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                                           RE: LETTER TO ABQ FREE PRESS

Dear ABQ Free Press editor, Dan Vukelich, and contributor, Andy Beale:

Gentlemen, hello:

     I write you regarding Andy’s news article of Sept 23, 2015, “Meet the Man Who Tracks Hate". Perhaps I missed your paper’s section for “Letters To The Editor” which this letter could be filed under ... if it exists.

     I wish to opine specifically to Andy referencing your readers to Mark Potok’s listing of the Aggressive Christianity (Missions Training Corps) here in New Mexico, supposedly as an “identified hate group”.

     But first, I wish to thank Mr. Beale, and you, Mr. Vukelich, for the free advertising you gave us. (Yes, I am the video editor of this “hate group”. I recently moved from Seattle to join and help in any way this “hate group”. I am a retired UPS Driver, by profession, and also a freelance street preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.)

     Briefly I will address two points: 1) The hypocrisy of the SPLC, and Mark Potok’s affiliation and funding by THE biggest and longest-time “hate group" of all recorded history of Earth’s humanity, and 2) to set the record straight correcting Mark Potok’s propaganda lies to smear Aggressive Christianity’s beliefs and free-speech activities which are the quintessentials of love for ALL of humanity, including love for Mark Potok and his “hate group” SPLC, and its parents, the Zionists of Khazar.

     As I just stated, the Khazarian Mafia-Zionist “Jews” are the real hate group hypocritically pointing their hate fingers at others. If you are unaware of this fact, just google “khazarian mafia”, “Zionist cabal", and “Jewish world domination" for starters. Jim Green, “The General”, has received SPLC for years, and can articulate more fully the innumerable examples of hatred coming from its pages than can I. Ironically the SPLC began the same year (1971) that Jim Green and Deborah were converted to Jesus Christ from being aggressive antichrist anarchist hippies.

      Mark Potok should place his own face and name, and the entire staff of SPLC, with those “faces of intolerance" he published on page 20 of Summer2015 // Issue 158.

     Mark and his handlers are the real “anti-semites” and intolerant ones and RACISTS against all Goyim which Mark’s ilk deem to be comparable to cattle and slaves who are only to be “tolerated” or “allowed” to live in their new world order.

     Your readers may also like to know of the “Protocols of Zion”, and the 45 Communist Goals entered into the congressional record in 1963 in which they ATTACK the USA and its “Christian" culture.

     Now, in regards to the other point: the propaganda and hatred towards Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps...:

     Our mission is NOT hate, but love via evangelism with the gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL peoples regardless of ethnicity, race, color, sexual orientation and religion/politic views.

     Jesus/God has commissioned us (and ALL true disciples of His) to show sinners God’s love — in that true love warns, rebukes and exposes sin in sinners (which message Mark Potok labels “identifiable hate") so sinners alienated from the Holy God and Creator of all can have the opportunity to repent (OMG — there’s that evil, hateful and intolerant word “emblazoned” on our booth banner at the Gallup Native American Market) and be saved from impending wrath. We are merely His ambassadors and preachers of His decrees and laws and His “good news" offer of forgiveness and reconciliation. But to truth-haters and Jesus-haters, we are falsely accused and labeled (slandered) as being evil and a “hate group.”

     Since when is it illegal and evil to hate evil, Mr. Vukelich and Mr. Beale? God hates evil and evil doers. Why not mention the hatred and intolerance of the LGBTQ terrorists against Christians and our American culture, and why not mention this same group’s purposely spreading their AIDS to the public, which is premeditated murder? God says certain behavior is evil and is NOT to be tolerated and [is] to be hated by society. To “tolerate” evil in society is to hate that society.

     Jesus said those who are righteous and speak out against unrighteousness, evil, and sinners will be hated just like the same hated Him. Google “Abe Finkelstein interview by pastor John Winstrom”.

     We do make the distinction between the ordinary household orthodox Jews who are at GREAT odds with and expose the Zionist “jews” who have stolen their past and are sullying their name, culture and post Roman Empire history by their (Zionists’) racist genocidal hatred of ALL Goyim.

     Finally, we offer to you and your readers FREE literature and digital media explaining and exposing topics common to today’s daily headlines ... giving the readers God’s Words on these important topics: e.g., homosexuals, communism, Zionism, apostate Christianity, Islam, the old world order (i.e., the NWO), and even geoengineering (e.g., Chemtrails).

     We even agree with personalities such as Pamela Geller, who is a mole for the Mossad. After all, who in their right mind would NOT agree with Pamela’s decrying the abuse, murder and hatred of radical Muslims/ISIS against women AND children — Christians as well as Muslims? But Mark Potok labels her a “face of intolerance”? It doesn’t matter that Pamela is a Jewess “hating” Muslim terrorists, does it?

     No, Mark Potok and his kind are the true face of intolerance, and his SPLC is the identifiable hate group, hating truth tellers, whistle blowers, and any who dare criticize, expose, or rebuke the Zionists.

     We would be pleased and look forward to discussing/debating these truths and topics with your readers in the future. Controversy and political INcorrectness is good for your type of business, is it not?

 Sincerely yours, Stephanos Revolution

 ACMTC Staff Sergeant, Media Communications Dept.

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Jungle Journey/SOG 

By: J.M.G. --  4/8/23

"Experience HELL-on-Earth: Join Up! Become a SOG dog. Experience and defy danger, detection and DEATH!" US. Army – Green Berets

[Note: SOG stand for Studies and Observations Group aka Special Ops Group].

Special Faces/Special War

During the Vietnam war there was the conventional warfare taking place within the borders of Vietnam; but there was also the unconventional warfare being waged by US forces e.g. Special Forces, clandestinely in Cambodia and Laos. These “ops” were done in secret, giving a new emphasis to unconventional operations in support of the conventional combat effort. Most SF/GB ops were carried out in Vietnam itself. By the fall of 1965 (I was in basic training at Ft. Polk, LA. November 63’- January 64’), some 60 SF camps, usually located in enemy-dominated territory, contained (estimated) 25,000 Vietnamese/montagnards trained guerrillas that worked alongside the GB’s, meeting the enemy on their own terms and turf. Those who worked in forbidden Cambodia/Laos were reconnaissance teams consisting of 2 Americans and 9 or 10 Vietnamese etc. The Americans did not use or usually avoided camouflage fatigues (being too recognizable in enemy territory, they usually wore standard “tiger” fatigues). The Americans were not supposed to be in those 2 countries.

SOG dogs (I call them) were the brave, the few who risked their lives on cross-border ops to reconnoiter and interdict infiltration along the Ho Chi Minh Trail (where N. Vietnam troops hid and were resupplied). The GB’s mission was to gather vital information and if need be, engage the enemy. [Note: the border in those jungle covered mountains had never been accurately charted, so the GB’s went into enemy held territory by sheer, raw faith.

SOG dogs fought both a physical and a psychological war, i.e. “brain-drain.” Few in numbers always put the SF/GB/SOG dogs in vulnerable positions/situations of large scale enemy attacks. But there were quick reaction forces (e.g. “Mobile Strike” aka “Mike”) ready to relieve a besieged camp. These MS forces composed mostly of montagnards from the Civilian Irregular Defense Groups (CIDG).

SOG was mainly concerned with infiltration – “spy” out the enemy territory. Get info on troop size/movement. Ops into Laos/Cambodia were clandestine, other ops were not. Gather info on “target” sites for bombing raids.

Some “Spike” teams had grown to 12 men – 3 Americans and 9 indigenous soldiers.

Well, I could write all day on all this but what does this have to do with our warfare today?

First,The LORD is a warrior, LORD is His name” (Exodus 15:3 NAB). The NKJV says, “The LORD is a man of war…” (yah, see Psalms 68:4/Isaiah 47:4/Jeremiah 10:16). Since He is a warrior, He must have soldiers under His command.

In reference to SOG (infiltrate/gather info): “And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying ‘send men to SPY out the land of Canaan…’” (Numbers 13).

The LORD had His SOG spies, v.2, 16, 17, 21, 25, 32 use the words spy/spied/spying: “Then Moses sent them to spy out the land… ‘Go up this way into the south, and go up to the mountains, and see what the land is like: whether the people who dwell in it are strong or weak, few or many… whether the cities they inhabit are like camps or strongholds… Be of good courage…” (Numbers 13:17-20 NKJV).

Sadly,They gave the children of Israel a BAD report of the land which they had spied out… (v.32). Numbers 21:32 mentions the word “spy” as well.

Joshua 2:1 mentions “two men to spy secretly”; 6:25 we find the word spy. Judges 18:2, 14, 17 the word spy is mentioned; 2 Samuel 10:3; 2 Kings 6:13; 1 Chronicals 19:3 all mention spy. The New Testament used the “s” word in Galatians 2:4.

Spied: Exodus 2:11; Joshua 6:22; 2 Kings 9:17; 13:21; 23:16, 24;

Spies: Genesis 42:9, 11, 14, 16, 30, 31, 34; Numbers 21:1; Joshua 6:23; Judges 1:24; 1 Samuel 26:4; 2 Samuel 15:10; Luke 20:20; Hebrews 11:31.


Reconnaissance teams have been in operation for centuries. Cross border ops/inland ops were/are common. Jungles and mountains were/are hiding places of friend and foes. This is WARFARE.

Go light – strike fast!

We live in an age whereby the whole world has become a jungle, killing field. Ambushes/traps/deceit/mis/disinformation! All part of warfare.

As unconventional warfare teams operating behind enemy lines, the SOG units inflicted many casualties via ambush/tactical air strikes, destroying enemy strongholds/ammo dumps/supply lines.

Much more could have been inflicted against the enemy (communists), but because of the inhibitions imposed by US observance of the 1962 Geneva accords for Laos and the Cambodia’s neutrality.

Christian vs. Churchianity

What are we to say about today's state of affairs? The organized church frowns upon those of us who operate OUTSIDE their rules/regulations (I could write a book on how we as an Unconventioned unit, “Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps,” have been viewed, persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned)! We have been to many nations of the world – gathering vital intel/troop training – in order to pass the intel to others. We refuse to become a “Church Corpse,” but accepted the challenge to be an Active/ALERT/ALIVE Corps for the LORD.

Note: Corps = an organized subdivision of an acting under common direction; corpse = a dead body. (see the hundreds of articles we’ve written/published over the years). We have been in many dangerous situations, had our share of sufferings and sicknesses, had our lives threatened, lost ACMTC members (esp. in Islamic strongholds).

But, now the WAR has come to America. Cultural Marxism is taking over America. In “Nam” there were also mercenaries: Here on the home-front we have our mercynaries (see our articles on how a collective insanity has taken a grip on America).

The killing fields of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are history; history is being made as I write this article (April 8, 2023). America’s Communist – in – Thief, Joe Biden and his commie side-kick K. Harris and their SWAMP comrades have in mind to turn our Constitutional Republic, aka United States of America into “United Socialist Amerika,” aka “United Snakes of Amerika.”

"Biden’s XLAX Moment"

This anti-Christ knows no bounds. He is in charge – well, not really. There is a BLACK government that controls the US called the “Deep State.” He is wetting his pink pampers over the thought of destroying the USA. He and his SWAMP SERPENTS are on an inexorable march to END “Christian America” (as it is called). There is no ESCAPE from their planned HELLSCAPE… unless Americans get off their lazy behinds and get to the front-lines… and fight for what is RIGHT! Social engineering is well underway. We are on the road to RUIN… unless we fight off the deluge of leftists attacks. We need UNITY! During the Vietnam war, SOG’s psyops group collaborated with the recon teams in a unique psychological warfare project (known as “Eldest Son”).

