The god of Higher Education


Higher Education is one of the most prevailing demigods of our time. Not only in the nation we are currently abiding in, but around the world, higher education is a god to be reckoned with. Many have come to worship the intellect and all of it's foolishness, many sacrifice great sacrifices to come and offer themselves unto this idol. And unfortunately, many, far to many, deny the call of God in order to fulfill this idol.

For the most part, the institutions of higher learning, have much to-do about nothing, endless hours of mindless prattle by professors who are nothing but the messengers of Hell themselves, the dupified students are swept up into a very "unreal" reality, imagining that filling their heads with all of the fictitious knowledge of the demonic professors will somehow prepare them for the "real world" of the job market and the every day grind of occupation. Not all students attend college or university with a degree in mind, some simply come to comply with the wishes of their parents, some come to have fun, pass time, or meet that special someone (romantic). But whatever the purpose or the motivation, it is ridiculous when one realizes from a viewpoint of the Bible just how unimportant such a pursuit is to God.

In the book of Jeremiah, the word of God tells us, "LEARN NOT THE WAYS OF THE HEATHEN. . . FOR THE CUSTOMS AND ORDINANCES OF THE PEOPLE ARE FALSE, EMPTY, AND FUTILE." So we see that God is not concerned at all with His people learning all of the prattle and nonsense that is passed off as education. Because a false god of education has sat on the throne for so long, men have come to believe that without education of the higher sorts that humanity is just about worthless. Nothing could be farther from the truth, for many of the social ills are birthed in the institutions of higher education as men and women attempt to play and portray themselves as gods based on their supposed higher illectual achievements and attainments. What happens often times is that because of the community spirit and seculsion of the institutions, they are able to effectuate a deep brain washing upon their subjects, tainting many for life with humanism, socialism, reverse racism, reverse sexism, etc. And so, the dupes with degrees go forth into the mainstreams of societies, infecting them with the destructive doctrines instilled in them by the demons (professors). Then, new ideologies emerge and new belief systems come forth and whole nations are formed by the crafty children of Satan who bear the titles of Dr. and professor.

When professing Christians and Christian parents will sacrifice anything and everything to place their sacrifice before the idols of Baal (higher education) they are in direct opposition to the command of the scriptures which is given to us in Micah 6:8 "HE HATH SHEWED THEE, O MAN, WHAT IS GOOD; AND WHAT DOTH THE LORD REQUIRE OF THEE, BUT TO DO JUSTLY, AND TO LOVE MERCY, AND TO WALK HUMBLY WITH THY GOD?" God Almighty has never asked his people to get puffed up in their fleshly minds through the learning of nonsense, prattle, foolishness and emptiness. Yet so many, deceived by the god of the world (Satan) believe they must educate their children at any cost, and if their children do not come out with a degree, then they have failed as parents. Nothing could be farther from the truth in reference to the Christian standard. Far too many children have lost their morals, their integrity, their honesty, and their sense at the institutions of "higher learning". When one really stops and thinks about it, there is no higher learning in time and eternity than to learn to know God and to learn His ways, His standards, His character. What is higher about an endless stream of boring garble issued by demonic men and women who claim to somehow be superior because they live in an unreal reality, supposedly training up and preparing the youth for reality? When Christians make great and terrifying sacrifices to lay their children at the altar of the IDOL OF HIGHER EDUCATION, THEY HAVE DONE A GREAT DISSERVICE TO GOD ALMIGHTY. How many of these same parents would go to no end to sacrifice in order to send their children forth into the world as missionaries? Yet, the command of Jesus to all believers was, "GO YE THEREFORE AND TEACH ALL NATIONS. . .TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I HAVE COMMANDED YOU."


Let us notice that the Lord does not require us to get a college or university degree, but that He commands us to walk in the fear of Him and to keep His ways and love Him and serve Him with all of our minds, hearts, and our entire beings. God's Word also tells us that knowledge puffs up but the spirit gives life, so when the people of God pursue the knowledge of the world, they are pursuing death and they bring forth nothing fit for the kingdom of God. When we truly love God we will keep His commandments and we will not fret ourselves about putting on a vain show to be seen of men and applauded because of our degrees of demons. No, indeed, when we love the Lord, we will walk in the awesome fear of Him and we will seek to please Him and Him alone. If those who profess that they love God would expend the same time, money, and energy that they have erroneously put into higher education, for the King and His Kingdom, we would see a better world, and men and women would be brought to the highest education all, the learning that comes from the HOLY GHOST GIVEN BY GOD TO LEAD AND GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH. If men and women would become radicals for God, we would see a new world order come in and we would see the reign of His peace in the earth. If the educated would see themselves as the fools they really are and humble themselves before the Living God, there would be nothing that could come forth but His righteousness and His standard.

How seriously do we take the command of Jesus to go into all the world and teach the things He has taught? We are not to go into the world and teach the vain philosophies of men, but we are commanded to take forth His teachings throughout the earth. He says that if we love Him we will keep His commandments, we will not disobey the Lord and then seek to please ourselves and others through our vain learning of foolishness. When we obey the Lord at His commands and do not look for ways to "do it our way" then do we find His power, glory, and anointing are over us and that we can give forth His truth and His light unto the blinded who are perishing. Let us seek for His Kingdom and not the kingdom of carnality. As believers, we do not need higher education given by the world, but we need to receive the education of the Holy Ghost which is our guide, then we need to share what we have learned with others. We do not learn of God just so that we may have blessed and comfortable lives, but that we can give Him away to others who are needy, wretched, blind, and sorrowful. When you stop and consider the purpose of the world's "higher education" most often the purpose is the furtherance of selfish desires and greedy ambitions, but the opposite is true in Christ Jesus. For, the more we learn of Him, the more we must become unselfish and learn to love as He has loved us. It is a privilege to learn in the school of the Holy Ghost and to obtain the knowledge which shall remain beyond time, beyond nations, beyond personal securities, for the knowledge of God far surpasses the foolishness of men and remains.

If as a Christian, you are considering a higher education in the world's system, seriously take that before God, because you will waste time, money, and energy to learn the ways of the heathen. Better to put yourself before God as a living sacrifice and let Him teach you that you could go forth in obedience to His command, taking the gospel into all nations. And, if you are a Christian parent, planning to send your child into the jaws of Baal to be devoured, you should reconsider that decision tainted by worldly amibitions, and dedicate the child again to the Lord and be willing to support the child to do missions work to proclaim Jesus Christ as King. All of the learning of men shall count as nothing before God! Do not waste time learning or paying for the learning of nonsense, but take seriously the commission given and do your part to fulfill it.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not physical (weapons of flesh and blood), but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds, [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the (true) knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ, the Messian, the Anointed One..."
2 Cor. 10:4-5 Amplified

"As for myself, brethren, when I cam to you I did not come proclaiming to you the testimony and evidence or mystery or secret of God [concerning what He has done through Christ for the salvation of men] in lofty words of eloquence or human philosophy and wisdom; for I resolved to know nothing -to be acquainted with [nothing], to make a display of the knowledge of [nothing], and to be conscious of [nothing]- among you except Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and Him crucified."
1 Cor. 2:1-2 Amplified

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