Stinking Rotting Corpse


SHOULD WE STAY IN THE modern liberal progressive Church called the “Stinking Rotting Corpse”? Let us go into God’s Word and see if we’re meant to stay in these magnificent houses of ill repute (churches), commonly called “whorehouses”.

    I’ve heard it for years now: “General Jim, we’re not to split the Church . . . General Jim, I’ll stay in my church—even though it is far from being Biblically sound—to help get it back on track...” blah, blah, blah...


The Time Has Come!

LET IT be known that the times have come for all those who love the truth, sound Biblical truth, to “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes” (Rev 18:4-5, NIV).

     “Babylon” can refer to both the world system and the religious system; in any case, the CALL is NOT to STAY IN, but to GET OUT! Either way we believe, the CALL for SEPARATION is New Testament truth. We know that the Stinking Rotting Corpse, i.e., the modern liberal Church, is a plague in itself, but God will plague her “double” (v. 6)—do we want to be plagued or cursed by God? Stay in her and receive!

     The call to be SEPARATE from the world and false religions has been an essential aspect of salvation throughout redemptive history (read Isa 52:11; Jer 51:45; 1 Cor 11:32; 2 Cor 6:17-18). I’ve already written articles on this subject, so I won’t repeat myself here—just read the entire New Testament.



OUGHT TO be spoken by all Christians—teachers, preachers, educators, etc.—consistently and frequently!! But because of love of “self”, men and women compromise, yea, even trash God’s Holy Word.


Declare War!

I MEAN THIS! We should, we MUST declare WAR on religious froth in the form of crime and slime, as we come forth calling for the true exposition of God’s Word. All this stinking and rotting religious slime is choking God’s people to death. We MUST insist that the Gospel of Christ be declared and expounded, God’s promises proclaimed, sin and sinners rebuked boldly! But, dear ones, the modern liberal Church doesn’t do any of the above. NO! They pervert God’s Word. The proliferation of purification is evidence of this.


Mind ROT!

WITHIN THE halls of the Church’s educational centers, we find professions and processions—men professing to be wise, yet are very stupid; possessing degrees, yet being possessed by demons and carrying on in a mere religious procession.

     Aggression and obsession is the name of the religious game in Churchianity . . . infesting new realms of demonic spheres. Eroticism and erraticism! These institutions are proud of their works, according to phallic fixations (standards). Utter “errata”! (“Errata”, of course, is the plural of erratum, the archaic meaning of which is “an error” as “a misstatement or misprint in something published or written”. The modern Church is full of ERROR!)


Revelation 17 & 18

DESCRIBES THE “Great Whore”, including apostate Christianity, for which these articles are dedicated.

     Recognizing that deep, deep damage has been inflicted upon the true Church of Christ under “phallocracy’s myth” (sick men with sick minds) and institutions, IT IS TIME FOR REVOLUTION! . . . the SOLUTION to the STINKING POLLUTION, is REVOLUTION—the overthrowing of the existing Babylonian government . . . “unveiling of the master’s (satan’s) pseudo-generic and pseudo-rational language structures” which influence the masses into believing a LIE.

     We need to bet back to the plain language of the Holy Bible.


Good People in Bad Churches

YES, THIS is why we need to sound the Battle Cry—to call God’s people out of bad churches.

     Let us now take a trip back in time and see how the risen and ascended Christ dealt with “bad” churches. Let us see if He told His true people to stay in them.

     I’ve taught messages on the “7 Churches” in times past for radio. Revelation records Christ’s messages to seven local churches that were in western Asia Minor, and these messages are intended for the exhortation, learning and edification of all believers for all times (see Rev 2:7 - 3:22).

     When we read the above passages, we discover what Christ Himself LOVES and VALUES as well as what He HATES and CONDEMNS. We read clear statements regarding the consequences of disobedience and neglect, as well as the rewards for vigilance and faithfulness to Christ. We read of a Biblical requirement for discipline and a standard, also how satan and demons attack the church and believers.


Ephesus (Rev 2:1-7)

FIRST OFF, Jesus commended this church—their good deeds, hard work, perseverance; the fact that they disliked wicked men who claimed to be “apostles” but were false to the core. These at Ephesus endured hardships for His name . . . BUT Jesus was not pleased with the Church because they had grown COLD and had forsaken their first love, i.e., Jesus Himself! Isn’t this a major characteristic in today’s churches? Yes! We think we can just “play church” and Jesus won’t mind. He commanded the Ephesian Christians to REPENT or He would forsake them Himself.

