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"To another the working of miracles: to another PROPHECY:..." (I Cor. 12:10)

PROPHETIC MESSAGES, words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding given by the Spirit of God. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT are given just as we have received them. We offer no explanations, apologies or interpretations, nor do we compel you, the reader, to agree or disagree. We have not changed them, adulterated them or doctored them up. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT come to you just as they have come to us. These words are guaranteed to kill the flesh, heal the wounds and fill the spirit man with joy. Taken from our international radio programs as well as given to our community on a daily basis, they are printed and given out freely.

MIRACLE RIVER OF LIFE! -God's Miracle River of HEALING and DELIVERANCE is flowing! Read many Prophetic Words about God's Miracle River here.
TIME FOR GOD'S RIVER REVOLUTION! -The RIVER REVOLUTION is under way! Jump in and go with the flow.
DECLARE THE RIVER REVOLUTION! -The Lord wants us to DECLARE His RIVER REVOLUTION! (Plus two more words)
GOD'S MIRACLE RIVER IS IN OUR MIDST! -God's Miracle River of joy and peace flowing in our midst. What are you waiting for!
GOD'S MIRACLE RIVER INCREASES TO THOSE WHO SUBMIT. -God desires to increase the flow of His Miracle River!
MOST UNLIKELY WILL REPENT. -Even the most unlikely will repent when covered by the flow of God's REPENTANCE RIVER!