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                                           RE: LETTER TO ABQ FREE PRESS

Dear ABQ Free Press editor, Dan Vukelich, and contributor, Andy Beale:

Gentlemen, hello:

     I write you regarding Andy’s news article of Sept 23, 2015, “Meet the Man Who Tracks Hate". Perhaps I missed your paper’s section for “Letters To The Editor” which this letter could be filed under ... if it exists.

     I wish to opine specifically to Andy referencing your readers to Mark Potok’s listing of the Aggressive Christianity (Missions Training Corps) here in New Mexico, supposedly as an “identified hate group”.

     But first, I wish to thank Mr. Beale, and you, Mr. Vukelich, for the free advertising you gave us. (Yes, I am the video editor of this “hate group”. I recently moved from Seattle to join and help in any way this “hate group”. I am a retired UPS Driver, by profession, and also a freelance street preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.)

     Briefly I will address two points: 1) The hypocrisy of the SPLC, and Mark Potok’s affiliation and funding by THE biggest and longest-time “hate group" of all recorded history of Earth’s humanity, and 2) to set the record straight correcting Mark Potok’s propaganda lies to smear Aggressive Christianity’s beliefs and free-speech activities which are the quintessentials of love for ALL of humanity, including love for Mark Potok and his “hate group” SPLC, and its parents, the Zionists of Khazar.

     As I just stated, the Khazarian Mafia-Zionist “Jews” are the real hate group hypocritically pointing their hate fingers at others. If you are unaware of this fact, just google “khazarian mafia”, “Zionist cabal", and “Jewish world domination" for starters. Jim Green, “The General”, has received SPLC for years, and can articulate more fully the innumerable examples of hatred coming from its pages than can I. Ironically the SPLC began the same year (1971) that Jim Green and Deborah were converted to Jesus Christ from being aggressive antichrist anarchist hippies.

      Mark Potok should place his own face and name, and the entire staff of SPLC, with those “faces of intolerance" he published on page 20 of Summer2015 // Issue 158.

     Mark and his handlers are the real “anti-semites” and intolerant ones and RACISTS against all Goyim which Mark’s ilk deem to be comparable to cattle and slaves who are only to be “tolerated” or “allowed” to live in their new world order.

     Your readers may also like to know of the “Protocols of Zion”, and the 45 Communist Goals entered into the congressional record in 1963 in which they ATTACK the USA and its “Christian" culture.

     Now, in regards to the other point: the propaganda and hatred towards Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps...:

     Our mission is NOT hate, but love via evangelism with the gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL peoples regardless of ethnicity, race, color, sexual orientation and religion/politic views.

     Jesus/God has commissioned us (and ALL true disciples of His) to show sinners God’s love — in that true love warns, rebukes and exposes sin in sinners (which message Mark Potok labels “identifiable hate") so sinners alienated from the Holy God and Creator of all can have the opportunity to repent (OMG — there’s that evil, hateful and intolerant word “emblazoned” on our booth banner at the Gallup Native American Market) and be saved from impending wrath. We are merely His ambassadors and preachers of His decrees and laws and His “good news" offer of forgiveness and reconciliation. But to truth-haters and Jesus-haters, we are falsely accused and labeled (slandered) as being evil and a “hate group.”

     Since when is it illegal and evil to hate evil, Mr. Vukelich and Mr. Beale? God hates evil and evil doers. Why not mention the hatred and intolerance of the LGBTQ terrorists against Christians and our American culture, and why not mention this same group’s purposely spreading their AIDS to the public, which is premeditated murder? God says certain behavior is evil and is NOT to be tolerated and [is] to be hated by society. To “tolerate” evil in society is to hate that society.

     Jesus said those who are righteous and speak out against unrighteousness, evil, and sinners will be hated just like the same hated Him. Google “Abe Finkelstein interview by pastor John Winstrom”.

     We do make the distinction between the ordinary household orthodox Jews who are at GREAT odds with and expose the Zionist “jews” who have stolen their past and are sullying their name, culture and post Roman Empire history by their (Zionists’) racist genocidal hatred of ALL Goyim.