     One thing also they had in their favor was that they hated the practices of the Nicolaitans, who probably affirmed that sexual immorality did not affect one’s salvation.

     My dear ones, forbidden sex of any kind, homo or hetero, will grieve the Spirit. I have lots of FREE booklets/tapes/CDs/DVDs on the sin of forbidden sex; you may write for these (this saves me lots of time and space not to repeat myself).

     Needless to say, sado-sexual politics basically rule the modern liberal Church, with lesbian/feminist priests/preachers, who read more out of the Wickedary (a dictionary for wicked/Wiccan women) than the Bible. Then we have the homosexuals preaching/teaching phallocracy and phallic lust (with their ribald and abusive language towards women), which has, in many cases, evolved into LUST-FULL asceticism (i.e., reversed asceticism: “strict ‘discipline’ and adherence to a lust-filled life”).


Not So Subliminal

“WE’RE HERE, We’re QUEER!” The sex perverts of every stripe are OUT! Churches are now being FILLED with them. No longer do they have to give subliminal messages, NO! They are now getting married right in church.

     Mind management (mind rot!) thru not-so-subliminal manipulation, has permeated even the old mainstream orthodox denominations.


Smyrna (Rev 2:8-11)

HERE WAS a church that had afflictions and poverty; it also had false believers acting like Christians (Jews) but were like a synagogue of satan. Nevertheless, the angel exhorted the few who were real to remain faithful—even to the point of death. The Spirit didn’t tell the faithful to STAY IN that assembly but exhorted them to remain faithful to their faith.

     If your faith is in danger of being contaminated by “fakes and flakes”, we DO have the command to “Come out!” (Rev 18:4).


Pergamos (Rev 2:12-17)

HERE WAS a church that held to the teachings of Balaam and the Nicolaitans. This church was established in a place “where satan has his throne” (like some places here in the West today), yet some of the members were faithful to His name.

     But notice, even though they were faithful, the demonic doctrines they held onto were offensive to Christ. If they did not rid themselves of the same, “I [the Lord] will soon come to you and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth” (2:16).

     Pergamos was a center of imperial worship, like Washington D.C. is to Americans today. We read of the teaching of Balaam, who was a false prophet, who sold his services to a pagan king and advised him to tempt Israel to compromise their faith by idolatry and immorality (read Num 22:5-7; 25:1-2; 31:16; see also 2 Pet 2:15 in the New Testament). The Balaam doctrine refers to corrupt teachers and preachers who teach a liberal and immoral message, just like these modern-day perverts who teach “fun and games” in church, homosexuality, rock ‘n’ roll music and other kinds of perverted “worship”, etc.

     These teachers/preachers fill the pulpits and educators’ chairs daily all across the world—false ideologies lead Christian believers astray. All this is the work of demons for the sake of personal advancement and monetary gain.

     Pergamos at one time had good teachers who taught that the saving faith of Christ and a rebellious lifestyle of immorality were NOT compatible, but this all changed.

     Strictly speaking, the WHOLE Bible teaches against a tolerant attitude towards sin. God hates heresy, i.e., any teaching that says we can be saved and still live like the devil. Friends, this spirit of looseness RULES today’s liberal Church. To hate what God hates is very dangerous today—in and out of Church.


Today’s Spirit

ALL THESE ancillary (supplementary; subordinate) associations with sin is SIN! This spirit of co-mingling with sin is literally suffocating what remains pure in today’s churches. This “wild ass” spirit flies in the face of humility. Jesus never flaunted rebellion in His Father’s face.

     There are two types of rebellion: rebellion against what is right, and rebellion against what is wrong. We need the latter.



REBELLION (IN the wrong sense) is the Church’s arch-image. Concealment of this is now impossible, for the Church has “released the beast” and the spirit of anti-Christ has become the “mind-molder”. The devils in human bodies (i.e., the leaders of the “wild-ass” pack) who dogmatically drain out the last drop of purity from Gods’ people, will give and account. They will eventually answer for the remolding, re-imaging and redefining of what Jesus first started.

