General James Green“Don’t weep! See the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed….” (Rev. 5:5).

J OHN, THE APOSTLE of Jesus Christ, weeps because he knows that if a worthy person is not found to open the book (v. 1), God’s purpose of judgment and blessing for the world will remain unfulfilled.

In this scene, Christ is pictured as a Lion, indicating He will rule all the earth. Not only is Jesus Christ pictured as a Lion, but also as a Lamb. John, upon seeing Jesus coming, exclaims: “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” It is through Jesus’ death and resurrection that the fallen and lost world (i.e., Adamic race), can find redemption.

MY DEAR READERS, ARE YOU SAVED? If so, do you have a burden for others to be saved? Is not John 3:16 the very heart and core of God’s purpose and plan for lost humanity?

Did you know that the lost—the unreached heathen, are desperately looking for some tangible revelation of God? Men and women who live in gross darkness wait for the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ The Lord. It is true! They await someone, anyone, to tell them the GOOD NEWS.

Even the “religious” express exuberant merriment and hysteric antics in order to find and feel God; most know not the Biblical God—their Creator, whom they seek. Can we sit by and allow them to merely seek without finding? Multitudes, as I write, have an unutterable aspiration after God. I have traveled the world over, and I’ve seen this seeking...WE WHO KNOW THE LORD HAVE THE ANSWER.


To Find Him?

There is, in the heart of every lost soul, an awareness of a need to know about life after death. Some have a deep craving to know God, but don’t know where and how to find Him. Job of old once exclaimed, “Oh that I knew where I might find him! that I might come even to his seat!” (Job 23:3). The very seat of that intuitive desiring of the soul can only be satisfied in a personal knowledge of the revelation of Almighty God in Christ Jesus, and of the forgiveness of their sins, and reconciliation which Christ, the Lamb/Lion, has purchased for mankind.

There are innumerable tribes/peoples/nations of this world wistfully and pensively seeking that satisfaction of soul that only comes by being born again, as written in John 3:3 and 3:5. Won’t you GO and TELL them? We don’t have to pray about GOING, for God has definitely commanded us, His soldiers, to GO (Matt. 28:19). But we do need to pray about where to go and when.

If the LORD’S people were but for a single decade (10 years) earnestly and intently DEVOTED to the great commission—Jesus’ lost injunction before His ascent into heaven—astounding results would follow. I truly believe that nations would be born in a day. Pagan religions would fall to the ground. If God’s people would pray and not play, fast and not feast, millions could and would be won to Christ the Saviour. Taking the Gospel to the world is an extremely important juncture that must not be set aside any longer. We live in extremely critical times in history.

If the Christians don’t reap the “whited” harvest, the Islamic religion will. Despite their great boasting about numbers, we here at ACMTC are seeing a multitude of Muslims converted in ever-increasing numbers; Praise our God! The Muslim religion can only take their converts into vain and ostentatious forms of prayer and superficial ablutions. Sadly, many are turned into cold-blooded killers! Christianity expects and extracts morality and purity of heart and life. If more Christian missionaries were “out there,” fewer VICTIMS would fall prey to their (Muslim) rapacious licentiousness of hatred and blood shed. Many are forced and trapped into the lecherous life of the Muslim religion: facing death as the worst, endless shame as the least, if they escape.

It is a SIN in this crucial hour, for the followers of Christ to fail in giving the benighted sons of Adam that precious opportunity to receive the regenerating Gospel which will transmute their lives and to satisfy the deepest cravings of their souls. To leave souls in their lost condition at the mercy of false religious, the pernicious and soul-enslaving influence of Islam in particular, is to BETRAY THE TRUST that our loving Savior has bequeathed to us. Think about this.


Deceived Dupes

For you “SILLY AND DUMB” Christians out there that believe in Islam as if it were equal to (or even better than!) true Christianity, need to read their book and compare it with our Holy Bible. If you are too lazy to do so, you may write for our Muslim pack; it is free. You will quickly see that Islam is a false religion, a religion of bloodshed, slavery, hatred, deceit, and mockery of Christianity. Don’t be charmed by their many bowings and prayers in PUBLIC (to show off!) devotions. Don’t be enchanted by their “pious” mannerisms; they are not what you think. What do they think of the Christian? the Jew? the Divinity of Jesus? Don’t be a VICTIM of a veritable and damnable delusion. If deluded people would live just a short time among real Muslims, not these “American fakes,” they would no doubt come to a very different conclusion regarding the debasing cult on which they pass such glowing encomiums; THEY WOULD NOT HAVE A HIGH PRAISE, A PANEGYRIC TRIBUTE TO SUCH A BLOODY RELIGION. It is really “dumb” for politicians and preachers to make such eulogies over this hateful religion. We should pray for these “religious captives” that they may be free to serve Jesus Christ the Lord. Will you tell them?

Their cry “Ash-hadu al-la ilaha illa l-lah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan `Abduhu wa Rasuluh” (“I testify that there is no Deity [worthy of worship] but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Apostle”) rings around the world…..all to NO avail. Muhammad, a mere sinner, NEVER replaced the Eternal Son of God. Jesus was sinless, while Muhammad confessed to be a sinner. Think my friend, think!