     Finally, we offer to you and your readers FREE literature and digital media explaining and exposing topics common to today’s daily headlines ... giving the readers God’s Words on these important topics: e.g., homosexuals, communism, Zionism, apostate Christianity, Islam, the old world order (i.e., the NWO), and even geoengineering (e.g., Chemtrails).

     We even agree with personalities such as Pamela Geller, who is a mole for the Mossad. After all, who in their right mind would NOT agree with Pamela’s decrying the abuse, murder and hatred of radical Muslims/ISIS against women AND children — Christians as well as Muslims? But Mark Potok labels her a “face of intolerance”? It doesn’t matter that Pamela is a Jewess “hating” Muslim terrorists, does it?

     No, Mark Potok and his kind are the true face of intolerance, and his SPLC is the identifiable hate group, hating truth tellers, whistle blowers, and any who dare criticize, expose, or rebuke the Zionists.

     We would be pleased and look forward to discussing/debating these truths and topics with your readers in the future. Controversy and political INcorrectness is good for your type of business, is it not?

 Sincerely yours, Stephanos Revolution

 ACMTC Staff Sergeant, Media Communications Dept.

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The Sign of HATE 1.jpg



 -General James Green- (2016)

MISSION” and “Missions” are at the edge of the Christian's life and are inhérent in the very heart of the Ekklesia.

By "Christian" I mean those born again, Spirit-filled, obedient ones who have, and are, separated from the world in mind, and will; dedicated, consecrated...SOLD OUT to do the will of God in/on earth. Now that little description separates the real from the false.

If I use the word "Church" or "church" I do not mean this sick inane mess we know as the contemporary Church that pretends to be God's Army. NO! The real Church/church is God's Ekklesia (Gk. called out ones...from the world). So, let me settle it with my readers that I DO NOT believe that this inane thing is anything but men's invention. The word "inane" comes from Latin "inanis"-empty,

foolish, senseless, silly, absurd, void of intelligence, shallow, pointless, asinine, ridiculous, dumb, stupid, idiotic, fatuous, etc., etc.

Now that I've made myself clear, when I use the word "Church" (Catholic / universal) or “church” (any local gathering of God's true people), I will distinguish them by using "worldly Church/church." Mostly I'll just use the words "Army of God.".

Mission Possible or Impossible?

IS IT POSSIBLE to account for the Church's worldwide penetration and (slow) growth without focusing on her sense of mission? We who have labored at the task of "Taking Jesus To All The World" (Matt. 28:19), know that we have slowly but surely penetrated the nations of this present world with the (Pure) Gospel (for the unsaved / pagan) and with the overcoming message-dominion, discipline, deliverance, = warfare for the (genuinely) saved.

On the other hand, the Worldly Church (WC) has successfully spread, with haste, her denominationalism, delusions, and damnations.

The main difference between the True Church (TC) and the Worldly Church (WC) is numbers and money. The True Church's Mission has been, and will forever be, to please the Lord Jesus...to carry forward that which “Jesus began both to do and teach." (Acts, 1:1), in the power of the Holy Spirit/Ghost (Lk. 4:1,18), not in the power of man or men.

Where is the miracle-working power of the WC today? Absent! Where is the Spirit's guidance? Absent! Where is the obedience? Absent! Yet when we read Luke's inspired writings (esp. Acts), Luke provides us with: (a) a definitive pattern of the activity of the Holy Spirit to be followed during the entire Church age. Do we witness this among the WC? Not much. Entertainments and money grabbing have replaced the miracle-working-power of the Holy Ghost; (b) data for developing a doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and (c) revelation concerning how the ministry of the Holy Spirit must relate to the lives of the believers in Christ. Note, if you will, specifically two elements in the book of Acts that are theologically and practically normative: 1) the baptism in or a filling (up) with the Holy Spirit as God's promise for ALL believers (see Acts 2:39, cf. 1;5, 8; 2:4, 4:8, 31, 8:15-17; 9:17; 10:44-46; 13:9, 52; 15:8; 19:1-6. Most denominations of today either quench or deny the Holy Spirit. Some literally hate Him; 2) the numerous "acts" of the Holy Spirit that provided the church/Church with the standards righteousness, which are in part or totally missing today. Witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit is terribly lame or entirely lacking today. All this BIG SHOW stuff in churchianity today is not the Holy Spirit, but works of the flesh (e.g. demons!): you turn off the power and where, oh where is the BIG PRAISE?, the light shows?, the mesmerizing preaching? GONE!

