Islamic and Homosexual TERRORISM!

General James GreenI F YOU HAVEN'T read “Schmoozing With Terrorists,” by Aaron Klein, you should! Before I get into my subject, Homosexuality and Islam, let me introduce Klein. He is an award-winning journalist and radio commentator, a Jew, who wrote this book after he interviewed many Muslim jihadists throughout the Middle East. He brings the readers into the depths of the Islamic viper's den: the H.Q. of the world's most vicious terror groups. You'll read about the REAL Quran-believing Muslims, their real ideologies, not like the watered-down version of today's pampered Muslims and misled/ disinformed/deceived journalists/T.V. reporters etc., who do more harm than good.

I only want to put forth what real Muslims believe on homosexuality and other sex-sins. I have written on plenty of Islamic terrorism, not the American-style of “peace” bull that is pushed as truth here in the U.S.; this book cuts no corners. Even with all the soft-pedaling of Islam in the West, Pew Research Center Poll of American Muslims came up with 58 percent who viewed al-Qaida “very unfavorably.” But what about the other 27 percent? How do they feel about this bloody terrorist organization? More alarming still, 26 percent of U.S. Muslims under 30 believe suicide bombing is justified in defense of Islam, with another 5 percent who didn't know or didn't answer. DON'T KNOW? Really now, killing innocent civilians?, you don't know?

But a poll (University of Maryland), taken lately, found that only 46 percent of ALL Americans think attacks on civilians can “NEVER BE JUSTIFIED.” Wow!, 24 per cent believe they are often or sometimes justified. The Maryland poll sparked little outrage, for it did not fit the agenda of the “right-wing warrior pundits” who frantically search every news story for any possible angle justifying their suspicion and hatred of all Muslims, as reported by Glenn Greenwald in This is not my concern here, but it gives us a little insight of what's going on in America.


Homophobia / Islamophobia

I BELIEVE that both homosexuality and Islam are real threats to America, and to ALL the world. This does not make me homophobic or Islamophobic. Both these “ways of life” are a real threat: both use terrorism to get their way, Islam uses violence, homosexuality uses verbal violence and “scare tactics” to frighten/terrorize any and all who oppose their anti-Christ life style.

Personally, I do not believe that all Muslims are terrorists, nor do I believe that all homosexuals want to destroy Christian values, BUT AMERICA DOES HAVE A REAL, NOT IMAGINED, PROBLEM.



“ONCE ISLAM dominates America, anyone living inside must abide by our rules. There is NO CHOICE! You don't like it? Too bad! Go somewhere else, and GO TO HELL!!”

That is a direct quote from a militant Muslim on Klein's introduction page.


Chapter One

CHAPTER ONE'S headlines read:

“Madonna, Britney Spears Stoned To Death?”

This chapter talks about what America will be like if the Muslims get control. Sheik Abu Saqer, founder of the Sword of Islam terror group (al-Qaida supporter), explains that ALL American women, Muslim or not, MUST cover their hair: “Sharia rules are clear” he says, “being and walking naked (no head covering)…..means that you are going against Allah's laws….” Ladies, are you ready for this? No more chopped hair, fancy hair-dos, or even bald cuts!....all of this will be cut out! You must cover up! If you refuse, you will be STONED TO DEATH!! Otherwise you will go to jail or get whipped.

Christians and Jews, of course, will be their main target, but non-Christians and non-Jews will suffer at their hands as well.


Sharia Law

ACCORDING TO Sharia Law, non-Muslims are considered inferior. They cannot own land; no new synagogues, or Churches, can be built in the Islamic state; are you ready for that? A Christian or Jew cannot testify against a Muslim. Are you ready for that? You must become a second-class citizen and pay jizya, a poll tax (the right to exist!), are you ready for that?


Sex Sins

SHARIA LAW is very clear about crime and punishment. Prostitution merits 100 whippings; if the prostitute was married, he or she will BE STONED TO DEATH!

A thief will lose a hand, or both! This punishment is still carried out today. America are you ready for that?

Article 104 states that stones should not be large enough to kill by one or several strikes, but must be small ones that take time to kill—a slow, painful death!



ALL TERRORISTS that Klein interviewed agreed that homosexuality will not be tolerated AT ALL. Of course, these are the REAL Muslims, not the conservative or moderate ones.

One commander of the Martyrs Brigade (West Bank) stated, “These sick people will be treated in a very tough way. According to the law, and according to the Tradition, they will not be allowed to practice their sexual deviation. If they insist, besides jail and legal punishment, I think that the population will not tolerate this and may hurt these sick people.”


