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"To another the working of miracles: to another PROPHECY:..." (I Cor. 12:10)

PROPHETIC MESSAGES, words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding given by the Spirit of God. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT are given just as we have received them. We offer no explanations, apologies or interpretations, nor do we compel you, the reader, to agree or disagree. We have not changed them, adulterated them or doctored them up. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT come to you just as they have come to us. These words are guaranteed to kill the flesh, heal the wounds and fill the spirit man with joy. Taken from our international radio programs as well as given to our community on a daily basis, they are printed and given out freely.

MORE NEW PROPHECIES FOR JUNE, 2011 -The Wise Will Pay Heed!
NEW PROPHECIES FOR JUNE, 2011 -The Word of the LORD is real!
CONCERNING GAY PARADES #1 -Read what God has to say about these events.
CONCERNING GAY PARADES #2 -The second word, same day, same subject.
MASTERS OF MISDIRECTION -God is well-able to bring down and destroy those who walk afar off from Him!
OUTPOURING OF HEAVENLY RAIN! -No man can stop the downpour of God's HEAVENLY RAIN.(3-2-11)
DO NOT FEAR NATIONS -We are not meant to fear the authority of carnal Men but to fear our GOD!(2-27-11 & 2-24-11)
CHRISTIANS CAUSE GREAT DISTRESS IN THIS HOUR -With note about Joel Osteen blessing Houston's new lesbian mayor.(1-11-10)
HORDES OF DEMONS UNLEASHED. -Because men have stopped reverencing God, hordes of demon forces have been unleashed upon the earth. (1-4-09)
GOD OFFERS US THE ANOINTING OF THANKSGIVING! -Because so many of God's people have turned away from giving thanks to Him, He has offered us a special anointing of thanksgiving.(11-27-08)
RELIGIOUS DEATH CAMPS -Many are trapped in religious death camps because they believed the lies of cunning messengers who have taken them into deceit. (11-9-08)
MANY FILLED WITH PARASITES -Because God's people eat of the unclean, impure, and defiled, they are filled with parasites that suck out God's precious life. (11-6-08)
RICHES OF THIS WORLD -God never intended His people to seek after the riches of this world that will only pass away. (10-10-08)
GOD'S PEOPLE DRUNK ON LIES -Many claiming to be God's people are drunk on lies. They slobber and stagger about, intoxicated on the vanity, stupidity, and blindness of this world. (9-23-08)
WORSHIPING THE CREATION -Many choose to worship the creation instead of the Creator and are therefore locked in darkness. (9-14-08)
REBELLIOUS AND RETARDED -Those who reject God and pursue idols and wicked imaginations are rebellious and retarded fools. (8-27-08)
PURSUING VANITY AND VEXATION -Don't pursue those things which are vanity and vexation and amount to nothing in eternity. (7-31-08)
BALANCE BETWEEN SPIRIT AND TRUTH -Balance must be maintained between Spirit and Truth. (7-30-08)
THRILL SEEKERS! -God never calls us to be continually seeking new thrills and new sensations in the Spirit but to seek for Him. (7-27-08)
WHOREDOMS OF THE HEATHEN -God never calls His people to learn the ways of the heathen and to partake of their whoredoms. (7-5-08)
SINS OF THE FATHERS -Parents take heed! (with note by General Deborah)
CONTINUALLY COMMUNITY -God tells us why He wants His people in community. (with note by General Deborah)
WEIGHTS OF THE LAW -The return of Phariseeism! God speaks to those trapped in the "Messianic Mess".
BEWARE IDOLATROUS ENCHANTMENTS AND TRADITIONS -Countless multitudes are Hell-bound in idolatry. Jesus is the answer!
REFUSE SYMPTOMS THE ENEMY SENDS -The enemy tries to overwhelm us with symptoms of many types--we don't have to take them!
THE DAY OF REDEMPTION IS HERE -God is looking for those who will intercede for the multitudes of wretched, lost, and dying!
DIVINITY IN HUMANITY? -Many think they need only to draw up the divinity that is within them and they will be gods.
GODS AND GODDESSES -So many in this hour are following after a multitude of other gods and goddesses.
WHEEL OF BLESSINGS -God desires the wheel of His blessings would keep on turning.