Sublime Character


S HEIKH MOHAMED ABDEL-HALISM HIGAB writes in his book "Educative Islam" (Saudi Arabia 1996), under the title "Sublime Character," (p. 89) the following: "It is note worthy in this connection that the Quran praised the Holy Prophet Mohammad as having a sublime character, for thus says Allah: 'Verily you are of a sublime character!"' Higab continued with “...the term SUBLIME with which the Holy Prophet is credited indicates that his personality is an assemblage of ALL virtues and good moralities, such as: patience, courage, fulfillment of promises and covenants, honesty, justice, magnanimity, kindness to the kindred, support of the weak, hospitality to guests, and succour to the needy.” Wow! You would think that the prophet of Islam was sinless!, maybe like Jesus? From the Arabian mindset, maybe, but compared to the Holy Bible, the prophet was JUST THE OPPOSITE. In fact, this is nothing but pure Bull! There are dozens of books written about the prophet telling of his "other side.”

     Why do certain authors and scholars depict Muhammad as the way Higab describes him, yet others do the opposite? When one reads the Bible or books written about the Bible, JESUS IS ALWAYS DESCRIBED CONSISTENTLY AS GOOD, NOT WITH "ANOTHER" SIDE THAT IS EVIL.

What I Have Found

"IT IS INCUMBENT upon both non-Muslims, and Muslims, attempting to write or discuss about Muhammad, to utilize the Quranic evidence as honestly and judiciously as possible, without distorting its witness" (Islam Revealed by Dr. A.A. Shorrosh, 1988, p. 47). Shorrosh does just this if anyone reads his books, as I do. But too many Muslims are not honest whatsoever. MUHAMMAD EVEN CLAIMED TO BE A SINNER; A GREAT SINNER IN NEED OF FORGIVENESS—THE HADITH BEARS THIS OUT. He murdered, broke his own rules, stole, cheated, hated, and did all other ugly human things sinners do.

Can We Trust The Quran and the Hadiths?

YOU CAN TRUST what they say, but do they tell the raw Truth?

     The Hadiths (Bukhari is the best one, many claim). Bukhari's writings are compiled in 9 volumes which consist of 7,275 hadiths (thousands were omitted beforehand because of content). Originally there were 300,000 DELETED DOWN TO 200,000 in which he said a mere 100,000 MIGHT be TRUE. Presently we have 7,275 left! If one was to calculate this, after what Bukhari said about how many repetitions there were, making the total close to 3,000, he admits that more than 98 percent were full of error! And Muslims want to pick on the FEW Biblical “errors” we have today!

     The same goes for the Quran. The Quran is about as trust-worthy as the Hadiths. (For more info. on the Hadiths write for our booklet "2 Faces of Islam #4.”)

What Am I Trying To Covey?

I'M TRYING to show how MUSLIMS ARE DISHONEST, AND IGNORANT OF THEIR OWN SOURCES. How can Higab call Muhammad a "Holy" prophet when he was not?

     Sure! The Quran speaks of:

1—Truthfulness: (Surah 9:119) (Surah 33:70).

2—Establishment of Testimony: (Surah 66:2; 2:140; 2:283; 2:282)

3—Honesty: (Surah 8:27; 23:8)

4—Fulfillment of engagements and treaties even with enemies: (Surah 17:34; 14:91; 13:20; 8:72; 9:4)

5—Giving first measure and weight: (Surah 6:152; 7:85; 55:9; 83:1-3)

6—Justice: (Surah 16:90; 6:152; 5:8)

7—Patience: (The Quran lists 70 verses)

8—Forgiveness: (Surah 15:85; 42:40; 24:62 and 24:22).

9—Modesty and gentleness: (Surah 26:215; 3:159)

10—Doing Good: (Surah 2:195; 7:56

11—Mercy: (over 200 verses).

     The list is long, BUT how many of these Surahs have been abrogated?

Trickery and Deceit!

OH HOW SNEAKY the Muslims are! To "promote" and "polish" Islam's image! Activists quote Surahs received by the prophet while in Mecca, that is, when he (supposedly!) received those revelations from the angel (or was it Allah Himself; the Quran says both). One can read his first revelations and they do speak of just what I've quoted to you (in a very small part).