By working as ONE UNIT, they together destroyed much equipment/enemies. They worked in conjunction with “Special Strike Forces,” aka “snatch/imprison,” taking many Vietcong/N. Vietnamese off the battlefields.

War Against the BIG 4

In Bible terms, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness (see Ephesians 6:12 – look these forces up in a Greek concordance). Behind all physical forces there are the counterparts i.e. demon forces of HELL!

Note This:

It was well known that the commies used race as a weapon then, just as comrade J.B. et al use it today. In fact they learned it from the commies. The Vietcong worked hard to exploit the prejudices of their country men by slandering the Black soldier. Talk of rape, murder etc. were told in order to get a race war going… to weaken the US fighting force. They (commies) told lies about Black medics taking blood from villagers (kinda vampirism!). Propaganda, lies, disinformation, was (and is) all part of the war. The propaganda of “racism” worked for a time. The liberal fake news at home propagated all this stuff adding to the already EXPLOSIVE mood. Prejudices festered, just as they are as I write this. Watch and listen to the newscasters, aka “spell-casters” today – race, race, race. Even Blacks are called “racists” if they refuse to go along with the Left’s Marxist agenda. The Left has succeeded in dividing our nation on the race issue. Whites are called DEVILS and WORSE… by the “White’s” who control the propaganda machine. Racial disharmony is like a dark cloud over the US, along with gender.

Hammer and Anvil

Any person with one eye and half a brain can see how the Biden regime has its H/A… heating up the nation with egregious anti-Christ policies/agendas, beating on those who they consider to be “enemies” of “democracy” (what ever that means today). Heat/fire/blows from the government hammer… forming a “New World Order” (odor!), a “Homo-Marxian” nation, moral-less, Christ-less, perverted through -and through. The velvet glove has been replaced with brass knuckles.

Operation Neutralize?

The powers that be want to neutralize their opponents: They basically aim at disarming (lit./fig.) us so we will retire from the field of battle. This is working in some areas but not all. Some of us refuse to RETIRE: We will REFIRE! We refuse to lay down our arms (in our sense, spiritual weapons) and raise our hands in “capitulation,” which is equal to “abomination.”

We refuse to cooperate in their anti-Christ desire to extinguish our Holy Ghost Fire.

Day-by-day the US (and the world in general) is turning into a jungle. Our “Jungle Journey” is filled with dangers, disease, despair, depression, disgust and death.

Hold At All Costs!!

BIG casualties mount daily, it is crucial that we hold the lines at all costs. Expect heavy shelling from the communist’s camp, keeping us on the defensive. But God is telling us it is time to take the offensive – OFFEND the enemy. They want us to go home but “HELL NO we will not GO!

Army With Banners.jpg
O my love, you are as beautiful as tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem, awesome as an ARMY with banners!” -Song of Solomon 6:4, NKJV

The latter part of the above verse is repeated in verse 10: “Awesome as an ARMY with banners.”

The description of Solomon’s bride is given in vv.4-13. Verse 4 is supposed to be the address of Solomon to the bride (which is really the LORD’s bride). Tirzah was a city in the tribe of Ephriam (Josh. 12:24), & the capital of that district, the ordinary residence of the kings of Israel (1 Kgs. 14:17; 15:33).

Jerusalem was called the “perfection of beauty” (Ps. 48:2,3)

Terrible as an Army with Banners!

This has been supposed to carry an allusion to the caravans in the East as historians tell us, and the manner in which they are conducted on their travels by night. It is said that the caravans were divided into companies, called “cottors,” according to them; and each company was distinguished by the form of the brazier in which they carry their lights. It is said that after night, these braziers were placed on the ends of long poles & carried by a person who walked at the head of the company. Some had 10 or 12 lights, and were of different forms; some triangular, or like an N; some like an M by which each pilgrim readily knows his own company, both by day & night. A whole caravan, composed of many thousands of “hadgees,” divided into various “cottors” or companies, each having its own distinguishing “brazier” (pan holding burning coals) or light. This must have been a terrible sight at night! and in the day time. Splendid!

Talk about the appearance of an ARMY – a formidable sight! Yet, Solomon describes the “Bride” as such! This “ARMY” is “fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and TERRIBLE as an ARMY with banners” -(Song of Solomon 6:10).

Some Bible scholars believe the “army with banners” should be “distinguished ones.” I love the first, since God’s Bride is & shall be a “Spirit Warrior,” and notwithstanding she had “distinguished” herself in battle, unlike the “Church whore,” i.e. “harlot who carries in her hand a golden cup FULL of ABOMINATIONS & the FILTHINESS of her FORNICATION.” -Rev. 17:4 The light this harlot carries is a false light – a whore to the core!! She fights not for the Lord, but against Him.

When the LORD chose a woman to be the mother of the Most High (Jesus), He did not go to Jerusalem but to a small village, Bethlehem of Judea (Mt. 2:1). He sought out a virgin (not a used harlot!), Mary by name. She was one of the lowest, not a maid of high station in the capital city, but a daughter of a plain man in a small town. She could have been chosen from the “Big City.” He could have chosen/picked Caiaphas’ daughter, who no doubt was fair, popular & rich, dressed in gold-embroidered raiment, & attended by a retinue of maids in waiting (as Martin Luther once wrote.). Luke 1:46-55 ought to be read, especially v.48: “For He (Lord) has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant...” NKJV. The stress should not be on the “low estate,” but on the word “regarded.” Her low estate is not to be praised, but God’s regard, as, when a prince gives his hand to a beggar, the meanness of the beggar is not to be praised, but the graciousness & goodness of the prince (see R.H. Bainton’s, The Martin Luther Christmas Book, 1948, pp.20,21.). [note: Mary’s song has its O.T. parallel in the Song of Hannah (1 Sam. 2:1-10.).

So, God’s Bride will be regarded as an “Army with Banners”.

God’s TRUE Church is His ARMY in the world, i.e. “is terrible as an army with banners.”

Our battle flag (ACMTC) has an Eagle sitting atop the world with a sword going thru the world: “Taking Jesus to All the World!” The True Ekklesia (Gk.) is in a state of, a CONSTANT STATE of militancy, always ready & willing to “Fight the Good Fight of Faith” (1 Tim. 6:12), always ready & willing to “wage the Good Warfare” (1 Tim 1:18), always ready & willing to “endure HARDSHIP as a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Tim. 2:3), always ready & willing to “be strong in the Lord & in the Power of His Might” -(Eph. 6:10).

It (the ARMY) has its banners; the Gospel of Christ is an ensign (Isa. 11:12 says, “He (God) will set up a BANNER for the nations, & will assemble the outcasts of Israel, & gather together the dispersed of Judah...”).

The Spirit has lately told us that the LORD/ Lord is going to gather together those of His that are worn & torn, scattered & battered by the world. He will form up a NEW ARMY anointed with NUCLEAR SPIRIT POWER, appointed for WAR against the “BIG 4” (Eph. 6:12)! He is going to marshal His TRUE ONES, His DITINGUISHED ONES for His End Time purpose & plan. It will be TERRIBLE to the enemies of God & His People. The devil is also marshalling his troops for an ALL-OUT BATTLE for the souls of men & women, boys & girls... nations of this world. While nations speak of a nuclear war (III), e.g. Russia, N. Korea, China, Iran et al., God will have power over what they will & will not do. He is in TOTAL CONTROL!

When God’s people shed the old order of Churchianity and are renewed in His CLEAR LIGHT (SOS 6:10 = “clear as the sun” (Son!)), they will truly be awesome & formidable.

What a TERRIBLE (as in “terror”) MAJESTIC sight – Spirit Soldiers with banners... ready for WAR (Wage Aggressive Resistance)!!! The Amp. Bible says, “terrible as a bannered host”.


Paul wrote: “And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel.” -Eph. 6:19

Just what was this mystery? He mentions it again in Col. 4:3 and Eph. 3:3. The Mystery, aka a hidden truth, was “that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, & partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel,” -Eph. 3:6.

This is our commission for our mission – take Jesus to ALL the World! Fight for the souls of men/ women/ boys/ girls/ nations/ tribes/ races. We also, at the same time, fight for our own souls that we will be honored by Jesus & His Father.

The Bible speaks of “The Mystery of iniquity at work” (2 Thes. 2:7), the anti-christian dominion of evil as well as the “Mystery of the Gospel”, i.e. the FORCE that contends for the FAITH. The sublime nature of the gospel is to SHUT the MOUTHS of the enemies! To expose & eradicate the idolatrous worship of the world, the flesh, & the devil... all that is impure & vile in the contemporary Church that God detests & hates. Today’s Church is more heathenish, hellish than Heavenly.

Are you ready for WAR?

The Sign of HATE 1.jpg



 -General James Green- (2016)

MISSION” and “Missions” are at the edge of the Christian's life and are inhérent in the very heart of the Ekklesia.

By "Christian" I mean those born again, Spirit-filled, obedient ones who have, and are, separated from the world in mind, and will; dedicated, consecrated...SOLD OUT to do the will of God in/on earth. Now that little description separates the real from the false.

If I use the word "Church" or "church" I do not mean this sick inane mess we know as the contemporary Church that pretends to be God's Army. NO! The real Church/church is God's Ekklesia (Gk. called out ones...from the world). So, let me settle it with my readers that I DO NOT believe that this inane thing is anything but men's invention. The word "inane" comes from Latin "inanis"-empty,

foolish, senseless, silly, absurd, void of intelligence, shallow, pointless, asinine, ridiculous, dumb, stupid, idiotic, fatuous, etc., etc.

Now that I've made myself clear, when I use the word "Church" (Catholic / universal) or “church” (any local gathering of God's true people), I will distinguish them by using "worldly Church/church." Mostly I'll just use the words "Army of God.".

Mission Possible or Impossible?

IS IT POSSIBLE to account for the Church's worldwide penetration and (slow) growth without focusing on her sense of mission? We who have labored at the task of "Taking Jesus To All The World" (Matt. 28:19), know that we have slowly but surely penetrated the nations of this present world with the (Pure) Gospel (for the unsaved / pagan) and with the overcoming message-dominion, discipline, deliverance, = warfare for the (genuinely) saved.

On the other hand, the Worldly Church (WC) has successfully spread, with haste, her denominationalism, delusions, and damnations.

The main difference between the True Church (TC) and the Worldly Church (WC) is numbers and money. The True Church's Mission has been, and will forever be, to please the Lord Jesus...to carry forward that which “Jesus began both to do and teach." (Acts, 1:1), in the power of the Holy Spirit/Ghost (Lk. 4:1,18), not in the power of man or men.

Where is the miracle-working power of the WC today? Absent! Where is the Spirit's guidance? Absent! Where is the obedience? Absent! Yet when we read Luke's inspired writings (esp. Acts), Luke provides us with: (a) a definitive pattern of the activity of the Holy Spirit to be followed during the entire Church age. Do we witness this among the WC? Not much. Entertainments and money grabbing have replaced the miracle-working-power of the Holy Ghost; (b) data for developing a doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and (c) revelation concerning how the ministry of the Holy Spirit must relate to the lives of the believers in Christ. Note, if you will, specifically two elements in the book of Acts that are theologically and practically normative: 1) the baptism in or a filling (up) with the Holy Spirit as God's promise for ALL believers (see Acts 2:39, cf. 1;5, 8; 2:4, 4:8, 31, 8:15-17; 9:17; 10:44-46; 13:9, 52; 15:8; 19:1-6. Most denominations of today either quench or deny the Holy Spirit. Some literally hate Him; 2) the numerous "acts" of the Holy Spirit that provided the church/Church with the standards righteousness, which are in part or totally missing today. Witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit is terribly lame or entirely lacking today. All this BIG SHOW stuff in churchianity today is not the Holy Spirit, but works of the flesh (e.g. demons!): you turn off the power and where, oh where is the BIG PRAISE?, the light shows?, the mesmerizing preaching? GONE!