Islam vs Homosexuality

AT LEAST, by some, Islam detests homosexuality, but this is changing—as you'll read in the following article: “Queer Sheik.” But still, the Militant Muslims call homosexuality a “SOCIAL AND PHYSICAL DISEASE.”

Ab del-El, Martyrs Brigades Committee spokesman, told Klein that homosexuality was causing the moral collapse of the US. He even blamed the “gays” in the military for America's losses in the war on terror!

Another Martyrs Brigades member (now dead) blamed “gays” in the Israeli Military for losing the war against the Lebanese Hezbollah Militia in 2006; Abu Oudai was killed by Israel during an anti-terror operation prior to Klein's book. Abu Abdullah, a Hamas military leader said that homosexuality would be dealt with uncompromisingly!


Liberal Ideals

DO YOU folks really believe that Islamic Militants will tolerate your sick liberal ideas? This sick country in which I reside, the USA, may tolerate this “abomination”, but God does not! Wait and see the end result of all this “sexing.” Even the Muslims can discern that homosexuality, and all its offshoots go against human nature, fixed and designed by Allah. Sheikh Saqer boldly said there will never be a “gay parade” in America, or anywhere else where Sharia law exists…. “they will be sentenced to death” he says.

Think about it Americans: if militant Muslims take over America, both straight and “gay” bars and clubs will be illegal, “no sexing,” no “drinking” etc. Abu Abdullah said, “You don't like it? Too Bad! Go somewhere else, and GO TO HELL!”

The Sharia law will also shut down American T.V., movies, popular music etc.. Only Islamic culture will be tolerated. Do you want Islam here in America?


World Domination?

THIS IS WHAT Muslims want and are fighting for as I write.

“Islam will enter EVERY house and will SPREAD OVER the entire world,” boasts Gaza leader Mahmound al-Zahor in 2007. Make no mistake, they already see America as a base for Islam. Sheik Saleh Faraj believes that the USA will provide the “power” needed to take the world….power to unite the entire ummah (Islamic World Community) into a single Caliphate—Islamic domination of the whole world.

The Muslims were beside themselves when Keith Ellison rose to power by becoming the first Muslim elected to congress (Minnesota's 5th Congressional Dist. in 2006). He was sworn in on the Quran, not the Holy Bible!

All you idiots who think this is being tolerant and open-minded better reconsider what this means. For the Muslims, this was a “grand victory” for Islam, proof that Islam is spreading in America, and will dominate, starting a new campaign from the (once Christian) West. The militants believe that America will be overthrown. It will if we continue to allow Islam to go on unchallenged. You Americans are really STUPID!

AIDS: Death Culture!

HAMAS CHIEF in Gaza, al-Zahar, told Klein that the West brought freedom in its people, but he said it is that freedom that has brought about the death of morality in the West. I agree with this Muslim. He continued to say that the death of morality led to phenomenons like homosexuality, homelessness, and AIDS.

Saqer had another input. He said our culture (the USA's) is “empty of values.” Can we deny this? He said our culture is worthless, and our culture even encourages people to be criminals! Can we deny this??

But Saqer misses the larger point: the Palestine media encourages suicide bombings and all manner of “criminal” activities too. Jihad is GLORIFIED daily!


Big Media Banned!

THESE MILITANTS say if and when they take over the West, BIG media like Washington Post, NY Times, and CNN will be banned. FOX News Channel is especially offensive, being Jewish.


Madonna and Spears

THE MILITANTS say that these two “PROSTITUTES” produce cheap American music that we (the U.S.) call “culture.” Can we deny this???

FAT, CHEAP PROSTITUTES! what one Muslim called these two sinful icons. Really, can we deny this?

Al Aqsa's Nasser Abu Aziz makes it very clear that they will prevent sex perverts from performing: “we will NOT ALLOW our youth to be exposed to this pornography!”

However, these Muslims did tell Klein that they would “try to get Madonna and Spears to convert to Islam; if not, they might be killed if they do not respect our laws.”

Other militants say that their music video clips will be forbidden and “those WHORES Madonna and Spears will be thrown in jail until they admit they made sins and return to the ‘moral way’…if they don't, they WILL BE STONED TO DEATH or 80 times hit with a belt.”

One irate militant said if he ever met these WHORES, he would be honored to CUT off the HEADS of Madonna and Britney Spears.

So, dear readers, are you ready for Sharia Law? You had better stop soft peddling Islam; these militants are what REAL Islam is all about (write for all our Islam materials).


W W I I I ?

ACCORDING TO the militants Klein interviewed, they believe we already are in WWIII, fighting terrorism world-wide.