     BUT these sneaky Muslims do not, and will not tell you, though still in the Quran, these revelations were nullified, abrogated, rendered VOID by his Medina revelations in later years.

     As already discussed in a previous article, the doctrine of "al Nasikh wal-Mansoukh" is used. “The Abrogator and the Abrogated" (see Surahs 2:106 and 16:101). The noted Islamic scholar Abil-Kasim Hibat-Allah Ibn-Salama Abi-Nasr’s (maybe you can pronounce that; I can't!) book goes through every Surah (chapter and verse) in the Quran.

His Findings?

ABI-NASR CLAIMS, out of the 114 Surahs or chapters of the Quran, there are only 43, a BIG 43, "That were not affected by this concept.” This means that we can take only 43 chapters at face value for today.

     How do these Muslims get away with this dishonesty? Ask one! The cancelled verses are mixed in with the authoritative verses and only a schooled Islamist knows. This is DECEIT dear readers. Can you imagine trying to teach Bible lessons like this?


SURAH 58, verses 14 & 15 tell us, "They swear to falsehood knowingly. Allah has prepared for them a severe penalty: evil indeed are their deeds.”

     "General Jim, what does that mean?" The Ali translation, in English, reads thus: "Seest thou not those who turn (in friendship) to such as have the wrath of Allah upon them? They are neither of you nor of them, and they swear to falsehood knowingly.” Ali's footnote says: "This refers to the hypocrites of Madinah who pretended to be in Islam, but were intrigued with the Jews.”

     He goes on to state in another footnote, "When the Muslim Brotherhood was an acquiring strength in Madinah and the forces of disruption were being discomfited in open fight against the messenger of Righteousness (meaning Muhammad), the wicked resorted the duplicity and secret intrigues in which the ring-leaders were the disaffected Jews and the Hypocrites, whose Machinations have been frequently referred to in the Quran” (e.g. see 2:8-16 and 4:142-145).

     Ali says that "By this time, the Jews of Madinah and the Jewish tribes around had become actively hostile to Islam.” Consider for a minute, here comes a new prophet (unknown to the Jewish history) and preaches a doctrine of which supersedes Judaism and ALL other religions. They called the Jews hypocrites for not believing in the prophet, nor his the war started and CONTINUES TODAY!!

Speaking of Hypocrites...

ISN'T THIS HYPOCRISY being used today by the Muslims to get converts out of other religions that: Christianity and Islam are pretty much alike, serving the same God, blah, blah, blah? DO NOT MUSLIMS USE DECEIT BY QUOTING VERSES THAT HAVE BEEN VOID FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS? Yes! But you see, lying is permissible IF Muslims do it to further Islam. How can the curse be upon others for lying (see 11:18 and 6:21) and not upon Muslims? Because they say so! I guess that settles it.


"ALLAH loves not the treacherous,” (Surah 8:58) Really? Pray tell me why Muslims are so treacherous? Why force others to convert or die? But Islam teaches there is NO compulsion in religion. “Gen. Jim, really?” I know they cite Surah 2:256 but they cite it deceitfully and in a treacherous way.

     Let's take a good look at this verse:

"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error.”

     Ali says, "Compulsion is incompatible with religion: because (1) religion depends upon faith and will, and these would be meaningless if induced by force: (2) Truth and Error have been so clearly shown up by the mercy of Allah that there should be no doubt in the minds of any persons of goodwill as to the fundamentals of faith; (3) Allah's protection is continuous, and His plan is always to lead us from depths of darkness into the clearest light.”

     How very nice of Ali to tell us this great truth: I believe this very way. However, Muhammad DID NOT PRACTICE this, nor did/DO his followers.

     Most Muslims either do not know the meaning of "There is no compulsion in faith" (Surah 2:256) or THEY JUST USE DECEIT IN EXPLAINING IT TO NON-MUSLIMS. They can't have it both ways, i.e., "Kill the infidels" or "don't kill the infidels.” The Quran speaks of both killing non-Muslims and also of killing the apostate—one who leaves Islam.