Back to my question: "Is it possible to account for the Church's worldwide penetration and growth without focusing on her sense of mission?" Yes and no. No, if you mean the true Army of God, the Ekklesia. Yes, if you mean churchianity. The Contemporary Church (CC) can penetrate and grow without focusing much on her sense of mission. Remember, money and men are the worldly Church's goal-not discipleship. But the Army of God (AOG) has discipleship in mind, e.g., "building strong Christian soldiers."

Get Real, People!

STOP PLAYING AND GET TO PRAYING—there is a war on. Although we may think theologically, we also must match that with ACTING evangelistically. No ivory-tower theatrics in this Army. If we teach and preach, we must practice.

Stop finding ways to disbelieve God's Written Word, for there is something there to instruct and to stimulate everyone who gets serious with his / her Christianity.

I write on misology at an opportune time; Islam, Communism / Socialism, and dozens and dozens of other nefarious "isms" are pounding away against Christianity with their acrimonious words and deeds. Few are the brave that will stand up these days for Jesus without compromise.


THEY ARE THE OBJECT of God's, and our, mission (Jn. 3:16). Men and women, boys and girls, are not an abstraction, they are souls in need of salvation/redemption. Therefore, it is indisputable that mission are characterized by God's longing for the lost to be saved, for God's Word tells us in 2 Peter 3:9 that the Lord is "not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance." Also, in the book of Acts 17:30 we find this: "And the times of this ignorance (vv. 16-29) God winked; but now COMMANDETH all men everywhere to REPENT,” (see also Rom. 3:25). To shorten this writing, not giving a long study on "repent" and "repentance," let me just give you the Greek definitions here:


"matanoeo" [Strong's #3340]

This term is the one most commonly translated in the New Testament as "repentance” and literally means "to change one's mind or purpose, to repent.” From this same root comes the noun "metanoia". “after-thought, repentance” (Liddell, 503). This is a reversal of thinking. You see yourself differently: as fallen and corrupt.

"metamelomi” [Strong's #3338]

This term carries a more emotional implication and literally means, "to feel repentance, to rue, regret.' In four of the five New Testament occurrences, the ESV translates it as “change(d) his /their mind(s)." From this same root comes the noun "metamelos”: “repentance, regret" (Liddell, 503).

"epistrepho" [Strong's #1994]

Although never translated as "repentance", this word furthers the understanding of God's clear command for a change of mind, a heartfelt sorrow for sin, and a turning from sin. It means "to turn about, turn round; to return; to run towards; to correct, make to repent; to turn oneself round, turn about; constantly turning" (Liddell, 302). This is a change of the will. This is decidedly turning from sin and the ways of sin to follow the ways of Christ.

Army Church

OUR TASK IS therefore reduced to the question: "What is the essential character of the Army Church in the New Testament (N.T.)? Briefly I want to mention four characteristics:

1) People of God, or God's people as we see in 1 Peter 2:9-10, are described thus: "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy." Note please how "people" is used. In v. 9, three nouns with similar meaning are used: “race” (Gk: genos = a particular people); “nation”

Gk. = ethnos-understood not so much politically and geographically as culturally and sociologically; hence, a group people); and "people" (Gk. laos in the Biblical context it is used with reference to a specific people in contrast to the other peoples of the earth). We find "laos" repeated twice in v. 10, and is used in Biblical thought to distinguish God's own people from the world's. So, this particular use of "laos" is carried over from the Hebrew concept of "lam"; the noun used in the O.T. to distinguish Israel from the "goyim", or the Gentile nations.

(See Acts 26:18/ Hos.1:9-10; 2:23)

Peter uses 3O.T. passages (Ex. 19:5; Isa. 43:20, and 61:6) to point out for us how God's plan for salvation / redemption of the world was not frustrated by the failure of ancient Israel, and that a new Ekklesia/community/cult was founded by and around Jesus the Christ, whom God has made the principal Comerstone in the construction of His new "living" temple (cf. v. 5), and who has taken the place and inherited the honors and names of old social Israel hence, the Ekklesia Army/community has become the NEW Israel, and God's plan of salvation is being fulfilled in and through her missionary endeavor.

So the fact that the N.T. Ekklesia has taken racial Israel's place is indicative of her election in Christ—"a Chosen race", made up of both saved / redeemed Gentiles and Jews (see 1 Peter 2:10).

Let it be known that New Israel is God's sovereign will and work. We can say as the writer of Hebrews (11:13) says, we are a pilgrim community, whose builder and maker is God (Heb. 11:10). We can also rightly say that we are an eschatological community on the go. Therefore, dear readers, we cannot give absolute commitment to the state (USA); to any political, ideological, economic or cultural distinctives, as sooooo many do today. This means and I'm sure some will call me a "FANATIC"”—that we do not live from or for ourselves, but from and for the sovereignty of our crucified-risen-glorified cult leader, Jesus Christ the Lord our Commander-in-Chief over His Ekklesia Army.

Body of Christ

2) The Church is understood in Scripture as "the body of Christ," a metaphor expressing the spiritual and functional reality of the universal Church (Catholic). (Universal Church = Catholic Church)

The Catholicity of this spiritual body has a sociological dimension that now includes other colors/ nationalities, not just Jews (1 Cor. 12:12; Eph. 4:4, 12, 16).

Temple of the Holy Spirit

3) In 1 Corinthians 6:15 Paul speaks of Corinthian believers as members of Christ and in 6:19 affirms that they are the temple of the Holy Spirit (see also Eph. 2:14-22; 4:16; 1 Cor. 3:9~16):


4) The Church (consisting of Christian soldiers-2 Tim. 2:1-4) is also institutional. By this I mean it has adopted (over a period of time, which I will later discuss) certain specific functions, rites, roles, goals, doctrines, etc. Sadly, the Church over the centuries has adopted some bad things, especially over the last hundred years-today the Church has become split between "Churchianity" and "Biblical Christianity." I've written numerous articles on this already (see our Recreant Philosophers, Stinking Rotting Corpse, and Clowning Around booklets).

We here at ACMTC decry the authority of the false (backslid, apostate) Church, which is now what the world sees as THE Church, the genuine Church. Never the less, both grow together in the world, one bringing forth false fruit, the other real.

Before we pass on to part two whereby I will cover the concept (false) of partial and absolute universalism, let me deal more with the Church as an institution.

Traditionally, the letters in the N.T. are divided into two groups:

1) The Pauline epistles and the Catholic epistles (not Roman Catholic). The latter we call "Catholic" because the letters are addressed to the Church in general rather than to a particular congregation or individual. In all these we find the Church Army on the way to becoming an "institution."

2) From the call of John and Jesus to REPENT to well after their deaths, we see the emerging institutional Church the Holy Spirit guiding. By "institutional," I do not mean "denominational," this came much later of course.

Roughly around A.D. 100 -140, the Christian movement is approaching new challenges and problems (the delay of the "parousia” being one), new difficulties and needs were developing.


With that, the movement-the movement had settled down to the task of being the Church Army in the world, fighting the good fight of faith, contending for the faith, and rescuing the perishing and the erring.

As time passed the "parousia" was no longer immediately expected, the soldiers of Christ were learning to adjust to the destruction of Jerusalem and their Temple, and relations with Judaism and the Roman Empire.

The Church therefore developed its own institutions, outside of Judaism, in order to spread the "Good News" and raise up solid Christian disciples/ soldiers...in the world. This naturally demanded some sort of an organizational structure, a decision-making apparatus, and a "definition of the function of its soldiers and officers.” This resuscitated the establishment of a creed, a canon, and an organized ministry. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit would overshadow all this. We must admit that *religious* man can ruin things, establishing and erecting things that are not ordained by God nor for His glory, but for man's benefit and glory. We certainly see this in today's worldly Church—it is actually more "goat” than “sheep.”


SOME CHRISTIAN LITERATURE of this period did not find a place in the final canon of the New Testament: a letter written by Clement, bishop of Rome, to the Church at Corinth; letters written by Ignatius, 'bishop of Antioch, to various Churches as he was on his way to martyrdom in Rome; and the Didache ("Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles by the Twelve Apostles”), a Church order from Syria. In addition, some Christians of this period were being influenced by a growing Gnostic movement still in contact with Judaism.

In the era of the "emerging church" (to be distinguished from today's, "Emergent Church"), it was faced with a threat from within, just as we are today. Then it was the growing influence of Gnosticism, today it is sheer backsliding and apostasy whereby the churchites openly Rebel like Hell, having become reprobate in word and in deed...even accepting and ordaining practicing homosexuals and performing same-sex marriages, hence, an ABOMINATION!!

Frankly, I personally see no recovery for today's worldly Church, I only see a need for those who have not become spiritual whores to GET OUT! So, the call to "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE" is sounding loud and clear-and I for one have exited Babylon years ago.

God is still going to have a real and pure people, a people out of a people out of a people.


The Army of God and Its Mission Part 2


DIRECTOR of the Institute of in-depth Evangelism, B.A., M.A., and M. Div., was quoted as saying: "History and Eschatology: However, one must not lose sight of the Biblical tension between the "now" and the "not yet” of the kingdom. On the one hand, the kingdom materializes in the concrete historical struggles of liberation. On the other, "the horizon must be kept open, toward the ultimate and definite Kingdom."

With the above statement, let us examine his "now" and the "not yet" aspect in Scripture. mentioned beforehand the "partial" aspect of God's Kingdom in other writings as opposed to what many now teach, the "allness" of salvation.

For awhile these two divided camps agree on many things, the division between only the repentant is included in the Kingdom of God (KÓG) versus the all will eventually be saved/included, e.g., "universalism" salvation or the call to ALL is certainly Scripture, e.g., salvation as an offer to ALL men, yet, the Bible teaches, IS NOT appropriated automatically but there's an act of faith, repentance of sin, belief in Christ Jesus - and ALL those who do not respond in the above REMAIN in their sins/transgressions. John 3:36 plainly teaches us this: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.". This verse alone refutes universalism - the false idea that ALL will eventually be saved in the end...without repentance. This falseness is popular today. It gives way to lazy evangelism or no evangelism at all. I have written on this already, but allow me to delve into this falseness a bit further.

Heretic Robert Schuller and Billy Graham (Note: Both Are Now Deceased).

I COULD QUOTE MANY "CHRISTIANS" who hold to this false notion, but let me quote heretic Schuller and Billy Graham. Their "religious humanism” is very dangerous; it is seductive evil. Billy Graham once said that Schuller "has done some of the greatest things for the Kingdom of God of any man in our generation." HA!!! LIKE ROBBING PEOPLE AND COVERING THEM IN HERETICAL SLIME!!!

R. Schuller's now-defunct house of prostitution, aka, the Crystal Cathedral, was a mockery of Biblical Christianity. Below is a recorded conversation between these two "religious' giants:

Robert Schuller asked Graham, "What do you think is the future of Christianity?" Graham's response was: "Well, Christianity and being a true believer [?] you know, I think there's the Body of Christ. This comes from ALL THE CHRISTIAN · GROUPS around the world [ROMAN CATHOLICS and all SIN-PRACTICING and QUEER- SUPPORTING DENOMINATIONS_`included!!??]. Outside the Christian groups, I think everybody who knows Christ, whether they are conscious of it OR NOT, they're MEMBERS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST." [What?]