     Along with many ecumenical puppeteers, vampirism (sucking the life’s blood out of the Body of Christ) is on the rise in just about every denomination today. The counter-strategy is to drive “the sword that cuts” thru the very heart of their evil doctrines.


Thyatira (Rev 2:18-29)

THYATIRA HAD a prophetess as a pastor—Jezebel (she claimed to be a prophetess). This “dazzling darling”, like so many of these sleazy women in the church-scene today, seduced Christ’s servants into committing fornication and eating food offered unto idols. Friends, this may have been a woman, but men do the same thing!

     Boy, oh boy, have I seen these sweeties over the years! There are real women of God and there are fakes like this one . . . we’ve even had them in our midst. We’ve had to expel several of these Jezebels out of our ministry. One in particular, who was always jealous of my wife, tried to usurp her authority by doing what Thyatira’s Jezebel did. The husband also had a “healthy” lust problem. We had to deal with both of them over 5 times for immoral misconduct. Finally, God dealt with them and they went to the world. But this Jezebel now writes on the Internet to any and all, about how righteous she is and how bad our ministry is. Their liberalism even turned their only son into immorality—he even admitted that his mother had immoral relations with him. So, dear ones, I know about this Jezebel spirit. The woman I speak of is yet to be “cast on a bed of suffering” as is the consequence the Bible speaks of for sin. We know of several other Jezebel women who hated our teachings (which are simply the Bible’s) that are now DEAD! . . . died of diseases and such before their time.

     Jezebel of the Old Testament was a real person in Israel (1 Kgs 16:31; 19:1-3; 21:1-15). Her name is synonymous with idolatry and persecution.

     Just because one (male or female) may possess or exhibit great charisma, success and influence, does not mean they are true to God. When we find anyone promoting, even permitting sin of any kind (like the world’s evil pleasures), we do not have to submit to them or their teachings.

     It is one thing to have liberal, sinful teachers out there, and yet another thing for a child of God to stay in a house of perversion. The Stinking Rotting Corpse, called the liberal progressive Church, God will destroy!!

     The message for this MESS-age is, “Come out of her my people...out from a Godless Christendom, out from the Christ-deserted churches, out from the sick and sleazy burlesque of ‘religion’ which masquerades under the name of Christ!”

     EXIT, my dear readers, from among the lecherous, dirty old men and Wiccan women! Lechery and witchcraft can never be purified, yet the modern liberal Church tries to tell us (at least it hides behind this monstrous mythic delusion) that we have embarked upon a New Age of “revelation”. This promulgation of sicko-babble includes trans-sexing and unholy matrimony which leaves one emptied of autonomous intellect and will: the adepts or disciples are left with no memory of a God-identified consciousness. This may be called “ultimate purification” by some—yes, and the devils have scored a great victory.

     Besides Jezebel and her witchcraze, we have priestcraft, a lethal instrument of both Protestants and Catholics. This training is manmade and male-controlled pseudo-feminism.


Sardis (Rev 3:1-6)

THE SPIRIT said that the Sardis church was DEAD! Here we have a stinking rotting corpse. There were a FEW who were on the verge of dying, but were told to “WAKE UP!” (v. 2).

     Sweet deceit!—a church that has “a reputation of being alive” (v. 1) but is dead, is all too common today. Outwardly, she appeared alive and active, but the Spirit of God had departed. Do you think God expects us to die with such a church? Friends, we do NOT have to be in a “church” to please God: we have to be in and remain in Christ.

     Remember, there were only a FEW in that church whose garments were not soiled. Take note of verse 5: “He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the book of life...” But for those who remain dirty, their names WILL BE BLOTTED OUT. This clearly teaches that a Christian CAN LOSE his or her salvation (see 2:7, 10, 11) and can be damned FOREVER to the Lake of Fire (20:15). Don’t ever believe the BIG LIE, “Once saved, always saved!”, for this is not true (we have FREE studies on this, too).


Philadelphia (Rev 3:7-13)

THIS CHURCH had kept God’s Word and didn’t deny His name, thank God! These saints had endured persecution and opposition from the world. In doing this, they had resisted conforming to the worldly trends that the other churches had given way to.