     As stated in other writings, I refer my readers to the most famous contemporary Egyptian scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Mutawilli al-Sha'rowi. He is steadfast on his T.V. show attacking Christians and Christianity. HE MAKES NO UNCERTAINTY THAT CHRISTIANS ARE INFIDELS AND HE STIRS MUSLIMS UP TO ATTACK THEM AND BURN THEIR CHURCHES. "You Ask and Islam Answers" is one of Sha'rowi's most famous books. On page 52 of part 2 we read this:

     "Some ask: 'How does Islam say there is no compulsion in faith, and yet it commands the killing of the apostate?' We say to them: 'You are free to believe or not to believe, but once you embrace the faith you are NOT FREE (anymore) and you should be bound to Islam otherwise you will suffer punishment and the restrictions, among them is the KILLING of the apostate: That is, there is no compulsion in embracing the faith, but, if you do, you are not free to relinquish it."

     There you have it! But that only deals with the apostate. He doesn't mention that the non-Muslim is forced against his or her will, by threat, or death, to embrace Islam. We've mentioned these verses before, (“...fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem [of war]...” Surah 9:5).

     The pagans—a non-religious man or woman, were killed without exception. However, if one was a Christian or Jew, they did have a choice or option; accept Islam or pay the poll tax THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

     In Ibn Hazm's volume, "The Sweetened" (Vol. 8, part 11, p. 196), we read this:


     Can you imagine Christianity doing this? Sure, Roman Catholicism has done this, but they are not true Christians. They have their own religion mixed with Christianity. True Christians do not kill for their faith!

What about Colonized People?

THIS has been a blight upon Christianity for centuries. The New Testament never even suggests this sort of thing, let alone killing in the name of God. Those who have done this were not true born-again Christians. Both England and the US have been guilty of this. The same goes for the slave trade, in which the British and the Americans learned from the Muslims.

The Oppressed!

THE OPPRESSED were/are robbed of their culture, history, pride, and roots—all most concretely expressed in the conquest of their land itself. They were/are forced (by a system of punishment and reward) to adopt true oppressors’ standards, values, and identification. Ask the blacks that live in the southern half of Sudan (where there’s war, waged by the Muslims, that has been going on for decades) if they are under Islamic compulsion. Millions have been killed, enslaved, maimed for life, displaced etc.—all in the name of Islamization.

     The oppressed, in due course, become alienated from their own values, their own land—which is a cause being roped and mined by the opposer for its natural riches. These poor ones are euphemistically permitted (forced is more true!) to work the land. But even the land becomes an oppressor to them, for THEY GET NONE OF THE BENEFITS; the colonizing masters provoke contempt both for themselves and for the land.

     This is what happens when Islam gains dominion over any people/land—they are forced to submit to Islam or die, or kept alive to become a work-slave for Islam—if they refuse to accept their religion.

Hand Writing On The Wall

I CAN SEE this very principle working here in "Christian" America now. If you are not for the Gov. you are against it—so says George Bush [Today, Obama is worse!]! We Christians are slowly but surely being separated from what the Bible really teaches, and must accept all this Political Correctness Bull! HUMANISM IS AMERICA'S NEW RELIGION.

     To add insult to injury, we are being forced (not permitted) to accept Islam as a good and honorable religion; and accept the homosexual religion as well. Those two extremes and terrorist organizations will change America foreverif we Bible Christians do not contend for the Christian faith NOW!

Listen Up!

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to make a democracy out of a predominantly Islamic nation, as the U.S. is finding out. Religion and Politics are one and the same in Islam—yes, they have factions, lots of them, but the two are ONE. So, when they invade America, they will not settle for a democracy, they want the Sharia Law (the Islamic Law) enforced.

Compelling Mankind?

"WILL YOU COMPEL mankind against their will to believe?" (Surah 10:99). Apparently, Muslims are very confused about what to believe, for the Quran is a confusing book.

     In reference to Surah 10:99, Ali says, "If it had been Allah's Plan or Will not to grant the limited free-will that He has granted to man, His omnipotence could have made all mankind alike: all would then have had faith, but faith would have reflected no merit on them. In the actual world as it is, man has been endowed with various faculties and capacities, so that he should strive and explore, and bring himself into harmony with Allah's Will. Hence, faith becomes a moral achievement, and to resist faith becomes a sin."

     The above quote sounds oh, so, good, but in practice it fails! This is not to say that all Muslims practice violence; thank God, they do not. But Muslims, as well as Christians, have heated debates over how to interpret the Quran/Bible. May I point out that although Christians have differences over Bible interpretation, we do not arm ourselves and go to war as do you Muslims. Call me what you will, but you Muslims are bent too much on blood-letting.