[Graham] went on to say: “...whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world, they are members of the body of Christ, because they've been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus, but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don't have, and I think that they turn to the only light they have [YOU MEAN MUHAMMAD, OR THE MOON-god ALLAH, OR BUDDHA??!!], and I think they are SAVED, and that they are going to be in heaven with us.’’

Schuller queried: ‘‘What, what I hear you saying is that it's possible for Jesus Christ to come into human hearts and soul and life even if they've been born in darkness and never had an exposure to the Bible. Is that a correct interpretation of what you are saying?’’

Graham replied: "Yes, it is, because I believe that..."

[John 3:3-"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot

see the kingdom of God.”

Quoted portion from Dr. Cathy Burns' Billy Graham and His Friends, pp. 18-19.]

Billy Graham once believed that Jews (and other religionists) were lost if they did not repent of their sins and become born-again Biblically. He blames his change of mind on the ecumenical movement. Billy boy says in A Prophet with Honor, p. 225, "The ecumenical movement has broadened my viewpoint, and I recognize now that God has His people in all Churches." Enough said about goofy Schuller and backslid Billy.

Universalism's Problem

THIS "PAIN IN THE SPIRITUAL BUTT has been with the Church ever since the days of Origen. I won't go into all the controversies except to point out that ultimately this issue hinges on the reality of the Gospel and Biblical teaching of the N.T. that salvation is made available to ALL and judgment which continues upon ALL who deny and reject this free offer.

Scriptures, which are not a few, teach directly and indirectly, explicitly or implicitly the "Plan" of salvation and the certainty of both present and future judgment.

Scriptures also teach the "Narrow gate" vs. the "Broadway" (Lk. 13:23). The Johannine passages that deal with the universality of both the LORD'S love and His wrath (Jn. 3:16, 36, etc.). The universal reconciliation and judgment passages in Paul's writings (1 Tim. 4:10; 2 Thes. 1:9), the warnings found in the epistle to the Hebrews (Heb. 2:2; 4:1; etc.), and the story of the judgment day in Revelation 19:11 etc.

Only God Knows!

SPEAKING OF HIS JUDGMENTS or last-day judgment: This is only known to Him (and whom He chooses to let know).

So, in the Gospel presentation, there is both the positive-men can escape Hell-and the negative-no salvation...no escaping Hell. This negative side has to do with the fact that His FINAL WRATH has only been postponed, not revoked-the latter idea (revoked) being what so many would like us (and themselves) to believe. Backslid evangelical Rob Bell tells us that "Love Wins Out," meaning that God's love will not allow anyone to go to Hell.

Sorry, Mr. Bell, THERE IS STILL A HELL!!!

Thus, my dear Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord, the true Gospel ALWAYS leads to a call to repentance.


IF ALL ARE SAVED, if there is no final judgment, why call the sinner to turn from their sinfulness? Why do we find judgment in all the N.T.? Almost every sermon in Acts has judgment mentioned. Why does the apostle John emphasize over and over the terrible peril of unbelief? Why does Paul boldly, coldly and bluntly declare that those who disobey the Gospel will suffer the WRATH of God? (2 Thes. 1:8). Why does Jesus over and over again bring up the subject of Hellfire?

Our job as witnesses is not finished dear ones. God some day will judge the world-yes, this all-loving, all-compassionate God will divide the sheep from the goats (a fitting metaphor). Don't be taken in by all these "God is love and He will not punish anyone" liars.

Mission represents the URGENCY of this tension. -Playing Church only adds to God's Wrath.

We have a LOST generation right now, right here in good ol' USA, in need of a Savior-many are searching.


LISTEN UP!!! No option is available to the Church; to be the Church Army signifies commitment to the urgent enterprise.

Let me say here, mission is not simply an informative task but alsó a passionate plea for souls to come to Christ and be saved. SAVED!! Not to join ACMTC or any other Church, but to find Jesus and be SAVED! (Check out 2 Cor. 5:20, esp. in the Amp. Bible).

But we keep running up against this antithesis of "all are already saved because they are God's creation," or "all will eventually be saved because God loves them."

But if ALL men are saved, or will be saved, why all this missions urgency? If ALL men are already, or will be reconciled to God, wouldn't it be logical to see that God's Word does not contradict itself? Seems like the Holy Spirit would make it known to All men that they are already saved; but, you see, the Holy Spirit convicts men of sin and of unrighteousness.

Today's worldly Church cares little for Biblical salvation, only Church attendance and tithes. They are more interested in the quantitative, not the qualitative. "The teachings and warnings about the perilous consequences of unbelief and the certainty of God's judgment / punishment has faded into the background. Now we have boys like Joel Osteen teaching us to "Have Your Best Life Now. This would be good if he meant giving your WHOLE life WHOLLY to Christ, not giving your WHOLE life in pursuit of fame and fortune as he and his wife does.

Now Not Yet

THE CHURCH, the TRUE Church, holds to the tension between the "now" and the "not yet." believe that the Kingdom of God is now; I also believe that its fullness is yet future, its completeness. We experience the Kingdom of God presently, and (hopefully) will'eternally, forever, be in it with Jesus. Both the prophetic and the apocalyptic are realities.

The Kenosis

BOTH THE PROPHETIC and the apocalyptic are supported by the N.T. Scripture. God became a man, born of a virgin, called Jesus. "This Kenosis has its greatest expression," as one Bible scholar writes, "in the struggle of the cross. Out of the feeling of forsakenness, however, emerges hope for the future (“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit"). Thus, the present is negated in the liberating action of the cross and pushed unto the certainty of God's future." Thus, we have the promised Savior, the substance, coming in due time out of the shadow.

You see, we can be "caught up" in the Spirit, as at Patmos John was, whereby he experienced both the "now" and the "future.” He could see what was going on around him, yet he could sail into the future. This is hope, dear ones, HOPE. If all he had to do was endure the present, and accept it as determinative of his future, this would lead to depression.

Jesus made reference to this when He told Nicodemus, "And, no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man WHICH IS (present tense) in heaven” (John 3:13) Jesus could experience heaven while on earth. So can we!


WE NEED TO PRAY for those who are stuck in the mire of Churchianity that God will free them. We need to pray for those who have come out that they will let God lead their lives, for many are wounded and need healing and direction, as we did once. Let us pray that we will continue to be a strong contender for Biblical Truth and hopefully become more influential in the thinking of dead theologians and churchmen and churchwomen...to inspire them to grab hold of the true meaning of missions.

God knows that there needs to be a welcomed return of the basic essentials of the Christian faith, which has been laid aside or trashed for popularity and prosperity.

The revival of the occult, the sick fascination with LGBTQ Esex, the lust for wealth, the craving for entertainment and so on, gives us every reason to fight the good fight of faith.

Salvation for mankind is not outdated, NO!!! The Kerygmatic, missiological, scriptural, ecclesiastical, praxeological and liturgical need reemphasizing.

Recognizing that the Church Army is the bearer of the Gospel of liberation (from sin) to others must first be liberated from all that hinders its true Christ-expression or robs it of a true sense of its own responsibility. I figure this is why today's worldly Church isn't concerned with the salvation of souls, its very own soul is bound to the world.

We may have come out of the world, but let us allow the Holy Spirit to drive the world out of us. How can we tell others to be free if we are bound? How can we witness about unity of the faith if we ourselves are divided? The harsh reality is this: The Church is divided; the world is divided. This ironic state of being is getting us nowhere.

So, in the light of our awareness of this dramatic reality of the worldly Church,


We're doing all we can here at ACMTC. We print and send out tons of free materials for both the lost-sinner, the Church- sinner, and the and the front-line soldiers. JOIN US IN THE WAR FOR SOULS!!! Amen.


Age Of Shame.jpg

"Adikia, Ponēria, Pleonexia, Kakia, Phtonos, Phonos, Erin, Dolos, Kakoētheia, Psithuristēs, Katalosos, Theostugeis, Hubristēs, Huperēphanos, Alazōn, Epheuretēs Kakōn, Goneusin Apeithis, Asunetos, Asunthetos, Astorgos, Aneleēmōn."

What in the hell do these words mean? These Greek words describe HELL from whence they come!

Paul wrote about the “age of shame” in which he lived, and men lived in past generations. He writes about the AWFUL AGE of SHAME in Romans 1:26,27, where the Lord ABANDONED humankind to act out their dishonorable passions, sexual villainy, and the lowest kind of degeneracy. Verses 26 and 27 describe homosexuality (male) and lesbianism (female). Paul writes about the human race given wholly, totally over to what was/is against nature. (Since I’ve written dozens of articles on Romans one, I’ll just define what the above Greek words mean).


The NKJV uses this word (v.27) as does the Amp. Bible, the Living Bible, et al. Other versions use “indecent.” Jude uses the word “shame” in V.13: “raging waves of the sea (i.e. sinful humanity), foaming up their own SHAME...” (see Phil. 3:19, NKJV). So, what does SHAME mean? Strongs #152 -aischune from 153, aischunŏmai, means “disgrace, dishonesty, and disfigurement.”

When we read Rom. 1:26-32, we get a word picture of a shameful lifestyle, one of a destructive lifestyle, irremediable because of men’s/women’s stone-heart and made up mind to commit “shameful” acts of sex. Their villainous acts of Ta Kathēkonta, (Gk.) “the things it befits a man or woman to do.” (a Stoic phrase).

We live in a time and generation in which these very same sins are paramount. The Roman/Greek world in which Paul lived was one of shamefulness and shamelessness.

It was Virgil who wrote: “Right and wrong are confounded; so many wars the world over, so many forms of wrong; no worthy honor is left to the plough; the husbandmen are marched away and the fields grow dirty; the hook has its curve straightened into the sword-blade. In the East, Euphrates is stirring up war, Germany; nay, close neighboring cities break their mutual league and draw the sword and the war god’s unnatural fury rages over the whole world; even as when in the circus the chariots burst from their floodgates, they dash into the course, and, pulling desperately at the reins, the driver lets the horses drive him, and the car is deaf to the curb.” (Roman poet: author of the Aeneid).

All that reminds me of World War 1 & 2 and all the wars in between up until 2023. Along with carnal warfare came the “war” to overthrow God’s moral laws (for human conduct), resulting in Political Correctness and Wokeism, in which all SHAMEFUL sex-acts are promoted and honored!!!

Well, if we read Rom. 1:27 closely, we will see that the guilty “received their due and necessary rewards for their error.” So, it will be NOW! God will judge and punish the guilty and bless the righteous. Do not ever think, the evil will get by- they will face God in this life or the next one to come.

We live in a time and season where unlawful sex and violence is rampant. Tacitus was another observer who wrote: “I am entering upon the history of a period, rich in disasters, gloomy with wars, rent with seditions, savage in its very hours of peace... All was one delirium of HATE and TERROR... He who had no foe was destroyed by his friend.” (Tacitus, A.D. 55-120; Roman historian). Tacitus could very well be describing the World in 2024 also... so many wars (nations), so much infighting in our government (Dems hate GOPs, wokeism against God and His people, blah, blah, blah!).

During the reign of Tiberius, Suetonius wrote, “No day passed but someone was executed.” (Tiberius: Roman emperor, A.D. 14-37; Suetonius: Roman biographer and historian, A.D. 69-140; Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar, 42 B.C.-37 A.D.) One does not need to whack off heads with a sword. No sir, just assassinate their character- they will be good as DEAD. And, so, heads are ROLLING in politics as I write this.

Clement of Rome wrote: “It is well that they should be cut off from the lusts of the world, since every lust wars against the spirit and neither fornicators, nor homosexuals... will inherit the kingdom of God.”

A.D. 96 (1.34).

Rome could neither bear its ills nor the remedies that might have cured them,” wrote Livy, the Roman historian. Titus Livius, aka Livy (59 B.C.- 17 A.D.) wrote about all the social, sexual, war ills of Rome. Paul offered the Gospel (the remedy) to Rome- many sinners were “cured” of their social/sexual sins.

