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This letter, received from a Christian Soldier in Ivory Coast, highlights the push being made by the west [Europe & USA] in many countries of Africa to normalize homosexuality and the gay culture in the eyes of Africans. Thank God our brethren in Africa are standing militantly AGAINST this invasion of abomination. As the battle rages throughout the continent, let us pray for our fellow soldiers who are resisting this flood of pink death.

Following Brother Anderson’s report is an encouraging reply from Majors Frank & Elina Materu, representing ACMTC Tanzania.


I am Brother Anderson living in West Africa,

Be blessed!

On the case of homosexuality, it must be said that for now our country is hit by this scourge, and it remains that if something is not done to mediate the impact of this movement, that gay rights are about to be recognized, or voted upon favorably, in my country. I even recently posted one message against this phenomenon that is seeking to legitimize homosexuality on the internet. Here is a note received from America talking about these activities in Ivory Coast:

“This appeared in a newspaper in my country called, ‘Our channel’: “Francois Hollande encourages gays in Côte d'Ivoire to better organize and defend their rights. Where in other countries homosexuals are seen as outcasts, this country is trying to pass a controversial act aimed at strengthening the rights of sexual minorities in Côte d'Ivoire, i.e. homosexuals. An agreement was signed at the headquarters of the NGO, ‘Alternative Côte d'Ivoire’, in Cocody-sis Angré, between the NGO headed by homosexual Touré Claver and France. This agreement seek to normalize the gays of Côte d'Ivoire and France. Through French Cooperation, the NGO has been granted 30 million CFA francs for the promotion and extension gay rights in Côte d'Ivoire. The cost of this NGO project, which focuses on the promotion of gay rights, is 43 million CFA francs. This agreement was signed by the Ambassador of France in Côte d'Ivoire, Georges Serre, and the president of the NGO, Mr. Touré Claver. The Consul of the Embassy of the United States in Côte d'Ivoire and a representative of the German Embassy in Ivory Coast were present at the ceremony.”

It is deplorable that people who had fathers and mothers should condone such acts and practices. This done, I write asking you to guide and support me in this information campaign against homosexuality, for it is about to draw the wrath of God upon us. For more information, I am at your disposal. Thank you for your attention.

God bless you!

Brother Anderson

Ivory Coast, W.Africa


Brother Anderson,

Greetings in Jesus. We are writing from Tanzania, East Africa. We are your fellow African brethren also standing in the gap against the death culture of homosexuality. We are associated with the Generals James & Deborah Green of ACMTC, USA. Just a short note to encourage you in your efforts to stand against the homosexual terrorist agenda that is being promoted worldwide to devour and destroy human lives.

Be aware that the homosexual agenda has listed as a priority to infiltrate and capture all African tribes for homosexuality. With such a hideous intention as this on the horizon, it is not the time to get rich and live in luxury, nor is it the time to play around in fun and games. It is the time to fight actively against the misinformation campaign which is being launched worldwide by politically correct, homosexual oriented agenda.

As the warfare for human souls increases due to the advancement of demonic activity and communications over the past several years, we find the evil forces of darkness are raging to a greater extent than ever before. Their goal is to KILL, to STEAL, and to DESTROY human lives and souls. All who dare to oppose the tyranny of the homosexual terrorists, which includes the media, are clubbed by labels and accusations of being homophobic and hate mongers etc.

But as champions of the Lord's cause let us remember that He has forbidden homosexual practices, calling them ABOMINATIONS, and refuses to accept the same in His Kingdom. This is nothing but a death cult belief system which victimizes multitudes though AIDS. They claim that "gays are born that way." If God created homosexual men/women, is he confused about His creation? Some in their camp think He made a mistake. A woman with a penis, and a man with a woman part, etc. How foolish is that to blame God for making such "mistakes.” Let them get serious and get saved!!

We supply FREE OF CHARGE many informative, well researched, Biblically correct refutations (including DVDs, CDs, Cassettes, Booklets etc.) that will help you counterattack this plague of gross darkness and sexual sins.

We would like to hear from you. Please continue fighting. We are in this together.

Majors. Frank & Elina Materu








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We also offer many POWERFUL TEACHINGS against homosexuality on DVD and CD.








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