Back to my question: "Is it possible to account for the Church's worldwide penetration and growth without focusing on her sense of mission?" Yes and no. No, if you mean the true Army of God, the Ekklesia. Yes, if you mean churchianity. The Contemporary Church (CC) can penetrate and grow without focusing much on her sense of mission. Remember, money and men are the worldly Church's goal-not discipleship. But the Army of God (AOG) has discipleship in mind, e.g., "building strong Christian soldiers."

Get Real, People!

STOP PLAYING AND GET TO PRAYING—there is a war on. Although we may think theologically, we also must match that with ACTING evangelistically. No ivory-tower theatrics in this Army. If we teach and preach, we must practice.

Stop finding ways to disbelieve God's Written Word, for there is something there to instruct and to stimulate everyone who gets serious with his / her Christianity.

I write on misology at an opportune time; Islam, Communism / Socialism, and dozens and dozens of other nefarious "isms" are pounding away against Christianity with their acrimonious words and deeds. Few are the brave that will stand up these days for Jesus without compromise.


THEY ARE THE OBJECT of God's, and our, mission (Jn. 3:16). Men and women, boys and girls, are not an abstraction, they are souls in need of salvation/redemption. Therefore, it is indisputable that mission are characterized by God's longing for the lost to be saved, for God's Word tells us in 2 Peter 3:9 that the Lord is "not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance." Also, in the book of Acts 17:30 we find this: "And the times of this ignorance (vv. 16-29) God winked; but now COMMANDETH all men everywhere to REPENT,” (see also Rom. 3:25). To shorten this writing, not giving a long study on "repent" and "repentance," let me just give you the Greek definitions here:


"matanoeo" [Strong's #3340]

This term is the one most commonly translated in the New Testament as "repentance” and literally means "to change one's mind or purpose, to repent.” From this same root comes the noun "metanoia". “after-thought, repentance” (Liddell, 503). This is a reversal of thinking. You see yourself differently: as fallen and corrupt.

"metamelomi” [Strong's #3338]

This term carries a more emotional implication and literally means, "to feel repentance, to rue, regret.' In four of the five New Testament occurrences, the ESV translates it as “change(d) his /their mind(s)." From this same root comes the noun "metamelos”: “repentance, regret" (Liddell, 503).

"epistrepho" [Strong's #1994]

Although never translated as "repentance", this word furthers the understanding of God's clear command for a change of mind, a heartfelt sorrow for sin, and a turning from sin. It means "to turn about, turn round; to return; to run towards; to correct, make to repent; to turn oneself round, turn about; constantly turning" (Liddell, 302). This is a change of the will. This is decidedly turning from sin and the ways of sin to follow the ways of Christ.

Army Church

OUR TASK IS therefore reduced to the question: "What is the essential character of the Army Church in the New Testament (N.T.)? Briefly I want to mention four characteristics:

1) People of God, or God's people as we see in 1 Peter 2:9-10, are described thus: "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy." Note please how "people" is used. In v. 9, three nouns with similar meaning are used: “race” (Gk: genos = a particular people); “nation”

Gk. = ethnos-understood not so much politically and geographically as culturally and sociologically; hence, a group people); and "people" (Gk. laos in the Biblical context it is used with reference to a specific people in contrast to the other peoples of the earth). We find "laos" repeated twice in v. 10, and is used in Biblical thought to distinguish God's own people from the world's. So, this particular use of "laos" is carried over from the Hebrew concept of "lam"; the noun used in the O.T. to distinguish Israel from the "goyim", or the Gentile nations.