Too many do not recognize the false assertion regarding the SELF-CONSTITUTED prophet of Islam—who was a plundering murderer. Christ, on the other hand, never killed or stole. There is neither worth, nor merit, nor moral excellence in the religion of Islam...NONE! I have found that the untainted son of Adam can be more pure, sincere, and more simply and ardently devout in their false religion (if they have one), than that of the pretentious followers of Islamic ritual. Most are ignorant of their founder’s credentials. But to hear the leaders of this false religion, one may be deceived as they emphatically pronounce that Islam is a “purer” religion than Christianity. Again, even some of these religious leaders know nothing of that which they so confidently affirm. WE ARE WITNESSING MANY GET SAVED BY HEARING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.


SHOULD Be Faithful!

Again, if the followers of Christ would be faithful in obeying Jesus’ command to preach, teach, and baptize, there is every reason to believe that in our day, the Kingdom of God would be extended with overwhelming rapidity. We don’t need any more inner-Ekklesia disputants or silly sophistical arguments. We need unity—true unity—holy-wholly unity!

If we could but learn to get along within the body of Christ, marvelous conquests and triumphs in the name of Jesus would be ours. Where faithful men and women have gone forward weeping and bearing precious seed, a joyous harvest could be reaped NOW! The harvest for this generation is at hand. Will you go to work?


Stuff and Things vs. Lost Souls

If ALL Power was given to our Savior, and He has imparted this power unto His body (of true believers), it stands to reason that the Gospel should triumph—in every land. The problem lies not in Him, but in the church itself, for she is not willing to lay ALL upon His altar. She is not willing to sacrifice ALL to “take Jesus to ALL the world.” The church in this hour wants to give only out of her superfluity. But what did Jesus and the early apostles do? You see, if we had an ardent LOVE for Christ, we would not mind renouncing ALL worldly prospects and goods for the Gospel….counting all as refuse! This would free us to teach and preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. The dissemination of the Good News would be more dear to us than “stuff and things.” What do you think?

It is truly sinful, and I say SINFUL!, that more money, time, and energy is spent on the self-life, than on the proclamation of the life-saving Gospel. So much $$ is freely spent on dwellings, furnishings, pleasure, travel, clothing, choice foods etc., etc., than on the spreading of God’s Eternal plan for man. The church here in America wantonly and lavishly heaps treasures upon herself. ALL these expenditures are unprofitable and are not ordered by the Holy Spirit. USELESS! How much money, preacher, do you spend on your entertainment equipment alone? How much money, dear presidents of denominations, do you spend on making the backslidden church-goers comfortable? Untold Millions, with a BIG “M,” are spent yearly on fruitless pleasure, extravagant furnishings, and excessive and unnecessary costly array for choirs and entertainers; all the while the sons of Adam await the Good News—the Divine deliverance.

Note this: the LORD will assuredly hold ALL professing Christians responsible for their stewardship. ALL! And if wealth, time, and energy be not dedicated to Him and His purposes, the Christian church is yet to receive His manifest displeasure. Count on it! We, who name the name of Christ fail to make the necessary sacrifices, and our love for Him grows lukewarm, yea, even COLD!, then we ourselves are separated from Him.

Is not the Father’s desire “to seek and save the lost?” If every blood-bought Christian would only CONSIDER for one hour the satisfying pathos and tender solicitude of God’s heart for A SOUL BEING SAVED FROM ETERNAL RUIN, i.e., hell fire, we would work harder at winning the lost. Have you considered this?


Give the Free Gift...

It is incumbent for ALL blood-bought Christians to fully realize the claims that their Lord and Savior has put upon them. But RELIGION has made the church DULL and DUMB….not realizing the indebtedness to His great Gospel which roused them from their lethargy of sin. With His saving grace and free gift of salvation, which interrupted their sinful life/made them fit to live and prepared to die, why not share this with others likewise?

Every Christian ought to be ready and willing to take the Gospel, with all its emancipating benefits, to the ends of the earth and to vehemently decry the evils of sin that so enslave the peoples of this world. The infilling of the Holy Spirit will fill the aching vacuity of men’s soul. Have you lost your burden for souls?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony unto nations. Borders are being closed in some nations, others are being opened. Regardless, we must be a witness for Christ’s sake. For sure the withering blight of coldness and unbelief are ever sweeping over this country—from north to south, east to west— choking every possible avenue of God’s free grace; America needs to be missionized!! Will we see the day that “darkest Africa” sends missionaries to OUR SHORES?


Press On!

As I write, apostasy pervades the (so called) Christian church, both here, and in Europe; ICHABOD is being inscribed upon their phony religion; yet Christ shall prevail, and the Gospel shall triumph despite all this. Hell or high water will not stop God’s aggressive soldiers; we must press on despite the enemy, for the sons of Adam belong to Him by sovereign right….from the guttermost to the uttermost, the souls are His possession. We just need to go RESCUE them.

The Word of God shall march upwards and onward in its redeeming conquest, and the Kingdom of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever. Why not join the Lord of victory and accept from God His free, yet priceless, gift of everlasting life? Those who have already enrolled, whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, LET US PRESS ON IN THE BATTLE, FOR WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT OUR COMMANDER EXPECTS OF US. AMEN.