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A Sign of Peace through a

Miracle Deer

GOD HAS SHOWN US HIS MIGHTY POWER in such incredible ways through signs and wonders, many times, and recently He performed another wondrous miracle in our midst when General Deborah Green had the chance to briefly come and see us as she passed through our area here in Northern New Mexico.

     One evening in March 2007, as soon as General Deborah arrived in this camp, the presence of the Lord fell upon us. Glory to God! We all knew that something special was going to happen.

     That night we heard all the dogs barking incessantly outside, and we quickly went out to see what the snarling commotion was about. Standing in the dimly lit yard on that cool night, just a little ways off, was a healthy looking doe, a pretty mule deer. We thought it best to shoo her away to protect her from the mouths of all the madly snapping dogs . . . but she would not leave. In fact, she walked right towards us!

     IT WAS A MIRACLE! God had moved through General Deborah’s arrival and wrought this mighty Act of the Spirit.

     The deer stayed until the next morning and everyone who was here went out to see her. We gathered around the deer and petted her, some hugged her, and we stood beside her and led her around. We took pictures of this “darling” miracle deer standing with General Deborah and we all just marveled at how God was moving in our midst. It was like Eden or the New Kingdom where “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).

     The deer peacefully walked among us for about 12 hours during General Deborah’s stay, and we thanked God. Then this wild animal, tamed only by God’s presence, just made her way through the gnarled cedar trees and scattered pines...back to her home in the desert woods around us.

     We were so thankful for General Deborah’s short visit and for the presence of God that came onto this property as a consequence. God was giving us a sign of His presence through the miracle deer—a sign that His peace is among us as a triumphant separated people, that He is surely watching over us, dwelling among us here, and that we are truly His Holy Tribal Nation, His TRIBALATION, His Kingdom come in this earth.

     Just a note: The wild deer around here just don’t do that! They don’t walk up to people or hang around groups of people, they won’t take pictures with people and they certainly won’t get near excitable dogs who won’t stop barking and snapping at them! And there is no one anywhere nearby who has a pet deer or a deer farm. We know IT WAS A DIVINE MIRACLE OF THE LORD, AN ACT OF GOD’S SPIRIT.

     We are a privileged people, God’s TRIBALATION, a victorious people who know that our God is alive and who know that He is ever among us, protecting us, keeping us, making a way for us, and showing us that He will always move for a people who will believe in Him and His divine miracles.

     And General Deborah, if you read this, again we say, Thank you for all your help. Amen.


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