(See Acts 26:18/ Hos.1:9-10; 2:23)

Peter uses 3O.T. passages (Ex. 19:5; Isa. 43:20, and 61:6) to point out for us how God's plan for salvation / redemption of the world was not frustrated by the failure of ancient Israel, and that a new Ekklesia/community/cult was founded by and around Jesus the Christ, whom God has made the principal Comerstone in the construction of His new "living" temple (cf. v. 5), and who has taken the place and inherited the honors and names of old social Israel hence, the Ekklesia Army/community has become the NEW Israel, and God's plan of salvation is being fulfilled in and through her missionary endeavor.

So the fact that the N.T. Ekklesia has taken racial Israel's place is indicative of her election in Christ—"a Chosen race", made up of both saved / redeemed Gentiles and Jews (see 1 Peter 2:10).

Let it be known that New Israel is God's sovereign will and work. We can say as the writer of Hebrews (11:13) says, we are a pilgrim community, whose builder and maker is God (Heb. 11:10). We can also rightly say that we are an eschatological community on the go. Therefore, dear readers, we cannot give absolute commitment to the state (USA); to any political, ideological, economic or cultural distinctives, as sooooo many do today. This means and I'm sure some will call me a "FANATIC"”—that we do not live from or for ourselves, but from and for the sovereignty of our crucified-risen-glorified cult leader, Jesus Christ the Lord our Commander-in-Chief over His Ekklesia Army.

Body of Christ

2) The Church is understood in Scripture as "the body of Christ," a metaphor expressing the spiritual and functional reality of the universal Church (Catholic). (Universal Church = Catholic Church)

The Catholicity of this spiritual body has a sociological dimension that now includes other colors/ nationalities, not just Jews (1 Cor. 12:12; Eph. 4:4, 12, 16).

Temple of the Holy Spirit

3) In 1 Corinthians 6:15 Paul speaks of Corinthian believers as members of Christ and in 6:19 affirms that they are the temple of the Holy Spirit (see also Eph. 2:14-22; 4:16; 1 Cor. 3:9~16):


4) The Church (consisting of Christian soldiers-2 Tim. 2:1-4) is also institutional. By this I mean it has adopted (over a period of time, which I will later discuss) certain specific functions, rites, roles, goals, doctrines, etc. Sadly, the Church over the centuries has adopted some bad things, especially over the last hundred years-today the Church has become split between "Churchianity" and "Biblical Christianity." I've written numerous articles on this already (see our Recreant Philosophers, Stinking Rotting Corpse, and Clowning Around booklets).

We here at ACMTC decry the authority of the false (backslid, apostate) Church, which is now what the world sees as THE Church, the genuine Church. Never the less, both grow together in the world, one bringing forth false fruit, the other real.

Before we pass on to part two whereby I will cover the concept (false) of partial and absolute universalism, let me deal more with the Church as an institution.

Traditionally, the letters in the N.T. are divided into two groups:

1) The Pauline epistles and the Catholic epistles (not Roman Catholic). The latter we call "Catholic" because the letters are addressed to the Church in general rather than to a particular congregation or individual. In all these we find the Church Army on the way to becoming an "institution."

2) From the call of John and Jesus to REPENT to well after their deaths, we see the emerging institutional Church the Holy Spirit guiding. By "institutional," I do not mean "denominational," this came much later of course.

Roughly around A.D. 100 -140, the Christian movement is approaching new challenges and problems (the delay of the "parousia” being one), new difficulties and needs were developing.


With that, the movement-the movement had settled down to the task of being the Church Army in the world, fighting the good fight of faith, contending for the faith, and rescuing the perishing and the erring.

As time passed the "parousia" was no longer immediately expected, the soldiers of Christ were learning to adjust to the destruction of Jerusalem and their Temple, and relations with Judaism and the Roman Empire.