 "I see Rome, proud, perishing, the victim of her own prosperity," wrote Propertius, the poet (50-15 B.C.) I, like him, see America’s pride (hubris) which is causing her to DIE spiritually. She is the VICTIM of her very own SHAME and SINFULNESS!!! Our prosperity is literally killing us- too much “good times.” Then we have Juvenal, the Roman satirist (Decimus Junius Juvenalis, A.D. 60-140) who wrote: “The earth no longer brings forth any but BAD men and COWARDS. Hence, God, whoever He is looks down, laughs at them and HATES them!” Seneca the Roman philosopher, dramatist, artist, and statesman (4 B.C.-A.D. 65) wrote: “Stricken with the agitation of a soul no longer master of itself.”

Has not Amerika, aka America become like ancient Rome? Worse! For America was a nation built upon the WORD of God- not that it was a “Christian” nation, but a nation full of Bible believing folks who feared God and took God’s Word seriously. Today, God’s Word is nearly OUTLAWED from the public square. If He is spoken of, it is usually in terms of PC/WOKE BS! Juvenal was said to have said of Rome: “A luxury more ruthless than war broods over Rome... No guilt or deed of lust is wanting since Roman poverty disappeared.” Seneca also had his say-so on the issue of money, the RUIN of the true honor of things... “We ask not what a thing truly is but what it costs.” “... that bitterness which flows the very fountain of pleasure,” wrote Lucretius (Roman poet and Epicurean philosopher, 96 B.C.- 55 B.C.). Tacitus agreed: “Crime became the only antidote to boredom, until the greater the infamy, the wilder the delight.”

In the years of ancient Rome, the age of unparalleled immorality/Shame, men, women, and children were out of control, even though there were certain laws against certain sex sins et al. All one has to do is research the history of Ancient Rome (and Greece) to see the ungodliness/Shame that the early Church had to deal with. Not only was ancient Israel in a backslidden, rebellious state of affairs, the pagan nations all about were engulfed in immorality of every kind.

                                           Those Greek Words

                                              Romans 1:28-32

It depends on what translation one reads from; their words are interchangeable. I am using The Daily Study Bible series (by world-renowned Scottish N.T. professor, William Barclay (The Westminster Press (1955; revised edition, 1975)).

"Just as they have given themselves over to a kind of knowledge that rejects the idea of God, so God has given them over to the kind of mind that all reject. The result is that they do things which it is not fitting for any man (i.e. humankind) to do. They are replete with all evil, villainy, the lust to get, viciousness. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, the spirit which puts the worst construction on everything. They are whisperers, slanderers, haters of God. They are impotent men, arrogant, braggarts, inventors of evil things, disobedient to their parents, senseless breakers of agreements, without natural affections, pitiless. They are the kind of men who are well aware that those who do such things deserve death, and yet they do not only do them, themselves, but also heartily approve of those who do them." Most Commentators, including Barclay, believe it is not so much that God sends judgment on a man/nation, as that they bring judgment/punishment on themselves when they give no place to God in the scheme of things; I certainly believe this.

The catalogue of evil and dreadful things Paul mentions are things pertaining to a “godless” life. Jesus also gave a catalogue of evil and sinful things in the Gospel of Mark (7:14-23). His list of defilements is like Romans 1 (to be examined shortly). Jesus makes it clear that “...nothing which goes into a man or woman from without can render that man or woman “unclean,” everything that goes from the outside goes into the stomach; but what comes out of a person is what renders them “unclean;” evil designs, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, covetous deeds, evil deeds, guile, wanton wickedness, envy, slander, pride, folly.” – all these, Jesus said, render a person “unclean.” Romans one and Mark seven are REVOLUTIONARY passages. Barclay’s list of Greek Words is found at the beginning of this article, right under the “Age of Shame” (title). The English words are thus: “Evil, Villainy, Lust, Viciousness, Envy, Murder, Strife, Deceit, Evil-Naturedness, Whisperers and Slanderers, Haters of God, Insolent Men, Arrogant Men, Braggarts, Inventors of Evil, Disobedient to Parents, Senseless, Breakers of Agreements, Without Natural Affections, and Pitiless.”

One should look these Greek Words up. If you are reading from the KJV or NKJV, the following English Words are found: “Unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness, whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unloving, and unmerciful.

 I don’t think Prof. Barclay did justice to #2, “sexual immorality” (NKJV et. Al.). He uses the English word “Villainy.” (Gk., Ponēria). The following is how he describes Ponēria: “Prof. Kenneth S. West, in his the N.T. Expanded Translation, uses the words “pernicious evil,” He writes: “Being filled” (quote from Rom. 1:29) is a perfect participle. The perfect tense in Greek speaks of a past completed action having present results.” He is saying that the persons (in study) had disapproved of holding God in their knowledge, hence, were FILLED with the 21 sins mentioned in VV. 29-32. What does he mean by “pernicious evil?” The Interpreter’s Bible uses “fornication” (V. 29), one can’t help but see that Paul referred to homosexuals/lesbians in VV. 24-27. I have written many LONG articles on this subject, (some of which are up on our website). “Fornication” (Strong’s Concordance #4202= “Pŏrnĕia,” from 4203, “pŏrnĕuō”= “harlotry, adultery, idolatry, unlawful lust (of either sex),” from 4204, “pŏrnē”= “an idolator, harlot, whore,” from 4205= “pŏrnŏs”= “a male prostitute, debaucher, whoremonger.” This Greek word is where we get the word “porn” (homosexual or heterosexual). Unlawful sex is the main theme in Roman’s one. Barclay says that “ponēria,” i.e., “villainy” is what Paul meant, not “fornication” (which includes male/male sex sins). Most Bibles refer to sex-sin, not mere “doing harm.” But homo-sex can and does include “badness,” “cruelty.” Why Barclay fails to mention sex-sins I do not know. Sins against nature and sins against society is what Paul is writing about. Prof. Adam Clarke, in his “The N.T. Epistle to the Romans” (1814), uses the Authorized Translation, which uses the word “fornication” as well. He states in his Critical notes: “Fornication, ‘all commerce between the sexes out of the bounds of lawful marriage; and others have uncleanness.’” (Paul makes mention of “fornicator,” “homosexuals,” and “sodomites” in I Corinthians 6:9, NKJV et. al.) In fact, he writes a lot against “sexual immorality” in chapters 6 and 7. I see no reason why he would call the sin of sodomy, villainy/ponēria (which it is but leaves the average reader to believe sexual immorality wasn’t included in Paul’s “evils” catalogue!)

 Barclay in his “Letter to the Corinthians Bible Series, uses the words fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, and sensualists in his comment on 1 Cor. 6:9-11. Why did he use “villainy”/ “ponēria” in his catalogue of evil in Rom. 1:29, when most translations use fornication, homosexuals, or sodomites? In I Cor. 6 he writes: “Paul breaks out into a terrible catalogue of sins, that is a grim commentary on the debauched civilization in which the Corinthian Church was growing up.” He goes on to write, “There were fornicators and adulterers... sexual laxity....” He says, “fornicator is especially unpleasant; it means a male prostitute....” Well, fornicator means more than that, it includes all unlawful sex-sins, including homosexuality and lesbianism in the all-inclusive word fornicator. He does go on to write (pg. 53), “We have left the most unnatural sin to the end- these were homosexuals... (be they male or female) but does not use this word in his Romans one Bible Study.

FYI For more info, see Catalogue of Evil

Promises Salvation in Spite of Sin.jpg
Promises Salvation in Spite of Sin

By: General James Green -- 1/3/24                             

One Bible scholar wrote:

It is a travesty on Biblical scholarship that the eighth chapter of Romans should be used to encourage a SECURITY that promises salvation in spite of sin.”

If one reads Romans 8 carefully, one will see how many times the word “if” is used: “But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit IF indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now IF anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. And IF Christ is in you... But IF the Spirit... dwells in you... For IF you live according to the flesh, you will die; but IF by the Spirit... you will live... and IF Children, then heirs... IF indeed we suffer with Him... But IF we hope for what we do not see... IF God is for us, who can be against us?,” VV. 9, 10, 11, 13, 17, 25, and 31. [ See my articles on the “if”/ “then” clause for extensive research on the words “if” and “then” (as in Rom. 8:17)]

Since I have written other articles on “Once Saved Always Saved?” and “Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?,” I will be short. This question has caused a great separation in the Body of Christ. I have over the span of 5 decades read from many scholars, theologists, preachers, experts in the Greek et al. Some teach what I call true security as opposed to a false security, which breeds a fake hope, carelessness, and unfounded confidence. True security (TS) demands knowledge of the “conditions” on which it rests. The “if”/ “then” clause bears this out. Rom. 8:17 is a case-in-point: “and IF Children (of God), THEN heirs.” To be heirs one must have the Spirit- the “condition.” Greek scholars point out that “if” (8:17) is “ie,” introducing a fulfilled condition. That is, the Spirit constantly bears testimony in company with our human spirit that we are Children of God... heirs. Only IF one has the Spirit, we come into possession of the privileges of sonship; sonship is a permanent and assured possession IF one stays in the faith- a “condition.”

True security demands complete obedience. There are inexhaustible texts- O.T./N.T. that contrast the “right way” as opposed to the “wrong way.” The perseverance of the saints is #5 in the “Once Saved Always Saved” TULIP doctrine;

#1 is “Total Depravity”;

#2 is “Unconditional Election”;

#3 is “Limited Atonement”;

#4 is the “Irresistible Grace”;

#5 is “Perseverance of the Saints.”

No one objects to the #5 but, as one author wrote, “It is the ‘perseverance of sinners’ that must be opposed.” Once Saved – Always Saved teaches one CANNOT lose his or her salvation no matter how in the hell they live. No “conditions,” just assurance! Jesus made it clear in John 10:27-30 that His sheep hear His voice, and they follow Him. Every word is sublimely true. His sheep have eternal life. The absolute safety of the sheep is certain. BUT there is another statement (implied): what about the sheep who do not follow Him, i.e. straying, or of another fold? Can they cash in on His promises? What of those who sin and still believe they’ll make it in? Please note, these are all present-tense statements: “They are hearing My Voice;” “They are following Me;” “I am giving eternal life;” those who are so doing “shall never perish.” There is no post-tense, “They once heard My voice.”

Jesus starts out His discourse with, “...he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door,” the “condition.” Can one merely join a church, without heart repentance, and be in Jesus’ fold? NO! 


War Against The Whore.jpg

Praise God! This is the hour and this is the generation that God has declared His revolution. This is the hour that God is declaring revolution against the standing religious order of our day. And you know that's exactly what Jesus Christ came preaching. He came preaching revolution. The priesthood had grown cold, the tabernacle order had passed away, and God was bringing in a new order. That was the New World Order through Jesus Christ, the Son. When Jesus came preaching, He decried the fraudulent practices of the priests because the priesthood had gone so far into idolatry, they had gotten so far into fleshliness, they had gone so far into carnality and so far away from God that He declared to them "You are of your father, the Devil." Now when Jesus came preaching, He came preaching division. He did not come to bring a false unity in that sense, but He came to bring division. (See Mt.10:31,35)

A lot of people, if you declare the truth to them, they say, "Oh you better be quiet because you're bringing division. You're bringing division in the body of Christ." Well I dare say to you that if I had ticks on my body, and they were sucking my blood, and if I had lice on my body and they were sucking my blood, and if I had fleas on my body and they were sucking my blood, and someone comes up to me and they pour some disinfectant over me to kill those bugs, I'm not going to resist them. I'm not going to say, "Stop it, you're causing division. Don't do that to me because you are bringing division." All they are trying to do is set me free from a bunch of parasites, leeches and blood suckers.

