from their sins, so Yahweh did not turn from His wrath. He brought upon the people “the fruit of their devices” (Jer. 6:19). This time the Temple itself was devastated and the prophets were deported to die!...alongside Ezekiel…by the waters of Babylon. But Ezekiel was right, the prophets’ whitewash job was now evident to ALL.


Around 600 Years Later

DID NOT JESUS, KING, PRIEST, and PROPHET, use similar language against the Jewish leadership? Did He not talk about WHITEWASHING? Jesus, as did Ezekiel and Jeremiah, had a watchful eye on the Establishment of His day. In fact the story almost repeats itself, instead of a Babylon invasion, God used the Roman Army to tear down all the whitewashed religion.


True Watchmen

READ THE BIBLE; true prophets, preachers, and teachers address the people with God's “good news”, an alternative to the “whitewashing” of evil men. They did this at the peril of being scourged, persecuted, hated, even killed. So it is today, dear readers—if one DARES to tell the truth, both religious and non-religious men will rise up in hatred and anger.


Jesus Tried...

JESUS TRIED TO WARN HIS PEOPLE, like the prophets before Him, about the consequences of rebellion. He wanted to gather His people under His covering, for He knew God was going to send another wave of severe persecution against Jerusalem (Matt. 23:37).

     As we all know, the religious establishment was controlled by conspirators and false “peace and safety” controlled and dominated their thinking. The leaders thought if Jesus was left to “do His own thing!” then the Romans would destroy them. That was their reasoning! The Romans DID DESTROY Jerusalem, but it was because the people, for the most part, rejected Jesus’ offer of salvation and refused to turn from their sinful ways. (see Jn. 11:48).


Jesus Saw Thru the Whitewash Job

JESUS SAW RIGHT THROUGH all the religious hypocrisy of His day. What about you reader? Don’t be deceived, judgment is coming to this sin-sick world and men are going to pay dearly. We all have to agree that the world is not in a time of “peace and safety”, even the world knows this. Yet we still have this sin-sick Church that thinks she will escape His judgments…a rapture? Ha! Wait and see.


Reverberating Themes

ARE WE SO BLIND AND DUMB that we can’t perceive that Truth? These Biblical themes continue to reverberate…the Holy Spirit working in and thru holy men and women today is calling for repentance. The Spirit is dealing with both sinful nations and individuals.

     Yes, I know, the people have their glib generalization and excuses of WHY they can’t turn around: Moral shallowness is literally killing the Church.


Doomsday Clock

NO, I AM NOT A DOOMSDAY PROPHET. I do not expect the world to end soon—I do expect God's judgments to befall nations and individuals: nor am I looking for a rapture or any other way of escape. I am looking to please God, for I am called to sound the alarm.

     Sure, the doomsday clock is ticking away, but I don’t know when Jesus is coming back, like, a date. But I do know that He IS coming back and the world as we know it will come to an END! Let me state this; He is coming back WHEN His bride hath made herself ready for His return. Romans 15:13 says that “…may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”NKJV.

     I don’t need to be anxious about the time in which we live—it is evil to be sure—but we can’t live our lives in dread and in fear, but in faith and confidence.


Remember Back When...

I WELL REMEMBER WHEN the military establishment here in the U.S. had mottos like “Peace is our Profession” (U.S. Strategic Air Command, USSAC). When the MX-Missile (nuclear) was christened, it was called “Peacekeeper”. Much of our military is characterized as “Peace thru Strength”. Going back to THE BOMB (1945), we were informed it was to “Keep the Peace”, (I was born that year).

     Forward—2012—“Peace”? WHERE? We have plenty of nuclear weapons and so do other nations—yet war, terrorism, and hatred is the order of the day. Ask Israel if she feels “peaceful”.


Where Are We Going?

With all the ingenuity and expenditure spent on “Peace and War”, one would think we would have MORE to show than what is “out there” right now. It is a disgrace to the human race that the governments of this world spend hardly one red cent on spreading the Gospel of peace. Evil hearts are the cause of our trouble. If we could convert, really, Biblically CONVERT lost souls, we would have a better world…at least for awhile.


False Preachers / Politicians

THE AIR WAVES AND PRINTED PAGE is full of empty promises coming from the preachers and politicians. They literally exasperate me! What LIES! What double-speak! What double LIVES! I don’t believe, for one minute, that I am misreading current events nor mis-hearing what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us. I would never spend the time, $$, and energy on promoting something I did not believe in.

     There are very few true “watchers” but too many “white-washers”. Did not Jesus’ critics believe that He had a demon? Yes! Did not the Prophets before, suffer criticism and even death? Yes! Do you think political and religious demons have changed? NO!

     I’m not only suspicious of white-washers, but disgusted with them. They are leading America into destruction FAST! Security without repentance is a deadly LIE we cannot ignore any longer. Why believe in delusive and foolish men / women that contradict God's Word? This is insanity in the first degree. Really stupid!

     With all the immense $$ and power the Political / Religious have, it is SIN for that $$ and power to be used to deceive the public; yet this is currently happening.

     As for me personally, I will CONTINUE to proclaim God's Word, not putting a beautiful whitewash job on SIN.

     In reality, I personally cannot support Romans 13. In light of today’s political (or religious) leadership; they punish the good and bless the evil! The proliferation of evil men / women in both religious / political means is appalling. The states “God-given” authority has been trashed long ago, to punish the real evil doers. Now true Christian watchmen and women are the targeted. Only an INSANE nation would legalize abortion and gay rights, because both are forbidden by God's Word. And the same goes with the “justifiable war” principle—it is totally out of control. My Christian faith is currently at odds (incompatibility) with both the Church and State.


[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]