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Who Stole Our Child?

-General James Green- Jan. 23, 2012


“WHO STOLE YOUR CHILD?” No one! You gave it away, dear parents, when you sent your child to public school, where prayer and Bible reading were revoked by the Supreme Court. You gave away your child when you allowed him or her to have their own TV…to watch MTV, or live porn and every other kind of entertainment from the pit of hell. You gave away your son or daughter when you sent them away to some DAMNED, anti-Christ, ungodly college / university… where they were indoctrinated in Marxism, Darwinism and politically correct “pink perversions”.

     Why cry tears? Why get mad? You, mom and dad, literally sent your precious babe, lamb, to the camp of the DAMNED!

     Oh, sure, we can blame the leftists, the devils for stealing your precious, but did they come to your home and snatch them away?.... out of your loving arms? NO! You turned them over to be raised for the world and by the world.

     Why did you do it? To turn your child over to demons and devils (in human bodies), knowing full well that the Bible tells us to raise up our children to love and fear the Lord. In fact, mom, dad, it was suicide. How could you ever trust America’s wayward institutions, seeing the kind of perverts they turn out? You ought to know that your national sovereignty and parental authority will not be honored. HA! You ought to know that your religious freedom is merely an illusion at best.


Resist the Devil?

YES, THE BIBLE DOES tell us to do so (James 4:7). But you, mom, dad, were just too busy to do this. Therefore don’t cry big tears if your son, your daughter have turned homosexual, lesbian, communist,… God haters, Bible haters! The Bible told you: “Neither give place to the devil” (Eph. 4:27). The devil is the father of lies—of sin. Sin is contagious.


Train Up a Child

WELL, YOU PARENTS OUGHT TO BE ashamed of yourselves! You let the world do your job, and, I might add, you shepherds, Church overseers, spiritual parents, ought to be ashamed, doubly ashamed for contributing to the damnation of the youth. Not only have you advised mom and dad about how to raise their kids, (most suggesting the way of the world), but you brought the world into the church – now the kids can have the music, the garments, the piercings / tattoos, the nine yards of worldliness… all with the label “Christian”.

     Shepherds have left off preaching sound Bible doctrines. Now they poke fun at the Word of warning, admonition, correction, rebuke, instruction. Unchristian aberrant philosophies, with a few out of context Scriptures thrown in, is today’s food.


The Great Commission?

HA! SINCE WHEN DO CHURCH LEADERS SPEAK ALONG THESE LINES? (for truth’s sake, there are a precious FEW who dare to do this). We might as well call it the Great Contamination… making disciples for the devil. Ineffective and self-serving Churches all across this land are raising Church brats that know more about Rolling Stone (magazine) than about the Bible.


Face IT!

TODAY’S BACKSLIDDEN, EMERGENT CHURCH is not interested in godly instruction. Your typical church prefers, rather, to provide entertainment, and make the dupes that attend feel comfy and secure. Your hyper leader, like Brian McLaren and comrades, who promote “the way forward”, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… taking you silly church folks backwards into spiritual and intellectual darkness.

     Face it, most Bible-believing believers know little if nothing about all this, this Emergent church Movement, which is currently invading the already sick and diseased “Christian” colleges, and seminaries (where maybe some of you sent your precious son or daughter).

     Whether you send your kids to a secular or religious college / seminary / university you can bet that precious few teach the Bible in light of godliness. While you parents—both natural and spiritual—are not interested in training up your child / kids, the devils within the mentioned institutions SALIVATE over the opportunity. The humanists, commies, crazies, perverts truly have a handle on equipping your sons and daughters. If atheism doesn’t ruin them, social religious training will. Their goal is to rape and ruin your mind.

     It was once asked: “Have you ever found in history, one single example of a Nation thoroughly corrupted that was afterwards restored to virtue?” We’re not speaking of a Nation that didn't have a godly foundation. Nations like these can be Christianized. We’re speaking about a Nation that had a godly foundation (like America did), and then left off following the ways of Jesus and greatly corrupted itself (like America has presently done). Can a nation like that ever turn back?

     The very things America fights and dies for (not in a Christian sense) are the very things that corrupted this people. Will anyone tell me how to prevent luxury and easy living from producing laziness (both naturally and nationally) intoxication (there are numerous things society can be “drunk on”), extravagance, vice and sheer folly? These things have literally killed the desire to serve and obey God. While Americans strive, fight and die for all the above, these things have literally CAPTURED / ENSLAVED the people. ARE YOU FREE? One author and critic, (and for good reason) has said, “…the average American male has become a feminized wimp.” Amen and amen! And, I might add, the average American female has become a domineering Jezebel.


Man Exodus

THERE IS A MAN EXODUS from the ways of God into the satanic ways of the world. If it wasn’t for these Worldly “mega” churches, where falsehoods and filth are promoted, most church goers would become less and less. But still, considering the worldliness within the “mega” whorehouses, the man exodus continues… away from godly instruction, education and into socialism, evolution, sex—perversion, political correctness, situational ethics, post-modernism, blah, blah, blah. The Reaper is reaping his harvest.

     If God was to do what He did in Ezekiel 9, we would see very few marks upon the foreheads of the men (and women) that sigh and cry for ALL THE ABOMINATIONS that be done in the midst of America! Who is crying and sighing over the sins of this nation? Very few.

     And if God was to do what He did in Israel (Ezek. 9) “…smite; let not your eye spare, neither have pity; slay utterly old and young, both maids and little children, and women…” We might see a tear or two.

     Jeremiah (6:16) pleaded with old Israel to “stand in the ways,… ask for the old paths, where is the good way (of God). And walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” Am I not now preaching for Americans to REPENT and RETURN unto the ways of God, getting off the broad way, and getting back to the straight and narrow? What did Jeremiah hear from backslidden Israel? “But they said, ‘We WILL NOT WALK THEREIN.” And so, I hear the same… hence the pain, troubles, crime, vice, sickness, disease, poverty, and hundreds of other vexing and tormenting things that plague Americans daily. To top it off, secular (and, sadly too many religious officials), who RAGE against the LORD, against His laws and reign (see Ps. 2:4, 5), make things worse. The RAGING of the heathen is loud and clear.

     The fires of hell are burning within this nation—people imagine a vain thing; they think that by ridding themselves of the old paths, things will get better. HA! Look around ye blind guides / followers: your new gods aren’t pitying you.

     RAGE ON, perverts, politicians, preachers. Protest all you want, GOD WILL REMAIN IN CONTROL even when you are OUT-OF-CONTROL.

     To hell with you and your Supreme Court, who avowedly is against godliness. GODLINESS WILL PREVAIL; YOU WILL END IN HELL!


[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]