The so called body of Christ in this generation has a lot of false baggage. It's got a lot of parasites, it's got a lot of blood suckers, it's got a lot of leeches that have attached themselves to it and they're bringing it down. They are bringing it down and sucking out the life blood. With the revolutionary word there comes a separation, and God brings forth a separation between the precious and the vile, because it's God Almighty who desires that His bride be a spotless, wonderful woman who is pure and undefiled. And if you think that God Almighty is satisfied with the body of Christ in it's present flea-ridden condition, you are falsely deceived. God desires a purified people, God desires a Holy woman to be His bride. God does not desire some whore who's got lice on her from the pit of hell saying, "I am yours", after she's laid with everything in town.

A lot of times, when you get rough on rats in reference to the whorish condition of the church, people say, "You're talking dirty, you're talking nasty." But come with me to chapter 17 in the book of Revelation and we will find out what God Almighty called such things. We will find out what the Lord Himself has to say and we will find out if we are talking dirty or if we are talking nasty or if we are talking the truth. Hallelujah! It's funny how people can sit in front of the one-eyed devil called the television, how they can suck in Sodom all day long and all night long and then they can go to church with their filth-ridden eyes and present them up to God and say that they are Christians. They are so deceived they think there is no defilement in them whatsoever after they've sucked in every sin that comes out of the pit of hell. After they've watched murder, after they've watched fornication, after they've watched perversion acts, after they've watched adultery, after they've watched child sex, after they've taken in every unclean thing, they have the audacity to say, "I'm holy before God and I will lift up my hands unto Him." I'm telling you they are lifting up their hands to vanity because God turns His back on them. God is not interested in us as we sit in our defiled, sin-ridden conditions and refuse to repent. He turns His back away from us because that is the condition of harlotry. It's true, yet if you dare to declare what it is everybody wants to act like they have virgin ears. They want to act like, "Oh don't say such things. Oh don't talk like that because you're talking nasty, you're talking dirty." Well let me tell something, what the church has done in this hour in the face of Jesus Christ the Lord and in the face of God the Father is more than nasty and more than dirty, it's BLASPHEMY!!

Chapter 17, book of Revelations. Everybody always wants to get a bunch of spine tingly thrills over the book of Revelations. "Oh tell me what it all means." Well I'm going to tell you something that it means tonight and you're not going to like it. "And there came one of the seven angels and which had the seven vials, and talked with me saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth had committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication." Now what is it saying about this great whore? It says that she sits upon many waters. Listen to me carefully, by God's principle there is the river of life and by God's principle the waters are meant to flow out to us. We are meant to get fresh waters continually, the fresh inflowing of the Spirit Life, the fresh washing of the Spirit Life. We are meant to receive the fresh coming again and coming again and coming again and coming again of the rivers of Life.

But what does it say? It says that the great whore sitteth upon many waters. So what do you think the church system built by man is? It's many waters that are stagnated, it's many waters that are polluted, it's many waters that are infected and full of filth and defilement, full of excrement and human waste. And it says that the great whore is sitting upon those many waters. In other words, God's people, or those who would desire to be God's people, go into these whore houses called churches looking for something from God, yet because of the great whore in the Spirit dimension, who is reigning over those places, what do they get? Do they get pure, undefiled Spirit water? No! They get filthy, polluted, corrupted water. Amen. And then it says that she is sitting there like a queen, like a big whore, reigning and ruling over those waters. And why is she ruling over those waters? So that the souls of men will be poisoned. When you drink dirty water, when you drink defiled water, when you drink water that's got excrement, filth and all matter of disease in it, you die. And what is the great whore's plan but to kill God's people. To cause defilement and to cause death. It says that she sits upon many waters. She is sitting there like a big dam, and the pure waters of the Spirit cannot come in to nourish and cleanse God's people because they are being controlled by a huge demon power.

We can also see that this queen is a whorish spirit, for it says, "With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication." Worldliness! She plays the whore with the world, fornicating with the kings of the earth. Now, I'm going to give you some signs of the false church which is ruled by the great whore. Number one: You will find a corrupted rulership bringing forth polluted water, dirty water, filthy water, unclean water. Defiling, causing disease, causing sickness and death among those who drink it. Number two: A system that commits fornication with all the kings of the earth. In other words, a love affair with worldliness, lapping it up, sucking it up, putting it on, eating it, drinking it, looking at it, becoming one with it. Has she kept herself clean and undefiled for Jesus Christ our Lord? No, she's laid with everything. Fornication with the kings of this earth. Now you stop and think about what that fornication means. It means the taking in of the worldly spirit, the taking in of the ungodly spirit the taking in of the hellish spirit that brings death. So we see that the whore has got two points of death. Why does God despise the whore? Because she murders. She murders His children. It is nasty, ugly and evil when you really look at it. The whorish spirit that poses itself as the work of God.

Continuing on, "And the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication." The whorish spirit says it's OK to love this, it's OK to love that, it's OK to lay with this, it's OK to take part of that, it's OK, it's OK, it's OK, it's OK. And that is how the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk with the wine of her fornication. Her fornications are so tremendous and so great and so extensive that anybody who even drinks of what she is putting out becomes drunk on that fornication. The great religious whore is so mingled with the world, so defiled, so polluted, so corrupted, so wicked, so perverse that all who come in contact with her become drunk.

Then it says, "So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." It says her cup was full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Today General Jim was preaching a message and he was blasting away, through the power of the Holy Ghost, at the fornicating life that goes on in the average church in this hour and how the church has turned aside from loving Jesus Christ the Lord to loving everything that is of the world. And as he was teaching, his language got straight out and he was declaring it like it is. What the Lord was showing me is how for too long, too long, too long ministers have hidden the sins of the body of Christ, pretending they are not there. I've seen how ministers have hidden their own sins, how ministers have hidden the sins of the church, and they say everything is OK. They've put on a fake show, they've put on a fake face.

It says her cup was full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication!

In the old days when women used to dress Godly, when women used to dress like the bride that Christ desires, when women use to keep themselves unspotted from worldliness, the first thing you would notice as different between a chaste women and a whore was that the whore had herself all decked out. She would be decked out, painted up and ready to beguile anything that came along with a false face and a false image. The whore would be all done up in flashy attire, with all kinds of jewelry, all kinds of stones, all done up with gold and silver and just flashing those eyes, enticing those fools who happened to cross her path. Why? Because that was her game, that was her purpose, to entice, seduce, and cause death. Amen. This warfare is very graphic and much larger than we think.

We're living in a generation where even women who declare they love Jesus deck themselves out like harlots. They deck themselves out to beguile, to seduce, to bring into the web of death. You say, "Well I love Jesus." Well I say you dress like a whore, and you have the countenance of a whore, and you have the aura of a whore. It's because the precious and the vile have become so co-mingled, so mixed together that mingled seed has come forth. And today, if you don't look like the world, you're not accepted in the whore's church. If you don't dress like the world, if you don't act like the world, then you're not accepted. You're pushed off like some old person, you're pushed off like some prude, like some fanatic. Hey, let me tell you something about the word "prude". Everybody has made prude into a naughty word, into a bad word, into a derogatory phrase, but did you know that the word prude comes from the word prudence, which is a virtue? Prudence is a Christian virtue that we are suppose to gain. But ever since psychology came onto the scene, the cruelest insult that somebody can throw at you is that you are a "prude".

Going on here, we're going to take a closer look at the whore. It says she was arrayed with purple and scarlet and decked with gold and pearls and precious stones. Look at this luxury, look at all this abundance, look at all this blessing enjoyed by the church of today. False blessings! False blessings! Today's motto is: "Go for the gold, honey. Forget about God, go for the gold". Forget about God, forget about His standards. Forget about His righteousness and just strive for material prosperity. It's true, multitudes of Christians today are nothing but a bunch of greedy people. Money grabbers, lusting after prosperity. It tells us that she had a gold cup. It doesn't say she had a plastic tumbler, it doesn't say she had a mason jar, it doesn't say she had an old tin cup, it says she had a golden cup. And what was it full of? Abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

Continuing in verse 5, "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Now listen, you think there is nothing wrong with a little bit of the world? You think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of gold grabbing? You think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of flirtation with evil? Let's read on, and remember that this is the same woman who is so luxuriously attired with all that the world has to offer. "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints". In other words, she drinks their blood! She loves to see them die, she loves to see them cruelly punished, she loves to see them tortured, she loves to see the true ones put to death, she loves to see the true ones persecuted, she loves to see the true ones destroyed because then she drinks of their blood. It says it right there in black and white. It's not some ghost story I made up or some cannibal vampire scare tale. It's right there in the Book of Revelation. You read it, chapter 17. "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration." In other words, wow what is this thing? What is this power? It says the writer wondered with great admiration at this source of power. bas Listen, the whore has been a murderer from the beginning, and when we as Christians and believers copy ourselves after the whore, we become murderers also, because the blood of the saints is what we take in when we side with that spirit. We partake of her filthiness and abominations when we side with that violence, when we side with that worldliness, when we side with that fornication. You wonder why there are so many babies murdered in this generation? I'm going to tell you why? Because Satan has deceived women and he has taught them that it's no longer a noble thing to keep your virtue and it's no longer a noble thing to enter into a marriage covenant. He has taught them it's no longer a noble thing to be a mother and to keep the precious fruit of the womb. Now those things are despised, hated, scoffed and mocked and women, not only here but around the world, have become one with the great whore, the great murderess. The blood of millions of babies slaughtered, hacked to pieces, without even a chance to be redeemed, without even a chance to live, so that the mother can fornicate all the more fully. If that's not the work of Satan himself, if that's not the work of death and destruction, if that's not the work of the greatest deceit that the female species has ever swallowed, then I don't know what it is. It's the work of the whore!

And in this generation the whore has put out her enticement, she's put out her beguilement, she's put out her enticing array, and she's saying, "Look like me. Act like me, lay with me and you can drink blood too." Think about that women. Take a look at yourself. Go home, go where you can see a mirror and take a hard look at yourself. Who are you decked like, who are you arrayed like, who are you trying to deceive, who are you trying to bring into your nest? Who are you trying to bring under your spell? Who are you following? Jesus or the great whore? You say that you're a Christian. You say that you love Jesus Christ the Lord. What does Jesus's bride look like? It says she's pure, it says she's spotless, & she's undefiled. It doesn't say that she's decked herself out, it doesn't say she's got a cup full of fornication, it doesn't say that she's worried about her pearls and her gold and her silver and all of her paint. Ha! It doesn't say that at all. Something is deadly wrong. You are acting just like the whore and yet you're saying you love Jesus Christ. I wonder how much blood do you have on your hands?

When you go to your church do you keep your eyes upon Jesus Christ the Lord? Or do you look out and around the congregation, looking over to find someone whom you can look at, looking over to see who you might entice, looking over to see who might look at you and who might think you're something. You're something all right. You're following the whore and you're bringing forth death. You know it's about time, and I'm preaching to men as well as women, it's about time women girded up your loins like men and women of God. It's about time that they put back on the buckler, that they put up the shield of righteousness, that they girded themselves up and go forth proclaiming death to the whore and life in Jesus Christ the Lord. Godly women are meant to be life to the true body of Christ, life to the poor innocent children that are brought forth because of the filthiness, filthiness, filthiness of their mothers. Multitudes of children are brought forth unto death, brought forth to be mutilated and thrown in the garbage can at some hospital or clinic.