The Church therefore developed its own institutions, outside of Judaism, in order to spread the "Good News" and raise up solid Christian disciples/ soldiers...in the world. This naturally demanded some sort of an organizational structure, a decision-making apparatus, and a "definition of the function of its soldiers and officers.” This resuscitated the establishment of a creed, a canon, and an organized ministry. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit would overshadow all this. We must admit that *religious* man can ruin things, establishing and erecting things that are not ordained by God nor for His glory, but for man's benefit and glory. We certainly see this in today's worldly Church—it is actually more "goat” than “sheep.”


SOME CHRISTIAN LITERATURE of this period did not find a place in the final canon of the New Testament: a letter written by Clement, bishop of Rome, to the Church at Corinth; letters written by Ignatius, 'bishop of Antioch, to various Churches as he was on his way to martyrdom in Rome; and the Didache ("Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles by the Twelve Apostles”), a Church order from Syria. In addition, some Christians of this period were being influenced by a growing Gnostic movement still in contact with Judaism.

In the era of the "emerging church" (to be distinguished from today's, "Emergent Church"), it was faced with a threat from within, just as we are today. Then it was the growing influence of Gnosticism, today it is sheer backsliding and apostasy whereby the churchites openly Rebel like Hell, having become reprobate in word and in deed...even accepting and ordaining practicing homosexuals and performing same-sex marriages, hence, an ABOMINATION!!

Frankly, I personally see no recovery for today's worldly Church, I only see a need for those who have not become spiritual whores to GET OUT! So, the call to "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE" is sounding loud and clear-and I for one have exited Babylon years ago.

God is still going to have a real and pure people, a people out of a people out of a people.


The Army of God and Its Mission Part 2


DIRECTOR of the Institute of in-depth Evangelism, B.A., M.A., and M. Div., was quoted as saying: "History and Eschatology: However, one must not lose sight of the Biblical tension between the "now" and the "not yet” of the kingdom. On the one hand, the kingdom materializes in the concrete historical struggles of liberation. On the other, "the horizon must be kept open, toward the ultimate and definite Kingdom."

With the above statement, let us examine his "now" and the "not yet" aspect in Scripture. mentioned beforehand the "partial" aspect of God's Kingdom in other writings as opposed to what many now teach, the "allness" of salvation.

For awhile these two divided camps agree on many things, the division between only the repentant is included in the Kingdom of God (KÓG) versus the all will eventually be saved/included, e.g., "universalism" salvation or the call to ALL is certainly Scripture, e.g., salvation as an offer to ALL men, yet, the Bible teaches, IS NOT appropriated automatically but there's an act of faith, repentance of sin, belief in Christ Jesus - and ALL those who do not respond in the above REMAIN in their sins/transgressions. John 3:36 plainly teaches us this: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.". This verse alone refutes universalism - the false idea that ALL will eventually be saved in the end...without repentance. This falseness is popular today. It gives way to lazy evangelism or no evangelism at all. I have written on this already, but allow me to delve into this falseness a bit further.

Heretic Robert Schuller and Billy Graham (Note: Both Are Now Deceased).

I COULD QUOTE MANY "CHRISTIANS" who hold to this false notion, but let me quote heretic Schuller and Billy Graham. Their "religious humanism” is very dangerous; it is seductive evil. Billy Graham once said that Schuller "has done some of the greatest things for the Kingdom of God of any man in our generation." HA!!! LIKE ROBBING PEOPLE AND COVERING THEM IN HERETICAL SLIME!!!

R. Schuller's now-defunct house of prostitution, aka, the Crystal Cathedral, was a mockery of Biblical Christianity. Below is a recorded conversation between these two "religious' giants:

Robert Schuller asked Graham, "What do you think is the future of Christianity?" Graham's response was: "Well, Christianity and being a true believer [?] you know, I think there's the Body of Christ. This comes from ALL THE CHRISTIAN · GROUPS around the world [ROMAN CATHOLICS and all SIN-PRACTICING and QUEER- SUPPORTING DENOMINATIONS_`included!!??]. Outside the Christian groups, I think everybody who knows Christ, whether they are conscious of it OR NOT, they're MEMBERS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST." [What?]

