"The Much Ashamed of the Gospel''

                                       By: Gen. Jim -- 11/30/18  

I was listening to BBC radio (London) this morning (4 am.) on my small radio – complimentary of Cibola county jail: today marks my 15 months and 1 day here, when 2 young women from Iran were giving their testimonies of how they converted to Christianity from Islam. They both exclaimed how the love of Christ – liquid love – flows into them. They both became secret missionaries, distributing thousands of Bibles (received from the UK). Their excitement and veracity for Biblical Truth made them targets of the Islamic authorities.

All their friends/family turned against them. It became apparent that they would not return to Islam. They refused to renounce/rescind their newly found faith. They were held hostage by the love of Jesus Christ. Their faith became pyrrhic, but their joy out weighed the cost. They finally were arrested, thrown into a dirty prison, no medical, little food. But they found the prison to be a trove of hungry souls, especially among the prostitutes (some eventually HANGED!)

After months of prison life they were released – keeping their Christian faith in tack. They refused to deny their Savior. It was an inspiring radio program.

How many Christians here in the US are persecuted and prosecuted for their faith? We have: American “Christians” that give little attention to “TRUTH” outside their little box called church (which adheres to a few Bible doctrines); as a whole the church falls short.

One apologetic researcher/author writes; “A serious casualty of our time that defies comprehension is the death of truth. By denying absolutes (like God’s word condemns the whole LGBTQ/adultery-fornicators-pedohpilia etc), and eradicating all points of reference by which we test veracity, our civilization has entered terra incognita on matters of the greatest importance even for survival.” We can thank Political Correctness for the death of Truth; cynics and skepticism have become the hallmark of “sophistication” in both church and state. The church, because of “P.C.ism” has been relegated to a glorified funeral parlor/psych-ward where PC and academia have married one another. This is CRAZY! Yet True!

Truth is now a vacuous (empty, stupid, insane, i.e. silly) word, a solipsist’s refuge: an oxymoronic word, e.g. lying truth tellers.

To really stand-up-for-Jesus these days could get one killed or thrown in jail/prison. A genuine honest-to-God, Bible-believing believer that is a true representation of Biblical Christianity is rare indeed. One that is transparent, straight forward (not playing the “insane game”) and zealous, is like a fish out of water. It is pathetic to see all these “professors” of Christ live more like the devil then live like Christ.

Biblical Christianity is nonnegotiable. I had an encounter with an attorney several weeks ago (he is Roman Catholic) who said I was stupid to believe the New Testament (Reference: forgiving those who lied on us to get us in jail with many made-up charges). He flat told me that he would never forgive anyone who became his enemy. I pointed out that Jesus Himself taught it – 70 times 7! He also said that we were crazy for judging sin (Reference: sex-sins in our law suit in 1987). Just when and how are we to deal with such ones? Today’s church DON’T! They make excuses for both the sin and sinner.

What about logical consistency, empirical adequacy, and experiential relevance for testing what the Holy Scripture teach and the believers are to act upon? Having been in Islamic countries, what those 2 young women experience is common, harsh, but common (my wife and I were in Jos, Nigeria (Africa) during an Islamic Jihad. The city was in flames, 35 churches burnt down and 6 mosques! 5,000 Christians killed and we never learned how many Muslims died. Where we stayed (with our Nigerian commander, Brig. General Joseph M.), the first night it was supposed to be attacked and destroyed! God spared it and ACMTC’s soldiers and officers.

Never give up on praying for the Christians who have denounced militant Islam. Their lives are on the line 24/7/365!

The Islamic law gives ample options for authorities to fine, rack up, and kill any and all who are Christian. Yet, here in the US the Islamic communities hide behind our US Constitution – freedom of religion – to spread their hateful religion (there are exceptions)! But the day may come when Muslims outnumber the believer and they will practice jihad openly.  Are you ready to LIVE & DIE for Christ?  


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