You know we need to stop and think about what we are doing. Women don't need to be mindless dupes let alone to go their own way. We don't need to think of ourselves like, "Oh I'm just a dumb broad, you know, a mindless woman. I just have to do what all the other women do." The truth is that you have to make your own choices, and you better walk it right with Jesus. You better keep yourself from filth, you better keep yourself from fornication, you better keep yourself in the righteousness of God. Amen! Another point that needs to be mentioned is that many men cause women to act out the part of the whore. They get their kicks from watching their women twitching around and acting like some prostitute. But they don't realize that the same woman is going to murder their baby. And when they face God in eternity and when they stand before the judgment seat of God, God is going to turn around on man in all his lustfulness and He's going to say, "Let me tell you something, depart from me because you've got blood on your hands. While you were so concerned with getting a hot piece of flesh, you caused the murder of an unborn child. You've caused the murder of an innocent one. You've not only caused one murder, but you've caused many murders! You've had your hot flesh and now you can burn forever". We better get down to the basics, we better get down to reality. We better get down to what's right and what's wrong again. Because we are all going to stand before God and many of us are going to be damned along with the whore. We are going to burn forever because we have chosen to take on her covering, we have chosen to take on her fornication. We have chosen to take on her lust, to take on her murder. If the shoe fits, wear it.

"And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns." It goes on here about the beast and the seven heads, the seven kings. Then it talks about the ten horns in verse twelve. "And the ten horns, which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." Now listen carefully, "These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them". Now listen, in this generation which we are living people are so quick to bow down to the power of the beast. They're so quick to bow down and lick the feet of the beast. Christians I'm talking about, so called believers in Christ Jesus, so called ones that are followers of the Lamb. They are so quick to come under the authority of the beast. They're so quick to bow down and worship the image of the beast so they won't have any troubles and they can continue in their fat, prosperous lifestyles. They're so quick to say, "Oh yes beast, you are god. Just let me have all the world has to offer."

It says these ten have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast, and that they shall make war with the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome them. I said if we stand in God, God stands, and we stand because He stands. I don't care how strong the beast is. I don't care how many kings are professing their authority. I don't care how it looks like the one world order is going to take over and the one beast mind is going to win out. If we stand in the Lamb, we prevail. Amen. For He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful. And we are tested in every one of those realms. We are called, we are chosen and faithful. God will test our hearts in every one of those realms to see if we are worthy of the Lamb.

Going on here we read, "And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate, and naked and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." Now what is the end of the whore? Does it say that she was swept off on some white horse to live happily ever after? Does it say that she is lifted up in glory? Does it say that she is marvelously crowned by Jesus Christ? No, no, NO! It says, "They shall make her desolate and naked." In other words, she is going to be exposed for what she is. And that is what is coming forth in this hour, the exposure of the whore. Do not be shocked when the whore is revealed. Do not be shocked when the skirts of filthiness are ripped off the church, when her abominations are displayed. Because it says they shall make her desolate and naked and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

So we see that the end of the whore is not glorious, the end of the whore is not marvelous, but the vengeance of the Lord is executed on the whore. The warning is this, know who's side you are on. Know who you are serving and what you are serving. You had better know who it is that you love. Do not be enticed and do not be beguiled, and do not be taken away from the righteousness of the All Mighty. Because the God that we serve, All Mighty Jehovah, is a God of Holiness, He's a God of righteousness, He's a God of power and glory. Amen! And Jesus Christ the Lord is coming back looking for His bride, and she's not going to be a defiled, filthy, fornicating, murdering whore. If you belong to the whorish system known as the church, and you've become defiled, this is the day to repent before God. This is the day to cry unto God and say, "God cleanse me of the abominations, of the fornication, of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit."

The end of the whore is destruction, and it's not just destruction in one form either. It says they eat her flesh and burn her with fire. That means it's going to be cruel, that means it's going to be hard, that means it's not going to be loving. because God hates sin. God despises abomination and God despises the whore. Be sure whose side you are on. Take a look at yourself, take a look at your actions, take a look at your motivations. Are you greedy for gain? Are you fornicating with the world? Are you committing all manner of adultery? Are you guilty of murder? Let the Holy Ghost search your heart.Let the fire of God burn you. Let yourself be revealed in His light and in His glory. We don't get by with our fornications, we don't get by with adultery, we don't get by with gold grabbing., we don't get by with murder, we just think we do. But in the end we are all accountable before God All Mighty. We will all answer for our deeds and be accountable for the Truth that has been delivered unto us. This is the hour of revolution against the filthy religious spirit that seeks to damn our souls. This is the hour to make WAR AGAINST THE WHORE!

Are you on the road of “Some Where” that leads to “No Where?” The church for the most part is in transition...transiting from the “Great Whore” to transgenderism – the Dylan Mulvaney type! Time to REBEL against HELL!!!


Real Lies.jpg

Delusions and Illusions

By: Gen. Jim -- April 2024


Delusion: a persistent false psychotic belief; delusional;

Illusion: a mistake idea; misconception

“A serious casualty of our time that defies comprehension is the death of truth,” writes a Christian educator. Of late I have been accused of being out-of-step with the changing times – by still believing in the (archaic) Bible. While it it true that some things have changed over the centuries concerning atheist Israel. New Israel, i.e. born again believers (in Christ Jesus), live under the substance not the shadow.

Principles of God that have found their fulfillment in a “Spirit” people as opposed to the “law” only.

Malachi 3:6 tells us, “For I am the LORD, I do not change…” The same LORD GOD as the Old Testament is the same in the New Testament. His character – Holy and Righteous – has not changed. So, why are we, His New Testament covenant people, supposed to believe He has changed as to accommodate the changing times?

If He said certain actions/thoughts were “sin” in both O.T./N.T. what right do we have to correct God? The world expects this of us and the liberal church is doing this.

We have educated ourselves into imbecility! Take a good, long look at the world. What do we see? Modern man/woman of the world is confessing that the world is more divided now than ever. Many of the world and church is bemoaning the “delusions” and “illusions” they have believed to be true but are not true.

Phantasmagoric! Incredulous as it may be, people are still willing to live and die a lie! The trajectory is certain – “death of truth.” But too many won’t give up their idyllic D/I for reality: Realize – Real Eyes – Real Lies. Even in the face of disillusionment, men/women still will justify it… even to their death.

Our current national malaise – DIVISION – was prophesied about years ago by General Deborah Green. The Spirit spoke thru her and said that the US of A would be DIVIDED, hence, coldness towards one another (see/hear the “Ship-rock” prophecy).

What looms is a “disconnected” nation with aberrant behavior OUT OF STEP WITH GOD!!! … A nation that is miserable as HELL yet refuses to grab hold of HEAVEN.

The democRATic party lives in the delusion/illusion paradise...that their party is – IS! -- the SAVIOR OF America. They falsely believe they are RIGHT when they are soooo WRONG. They will fight to the death to maintain their “idyllic D/I.” There are some in their party that REALIZE they are supporting REAL LIES...seeing the truth-of-the-matters with REAL EYES but too fearful to speak out.

People live in FEAR and DREAD everyday. Where can they escape a “shooter?” No one is safe, yet, for most, they crave their own way, their freedom, all the while being a prisoner to themselves. One psychologist wrote: “It is not unprecedented that as a young nation begins to reach its adolescent years, it craves freedom from any restrain and, in psychological terms, seeks to repudiate its father.”

This America had done and is doing – seeking a “better” life (that is fraught with delusions and illusions). America, as I write, is at WAR with Biblical Truth, hoping to forge a new breed of iconoclastic/YouTube/Facebook etc! Gods and goddesses, which combine linguistic/idiosyncrasies/apocalyptic/trickeries, delusion and illusions as a New World Avant-Garde… to END the silly nation that man is suppose to abide by God’s moral/ethical/eternal laws that govern man’s behavior. This humanistic machination looms over our nation as I write. The principle means to accomplish this is to take CONTROL of America’s thought life (if I can use an outdated term here): BRAINWASHING: Nomenclature – the science and art of presentation. You know, if this nation wants delusions, God will comply. Second Thessalonians chapter 2 talks about, “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For that Day will not come (the coming of Christ) unless a falling away comes first…” (2:3). Paul goes on to write: “Therefore God will send them (ones who reject truth) a strong delusion, so that they should believe the lie that they all might be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (v.11, 12).

You, see, God IS supreme over all nations of this world (Psalms 47:8). He is all knowing (Psalms 33:13-15). He loves the righteous and hates the violent.

One BIG illusion/delusion under which modern man lives is that god loves unconditionally – no repentance required to be accepted into His kingdom. Sorry, not true. By denying Biblical truth, men have created a “delusional” God. The Bible is man’s point of reference by which we test veracity.

“Truth” is truth only if you believe it to be truth, as the saying now goes. “Truth” is now vacuously used as truth; inane, empty, blank, and stupid. Has America been turned over to a reprobate mind, a strong delusion?...that does not REALIZE her rabid condition, refuses to see thru REAL EYES of the Spirit, & I believe will continue to endorse & promote REAL LIES & “woke” LIARS that make up the larger percent of the democRATic party.



"Perverted Persons”

By: Gen. Jim -- 2/12/24

The politically correct, liberal, woke, church of America is making a mockery of God and His Word. “How? You say.” By allowing practicing sex perverts to be part of their congregations, even promoting them to positions of authority etc. Today’s RECREANT church is an ABOMINATION unto God, His Word, and His TRUE ONES. This faithless, disloyal, apostate thing calling itself “Christian” is in truth CHRIST-LESS!!!

You ask, “Isn’t the church supposed to be open to sinners?” You bet. But the ONLY WAY to become a true Christian is to REPENT of one’s sins, not merely joining a church. The Bible lays out for us the way to become a Christian (see our site on how to get saved).

Way back in the 1970’s we (my wife and I) stood against the LGBTQ movement, not because we hated those “victims” trapped in that “DEATH STYLE,” but contrary we desired, prayed for them to TURN or BURN!

I have literally written hundreds of articles/teachings on video/CDs/DVDs, on this subject. I’ve done my homework. Since John the Baptist, Jesus Himself, and all the NT. authors taught against sex-sins, be they heterosexual or homo, this should concern any and all who are of that death-style. There is not a single Scripture in the OT./NT. where sex-sins esp. homosexuality/lesbianism et al. are condoned, honored, even praised/celebrated. This should tell us something. But all this is PUSHED ASIDE as “old school,” “outmoded,” “abrogated” blah, blah, blah. But I’m yet to find any pervert – male/female/trans – to give me Scripture to back up their claim that God loves them in their PERVERSIONS/ABOMINATIONS. Oh, many have tried to instruct me on morals and ethics (see my “Gay Way” series for them vs. the Word of God.).

They claim that the Jewish Holiness code (Levitius 18) does not apply to today's church. And they breakout in a cold sweat trying to disprove all those NT. texts that condemn homo/lesbian activities (starting in Romans chapter 1 – Revelation).

Before I put forth those OT. texts, e.g. 1 Kings 14:24; Deuteronomy 9:4, 5; 20:18; 23:17 etc. let me quote from Paul’s epistle to the Corinthians: “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be DECEIVED. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites… will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9 NKJV).

This, my friend is NT., which is rooted and grounded in the OT. What Paul wrote is backed up by Scripture, plus he wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost (2 Timothy 13:16, 17).

Paul did not stop with “thou shalt not” negatives, but follows up with, “And such WERE (past tense) some of you. But you WERE washed… sanctified… justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God,” (I Corinthians 6:11). What does that tell us? Did Paul give an invitation to join his church… bringing their sex-sins with them? No! But why do these PC/woke? liberal churches do it? “Come as you are, stay as you are, God loves you!” Really? Yes, God loves the sinner but not their sins. Period. You are invited but not your previous death-style. TURN from it and be saved.