[Graham] went on to say: “...whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world, they are members of the body of Christ, because they've been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus, but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don't have, and I think that they turn to the only light they have [YOU MEAN MUHAMMAD, OR THE MOON-god ALLAH, OR BUDDHA??!!], and I think they are SAVED, and that they are going to be in heaven with us.’’

Schuller queried: ‘‘What, what I hear you saying is that it's possible for Jesus Christ to come into human hearts and soul and life even if they've been born in darkness and never had an exposure to the Bible. Is that a correct interpretation of what you are saying?’’

Graham replied: "Yes, it is, because I believe that..."

[John 3:3-"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot

see the kingdom of God.”

Quoted portion from Dr. Cathy Burns' Billy Graham and His Friends, pp. 18-19.]

Billy Graham once believed that Jews (and other religionists) were lost if they did not repent of their sins and become born-again Biblically. He blames his change of mind on the ecumenical movement. Billy boy says in A Prophet with Honor, p. 225, "The ecumenical movement has broadened my viewpoint, and I recognize now that God has His people in all Churches." Enough said about goofy Schuller and backslid Billy.

Universalism's Problem

THIS "PAIN IN THE SPIRITUAL BUTT has been with the Church ever since the days of Origen. I won't go into all the controversies except to point out that ultimately this issue hinges on the reality of the Gospel and Biblical teaching of the N.T. that salvation is made available to ALL and judgment which continues upon ALL who deny and reject this free offer.

Scriptures, which are not a few, teach directly and indirectly, explicitly or implicitly the "Plan" of salvation and the certainty of both present and future judgment.

Scriptures also teach the "Narrow gate" vs. the "Broadway" (Lk. 13:23). The Johannine passages that deal with the universality of both the LORD'S love and His wrath (Jn. 3:16, 36, etc.). The universal reconciliation and judgment passages in Paul's writings (1 Tim. 4:10; 2 Thes. 1:9), the warnings found in the epistle to the Hebrews (Heb. 2:2; 4:1; etc.), and the story of the judgment day in Revelation 19:11 etc.

Only God Knows!

SPEAKING OF HIS JUDGMENTS or last-day judgment: This is only known to Him (and whom He chooses to let know).

So, in the Gospel presentation, there is both the positive-men can escape Hell-and the negative-no salvation...no escaping Hell. This negative side has to do with the fact that His FINAL WRATH has only been postponed, not revoked-the latter idea (revoked) being what so many would like us (and themselves) to believe. Backslid evangelical Rob Bell tells us that "Love Wins Out," meaning that God's love will not allow anyone to go to Hell.

Sorry, Mr. Bell, THERE IS STILL A HELL!!!

Thus, my dear Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord, the true Gospel ALWAYS leads to a call to repentance.


IF ALL ARE SAVED, if there is no final judgment, why call the sinner to turn from their sinfulness? Why do we find judgment in all the N.T.? Almost every sermon in Acts has judgment mentioned. Why does the apostle John emphasize over and over the terrible peril of unbelief? Why does Paul boldly, coldly and bluntly declare that those who disobey the Gospel will suffer the WRATH of God? (2 Thes. 1:8). Why does Jesus over and over again bring up the subject of Hellfire?

Our job as witnesses is not finished dear ones. God some day will judge the world-yes, this all-loving, all-compassionate God will divide the sheep from the goats (a fitting metaphor). Don't be taken in by all these "God is love and He will not punish anyone" liars.

Mission represents the URGENCY of this tension. -Playing Church only adds to God's Wrath.

We have a LOST generation right now, right here in good ol' USA, in need of a Savior-many are searching.


LISTEN UP!!! No option is available to the Church; to be the Church Army signifies commitment to the urgent enterprise.