Sunnis vs. Shi`ites

CURRENTLY IN IRAQ, as I now write, these two factions are at war with one another. And the American soldiers (who should not even be there) are in the middle. So, you see, Muslims love to point out all our denominations, but I point out that it is Islam, not Christianity, that kills each other in the name of Islam.

     Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation of the Quran into English says in one of his footnotes (referring back to Surah 10:99):

     “ of faith must not be impatient or ANGRY!" Do you hear this Sunnis? Shiites? “...If they have to contend against unfaith, and most important of all, they must guard against temptation of forcing faith, i.e., imposing it on others by PHYSICAL compulsion. Forced faith is NO faith. They should strive."

     What do we make of all this in light of current events? Muslims in Muslim-dominated lands restrict Christians, and Jews, and pagans. Many are outright killed for being who and what they are. Many are put into prison. Many are forced into circumcision, (proof of being a Muslim). Women are raped and/or denied human rights. THE UGLY LIST IS LONG!

Surah 18:29

"SAY: This is the Truth from your Lord. Let him, who will, believe, and him who will, reject it..."

     Here is another "nice" verse the Muslims put in our face (they leave out all the sword verses though! On purpose?).

     This verse was only quoted in HALF by one of those "nice and convincing" Muslim activists. But please allow me to quote the rest:

     “...for the wrong-doers [those who do not believe in Islam etc.] We have prepared a Fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in: if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces, how dreadful the drink! How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!”

     Now, why didn't this particular Muslim QUOTE THE WHOLE VERSE to his listener? Because it would prove what I'm proving—Islam forces one to make a choice: embrace Islam and live, or refuse and die (or pay poll tax for a lifetime, if one is a Christian or Jew). Even this is not guaranteed!

     The first half can be interpreted as: If Truth (they mean Islamic Truth, not Biblical or Jewish Truth) is presented and we reject it, we must go to HELL!, for the following second half of that long verse tells us so.

     Of course, our Bible states pretty much the same: rejection of salvation will end one in HELL, but Christians don't hide this fact when witnessing. We quote our Scriptures honestly. Besides, Muhammad borrowed the HELL FIRE Truth from the Christian’s Bible; he did not riginate it!

In Conclusion:

THIS ARTICLE could go another 15 pages, but let me end with what one Muslim scholar wrote:

"Among the greatest advantages of Islam over other Divine Messages, is the comprehensive character of its ‘Persuasive Methods.’" I put quotations around "Persuasive.” This is white-washed by many, that is,

put into "nice" terms but in practice it shows itself; as we all bear witness.

     In one of the six categories, this scholar lists, number 3 is "Persuasion through threat and promise.” Just what does he mean? Well, he, like us, uses the threat of HELL for transgressors, reminding them of the awful torment awaiting them. Really, Islam does not have an original truth on this, just Truth stolen from our Bible, to enforce Islam!

     “The horrors of the resurrection day and Hell" writes this Islamic Scholar, "is a way as to inspire awe into the hearts of the faithful.” The resurrection is also stolen from our Bible. But my point is that this scholar white-washes his lectures, whereas other scholars, as I have quoted, do not. THIS IS DECEITFUL.

     For instance, Dr. Muhammad al-Amin writes in his book, "The Method of Islamic Law" that "NO infidel (Christian, Jew, or Pagan) should be left on his land or it is denoted from Muhammad's (Islam's prophet) statement: 'I was commanded to fight the people...’” Both Saudi and Egyptian scholars agree, but so does the following:

1)  Mishkat of al-Masabih, part 1, p. 9,

2)  "The Ordinances of the Quran" by al-Shafi'i, p. 51, part 2 (on the authority of Abu Hirraira).

3)  The Muhalla (the Sweetened), vol. 4, p. 317.

4)  The commentary of Ibn Kathir, p. 336.

5)  The Sahih of Muslim, part 1, p. 267.

6)  The Sahih of al-Bukhari, part 1, p. 13.


SO WHEN YOU HEAR one of these "nice" Muslims giving a pep talk about the noble Quran, realize he/she has deceived themselves, or THEY ARE USING PURPOSED DECEIT TO WIN CONVERTS.