Paul does not stop with v. 9 and 11, oh, no, he mentions “sexual immorality” in vss.13, 18 (twice), and he mentions it in 7:2. Do you think he didn’t mean what he penned? Look up all those texts on sexual immorality. Look up the meaning in the Hebrew/Greek et al. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! None! Either we TURN from our sins by heart repentance or we play church harlot (v.15). This goes for the heterosexuals as well. (Read Jude 7 where Jude also mentions sexual immorality/strange (queer) flesh, which brought the vengeance of eternal fire upon the perverts of Sodom and Gomorrah. He calls the sinful, sensual persons (v.19), i.e. soulish or worldly, not godly!

Our Text:

1 Kings 14:22-24: verse 24 mentions “perverted persons,” (NKJV). The Amplified Bible has “sodomites” (i.e. male cult prostitutes).

I have gone over these verses before but one more time won’t hurt.

Just ponder the exegesis of v. 22-24. We’ll find the words abomination/evil/perverted. Do these 3 words sound like what our Holy God would “celebrate?” Yet today’s recreant church celebrates them.

There are nuances to the words pervert, perverted, perverteth, and perverting in both Hebrew and Greek. The words “perverts” and “sodomites” are exchangeable. The KJV (footnote 1 Kings 14:24) reads: “Cultic prostitution involving both sexes was carried on at the Canaanite religious shrines. These DEBASED practices become a stumbling block to Israel's spiritual experience. They would contribute to God’s judgment of Judah” (see 2 Chronicles 12:1, 2, etc.).

The Jews had built high places, and images (phallic?), and groves, 1 Kings 14:23. (See Jude 3:6, 7/1 Kings 3:2, 3, footnotes, KJV).

Clarke’s commentary and critical notes (ref. 1 Kings 14:24) reads: “There were also sodomites in the land,” “kedeshim,” consecrated persons; persons who had devoted themselves, in practices of the great impurity, the service of the most impure idols.”

Do you think that non-religious sodomites were any worse off than the devoted ones? Sodomy is sodomy!

There were prostitutes of either sex within the temple in the service of the deity (see the Aphrodite Phoenician cults). Research tells me that there were 3 types of “sacred” prostitutes, 2 were belonging to the temples: the “qadishtu” (i.e. Hebrew word is “qedheshah” or as in 1 Kings 14:24, the male “qadhesh and the “ishtaritu,” i.e. a woman joined to the cult of Ishtar.

From Amos to Ezekiel the prophets uniformly and vigorously condemned these SINFUL practices. Yet, today, here in USA la la land we have whole church denominations et al. devoted to what God calls an ABOMINATION.

Pure Rebellion!

After Israel's exile there was no need for condemnation, since the worship was free from sexual ritualism. This does not mean that sexual perverts did not exist.

The reason (at least one of them) God drove out the pagan tribes for the sake of His people, He did not want His people contaminated. Look how this sex-sin has spread since the wink and nod of the US government/recreant church agreed on same-sex unions. This then went to the next level (towards HELL!) to same-sex marriages. This downward trend is still going on, the “trans” issue is now the “idol” to be worshiped will baby sex be next? Will this nation become like unto Sodom and Gomorrah, 1,000 times worse? Can we say YES?!

This sexual perversion is a plague, an evil contagion: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good,” Paul wrote (Romans 12:21). The good is abstaining from evil. Duh!

We don’t need to wear masks (COVID), we need to STOP immoral sexing, killing (abortion). Sadly, America has been dragged into the filthy gutter to fight Him.

The whole pernicious movement of the LGBTQ plus is killing souls and bodies. The abominations of the Canaanites (sex-sins, occultism, murder etc.) was not eradicated by Israel (as God commanded); they were assimilated.

Now we have “ministers of God” (ad nauseam) claiming to be our social and spiritual mentors for a new age. Please read Psalms 1:1. Ungodliness may not wear the garb of wickedness. It may observe the social decencies. It simply leaves God of the Bible out of consideration, bringing in the god of this world, Satan.

Today’s church and state has taken down the “No Trespassing” signs (with little exceptions). Now America walks in the vulgar and profane counsel of the Ungodly: serpentine, shameless, satanic, sick, sardonic, sinister, spiteful, immersed in the swamp of Gay Pride, prejudice, bigotry, and self-indulgence.

Since Amerika has walked in the counsel of the Ungodly, the next step downward into the slime of the swamp of moral/ethical deterioration is to sit our red, white, and blue butts “in the seat of the scornful” (Psalms 1:1). Oh, now this current generation of PERVERTS love to SCORN what is right and good. They SCORN the old way, i.e. the godly way. Just listen to their rants and chants. The seat of godliness is scorned as outdated, harsh, cruel and unloving. They flippantly chant “Let conscience be your guide,” then, as one sane person wrote, “and then wheedles it into a pettifogging attorney for the defense of his/her desires.”

So, my dear readers, am I lying that Amerika has surrendered to the counsel of the ungodly (esp. the Politics), to the way of sinners to the seat of the scornful, i.e. the way to conformity with the world. Every sin mentioned in the Bible is found in these 50 states of America. Did I forget something?

We now turn to Deuteronomy 9:4 where the WHY is found for the driving out the pagan nations of Canaan: “… it is because of the WICKEDNESS.” Verse 5 repeats it again. And we know a part of that WICKEDNESS was sex-sins, especially homosexuality and lesbianism. (See also Leviticus 18:3-30. Both homo/hetro sex-sins are made mention of including sex with animals!)

Furthermore, the Lord's warnings and instruction continued in Deuteronomy 20:17: “You shall UTTERLY DESTROY them” (the wicked). I did a research study article years ago called “Divine Genocide.” This command (by God) does not set well with all the liberal bleeding hearts that believe God Himself sinned in giving this “cruel” command. Verse 17 mentions by name the wicked nations – given totally/wholly to unrighteousness. The reason was simple: “That they teach you (Israel) to do after ALL their ABOMINATIONS, which they have done unto their gods (i.e. demons); so should ye sin against the LORD your God” (Deuteronomy 20:18).

The words “utterly destroy” translate the Hebrew verb “hrm,” a special term used in the institution of holy war. True, this is hard to comprehend (humanly speaking), nevertheless this is part of God’s love character. Do not nations operate in the same way? Death penalties etc., life imprisonment. We say, “They deserve to die!” In regards to child perverts et al. In wars such cruel things happen without much thought, for war is war.

What do we think of Exodus 15:3? “The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is His name…” (See Psalms 68:4; Deuteronomy 31:35; Isaiah 47:4; Jeremiah 10:16). (See Strong’s Concordance #3050 (Hebrew) for the name of the LORD = Yahh or Jah = the sacred name: Jah, the Lord, Most vehement, from 3068, yehovah = (the) self-Existent or Eternal.

So, Jah/Yah is a WARRIOR! He is presented here as a military metaphor, who are we to complain how the LORD/Lord operates? Are we His counselor? God’s holy nature consists of both love and hate. The law of “holy war” was a special institution of early Israel before the monarchy (see Deuteronomy 1:19-33; 3:18-22; 7:1-26; 20:1-20; 21:10-14; 23:9-14; 24:5; 25:17-19; 31:3-8 et al). God was and is the LORD/Lord of history: good, bad and ugly.

All one has to do, as I did in our “Wrath of God” series, is research those many Bible texts which highlight His severity in righteousness WRATH, FURY and INDIGNATION, his jealousy over His people and kingdom. Wars exist because of human sin. What would happen to this nation if there were no laws against law breakers? Would you not be disturbed? You liberals who want to disband the police are courting disaster for sure. And you dumb dumbs that want to empty out prisons or have no prisons are courting disaster.

And all you sex-crazed perverts that want all laws rescinded against, you need to be put in a mental ward… for the sake of the welfare of the nation.

God’s command to utterly destroy the wicked in Canaan was rooted and grounded in His Holy nature.

Deuteronomy 23:17 we find the words “perverted one,” as well in 2 Kings 23:7, “perverted persons.” Here the reform of Josiah was outstanding (read chapter 23). He attacked all the places of SIN, of idolatry/abomination. Verse 26 we find the words, “fierceness of His great wrath, which His anger was aroused against Judah, because of all the provocations.” You see, God’s holy nature demands ACTION-to-REVOLUTION! He vent His anger on both His sinning people and upon the pagan nations!

Do we honestly believe He has grown old and senile, soft on sin? HA! Better snap out of your stupor you stupid! What do yo think we have going on here in Amerika? God told us years ago that this nation wanted sin, therefore He would cram it down our throats till we vomit. Can we deny the vomitous atmosphere that hovers over this nation daily. We’ve become a SIN SICK CURSED nation of abomination.

We have a choice: God has set before us life and death, blessing and cursing (Deuteronomy 30:19). It is obvious this nation has chosen death and cursing, hence, we’ve become a horrid STINK unto our righteous God. We have chose to celebrate with the “perverted ones” of the LGBTQ plus camp. We have chose to MURDER our pre-born. We have chose to act like devils (with exceptions: there are some, as we here, that choose life and blessing).

Final Word

The texts we’ve looked at, “perverted one(s)” tells us much about their character and condition, (both God’s people and the pagan nations). Are we not witness to the PERVERSIONS in both church and state here in the United States of Amerika? Nothing less than a Holy Revolution will cure us: the solution to the sin pollution is Bloody Revolution! The Blood of Jesus cleanses us of all sin. America, like ancient Israel, has become VAIN in it’s imaginations concerning God and His laws. This nation proudly blasphemes His name daily, the worship of sex is totally out of control. We dishonor God by honoring “perverted persons.”

Honestly, do you think we can go on and on in our rebellion? We have BAD actors in this nation right now ready and willing to steal, kill and destroy! There is MUCH trouble ahead if we do not repent and return to sanity.

The LORD spoke thru the prophet Hosea these words: I will not punish your daughters when they turn to prostitution, nor your daughter-in-law when they commit adultery, because the men themselves consort with the harlots and sacrifice with shrine prostitutes – a people without understanding will come to ruin” (Hosea 4:14 NIV). Here we see the mercy of God extended. Read v.1-13. Verse 12 says “A spirit of prostitution leads them (Israel) astray.” Chapter 5:4 says, “A spirit of prostitution is in their heart,” demon if you will!

Persistent sin can and does make repentance impossible (see Jeremiah 13:23, see also John 8:34 and Romans 6:6, 16).

Jeremiah said of Judah’s sin that it was engraved with an iron tool (NIV – 17:1). Another version read “The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron; with the point of a diamond it is engraved on the tablet of their heart…” (NKJV). Israel's heart was so hard it took a diamond point to write upon it! One of the hardest stones known (see Ezekiel 3:9; Zechariah 7:12.).

God told Ezekiel that He would make his head hard as flint because Israel's heart/head was obstinate. So it is today, God has made our (my wife and me) foreheads hard as flint for the job we’ve had to do in proclaiming His judgments (see our Words of the Spirit booklets/DVDs etc.) We’ve had demons out of HELL trying to STOP us in God’s proclamations against sins of every sort. We’ve been severely persecuted, prosecuted, assaulted, slandered, hated, hunted and hounded for our diamond stand against the “spirit” of this age.

We’ve had property stolen and destroyed. We’ve had SWAT raids and DA lies made up against us. We’ve had children taken away (kidnapped) even one grown man who was held against his will by one top “Cult deprogramming” in the US (at least he at that time was deemed so). We’ve had guns put to our heads, shot at, hoped to be killed. But, my dear friends we are still here and have not bowed to the queer. We pray for these “perverted persons” that they will surrender their lives to Christ.