Let me say here, mission is not simply an informative task but alsó a passionate plea for souls to come to Christ and be saved. SAVED!! Not to join ACMTC or any other Church, but to find Jesus and be SAVED! (Check out 2 Cor. 5:20, esp. in the Amp. Bible).

But we keep running up against this antithesis of "all are already saved because they are God's creation," or "all will eventually be saved because God loves them."

But if ALL men are saved, or will be saved, why all this missions urgency? If ALL men are already, or will be reconciled to God, wouldn't it be logical to see that God's Word does not contradict itself? Seems like the Holy Spirit would make it known to All men that they are already saved; but, you see, the Holy Spirit convicts men of sin and of unrighteousness.

Today's worldly Church cares little for Biblical salvation, only Church attendance and tithes. They are more interested in the quantitative, not the qualitative. "The teachings and warnings about the perilous consequences of unbelief and the certainty of God's judgment / punishment has faded into the background. Now we have boys like Joel Osteen teaching us to "Have Your Best Life Now. This would be good if he meant giving your WHOLE life WHOLLY to Christ, not giving your WHOLE life in pursuit of fame and fortune as he and his wife does.

Now Not Yet

THE CHURCH, the TRUE Church, holds to the tension between the "now" and the "not yet." believe that the Kingdom of God is now; I also believe that its fullness is yet future, its completeness. We experience the Kingdom of God presently, and (hopefully) will'eternally, forever, be in it with Jesus. Both the prophetic and the apocalyptic are realities.

The Kenosis

BOTH THE PROPHETIC and the apocalyptic are supported by the N.T. Scripture. God became a man, born of a virgin, called Jesus. "This Kenosis has its greatest expression," as one Bible scholar writes, "in the struggle of the cross. Out of the feeling of forsakenness, however, emerges hope for the future (“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit"). Thus, the present is negated in the liberating action of the cross and pushed unto the certainty of God's future." Thus, we have the promised Savior, the substance, coming in due time out of the shadow.

You see, we can be "caught up" in the Spirit, as at Patmos John was, whereby he experienced both the "now" and the "future.” He could see what was going on around him, yet he could sail into the future. This is hope, dear ones, HOPE. If all he had to do was endure the present, and accept it as determinative of his future, this would lead to depression.

Jesus made reference to this when He told Nicodemus, "And, no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man WHICH IS (present tense) in heaven” (John 3:13) Jesus could experience heaven while on earth. So can we!


WE NEED TO PRAY for those who are stuck in the mire of Churchianity that God will free them. We need to pray for those who have come out that they will let God lead their lives, for many are wounded and need healing and direction, as we did once. Let us pray that we will continue to be a strong contender for Biblical Truth and hopefully become more influential in the thinking of dead theologians and churchmen and churchwomen...to inspire them to grab hold of the true meaning of missions.

God knows that there needs to be a welcomed return of the basic essentials of the Christian faith, which has been laid aside or trashed for popularity and prosperity.

The revival of the occult, the sick fascination with LGBTQ Esex, the lust for wealth, the craving for entertainment and so on, gives us every reason to fight the good fight of faith.

Salvation for mankind is not outdated, NO!!! The Kerygmatic, missiological, scriptural, ecclesiastical, praxeological and liturgical need reemphasizing.

Recognizing that the Church Army is the bearer of the Gospel of liberation (from sin) to others must first be liberated from all that hinders its true Christ-expression or robs it of a true sense of its own responsibility. I figure this is why today's worldly Church isn't concerned with the salvation of souls, its very own soul is bound to the world.

We may have come out of the world, but let us allow the Holy Spirit to drive the world out of us. How can we tell others to be free if we are bound? How can we witness about unity of the faith if we ourselves are divided? The harsh reality is this: The Church is divided; the world is divided. This ironic state of being is getting us nowhere.

So, in the light of our awareness of this dramatic reality of the worldly Church,


We're doing all we can here at ACMTC. We print and send out tons of free materials for both the lost-sinner, the Church- sinner, and the and the front-line soldiers. JOIN US IN THE WAR FOR SOULS!!! Amen.