What is really sickening about all this is America not only funds certain jihad groups but also arms them to kill not only Americans, but innocent people world-wide. Yes! Yes! The U.S. is FUNDING, ARMING, and FUELING terrorists with our tax dollars.

Before you go to war, you better know the facts! The U.S. Military also trains certain terror groups. I personally don't think America really wants to end Islamic terrorism; we need a boogeyman to scare the hell out of us!....and also to put in place our own brands of terrorists (like the one-worlders etc.).

I don't need to be an expert on Islamic affairs in order to see that the U.S. trains militants in intelligence methods and military warfare (behind our backs, of course!) They are taught how to infiltrate, penetrate, dominate, and control. Not only does the U.S. betray the Americans, it also betrays Israel at the same time. Well, this is another subject.


Jihad—Holy War

THE MUSLIM “holy” book, the Quran, speaks about this, striving against any and all who oppose Islam. Islam is a religion, an ideal, a way of life/of the Sword.


Sexual Immorality

MUSLIMS, EVEN though their religion allows polygamy, take strong stands against sexual immorality, at least in word; even more so than modern churchianity. In certain Islamic countries, they are stronger in deed, even to the point of horrible violations of human rights as other nations see it.


Where in the Quran?

Surah an-Nisa 4:15 says:

“If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of your (reliable) witnesses from among you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or Allah ordain for them some (other) way” (you can find this in Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Holy Quran).

In Ali's footnotes, he says, “Those who take the crime to be adultery or fornication construe this definite order (“some other way”) to mean some definite pronouncement by the Prophet (Mohammed): this was the punishment of flogging...the crime is most shameful and should be unknown in a well-regulated society...the maximum punishment would be imprisonment for life.”

Fornication included homosexuality and all other sex-sins.

Surah 4:16 states:

“If two men are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.”

Most Islamic commentators understand (lewdness) to refer to adultery or fornication. Ali states, “I think it refers to unnatural crime between women, analogous to unnatural crime between men in 4:16.”

Women seem to get the greater punishment (take heed ladies!), the reason they say is ‘to protect the honor of women, stricter evidence is required,’ i.e., the evidence of 4 witnesses instead of the usual 2 (it is the same for adultery, see 24:4).

So, lesbianism is punished by 80 stripes or life in prison. Ali believes, “We might presume, in the absence of a definite order that the punishment would be similar to that for homosexual men (4:16).” I don't know, but I do know that Islam believes women are lesser than men. They believe Hell will have more women than men; read the Quran and Hadiths for yourselves and see this; women are considered inferior.


Adultery / Fornication

SURAH 24:2 STATES that the man/woman should be flogged 100 times each. Surah 24:3 tells us that Adultery/Fornication is forbidden. Church folks have the same commandments but pay little or no attention to what the Holy Bible says.


Stoned To Death!

THE HADITH (7:63, 195) tells of a man who confessed to Muhammad of illegal sexual intercourse. Because the man was married, the prophet ordered him to be stoned to death.

This also is found in our Holy Bible: “And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death” (Lev. 20:10).

In Lev. 20:13 we read: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an ABOMINATION: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Lev. 20:12 speaks of a man that lieth with his daughter-in-law, both shall be put to death!

Lev. 20:11 speaks of a man that lieth with his father's wife, both shall be put to death!

Lev. 20:14 tells us that if a man take a wife and his mother, both he and they shall be burnt with fire till dead!

Lev. 20:15 speaks of beast sex, the man shall be put to death; v. 16 says the same concerning a woman and beast.


More Verses:

LEV. 20:17-21 gives more warnings about sex sins that God forbids. Instead of me re-writing what I've already written, just order our “Gay Way” series and other sex related booklets; you'll see that the God of the Christians is very strict on all this lewdness that Church folks do on a daily basis within the Body of Christ.

The New Testament puts forth warnings against sex-sins as well. Killing the guilty has been overshadowed now by grace and mercy, yet the guilty, if not repentant, will be judged and punished in the after-life.

Muslims still act under what we would call the “old law,” but I assure you, in their societies there are FAR LESS sex-sins/crimes than in the West. I have to say that it would do this nation good if criminals were punished in like manner.


Last Point

NOW, DEAR ONES, what do we say about same-sex marriages? What if (laugh!) a partner commits adultery (the Bible nor the Quran has anything about same-sex marriages!)? Adultery is always defined in terms of man/woman relations, not man/man or woman/woman; do you see the sick perversion? In Islam, I'm only suggesting their—the offending partner—ought to receive 200 stripes minimum, and death the maximum, since we have a double sin here.