     Today, if one even slightly resists the world in dress, music, custom, entertainment, etc., one is looked upon with suspicion, even called names. Are we to stay in a church that condemns us for seeking to be more like God and less like the world? NO! But the Philadelphia assembly remained true and loyal to Christ—RARE!

     Let me tell you something: we owe NO allegiance to the world, any worldly government, or any worldly church, PERIOD! We owe our allegiance to Christ and Him only.


Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22)

THIS LAST church was the worst. We might say that we are living in the “Laodicean Church Age” where the Church is neither hot nor cold, like lukewarm puke! This modern Church is none other than a stinking rotting corpse, thinking she is so rich, yet very poor, wretched, pitiful, blind, and naked (no covering from the Lord—NONE!!).

     Even though this assembly was good-for-nothing, the Spirit still wanted her to REPENT. If she did not, the judgment of the Lord would take care of her.


Ideal Environment?

WE DARE not assume that no one can get saved and remain saved unless in an ideal environment. It may be hard in hard circumstances, but not impossible to stay saved. Yet there is no clear admonition in the Word whereby we are told to remain in any assembly that has departed from the any degree. No, we are instructed to remain true, loyal and faithful to Christ.

     It may be said that God may require us to remain in and be faithful to an evil church or religious system to teach us things, but He never expects us to lose our salvation, become blind, wretched, pitiful, and spiritually poor in order to please a church or system. It is true, we can remain in a church were false doctrine is taught, without believing it . . . but really, what becomes of this?

     You argue, “Why didn’t Jesus just tell the good people in the bad churches to leave?” Is this sound reasoning? Don’t forget, already in His rebukes, He told them, “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and REPENT, and do the first works [like get re-saved!]; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick . . . except thou repent” (Rev 2:5).

     When Jesus declares “I will kill her children” (2:23) and “will repay each of you (sinning churchites) according to your deeds” (v. 23), does this sound like a church you want to stay in?

     Do you want to stay in a church where Jesus told them to “strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die” (3:2)? Does this sound like a church were the saints are filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire? NO way! It truly amazes me how people today can say, “I’m Christian,” and yet belong to a church or organization that has the characteristics of what we find in 6 out of the 7 churches in Revelation! Yet we have thousands of filled backslid churches all across America, and hundreds of thousands all across the world—stinking, rotting, Spirit-/Word-hating churches.

     Can a real child of God, filled with the Holy Ghost, remain in such fallen churches where they promote phallic lust, mysticism, false love/works, gnostic subversion, victimization, sado-sublime teachings, militant feminism and effeminate Ahabism, self-love/self-indulgence, mind-raping, gay-sensibility and heterosexual insensibility (a “delusionary dichotomy”!), soul deprivation (which is “sensory deprivation”), “truth” fabrication, money grabbing, rock ’n’ rolling and rap crap, spiritual (even natural) hookers, pill/pot/alcohol addiction, elemental philosophy and cynicism of Biblical truth, the love of “mini-truths” and moderated lies, licentious wooing, adultery, fornication, demonic “divinity”, theological pornography, hucksters, bureaucratic deception, asceticism, spirit starvation (starvation camps=liberal churches), compulsory/compulsive lie-swallowing, ingestion of artificially flavored carcinogenic (cancer causing!) sermons, trans-sexualism, deprivation of the real Jesus, psychic dismemberment, demonic dogmas . . . etc., etc.—all these and a THOUSAND more, multiplied ad infinitum?

     Do you really believe that Christ wants His people to go into or remain in these magnificent whorehouses? These sick and sleazy houses of the damned (modern churches) can’t be defended. They MUST be rebuked and despised. Yet there are millions trapped within the walls of these “world-lusting” tombs. There is no way to fix this stinking condition (as to de-stink a skunk) . . . the stinking rotting liberal Church is a place for the “Grateful Dead”.


Paganized Christianity

THIS IS what we have today—sanctifying of EVIL! No Christian can reform such a whore: REVOLUTION is the answer! The liberal leaders of this Stinking Rotting Corpse have an insatiable enmity for true spirituality and an insatiable hunger for worldliness and for the grossest sensualism imaginable.


Grasping and Shaping “Self”

THE BIBLE teaches us to deny “self” and follow the Spirit, not the “flesh”, yet this is exactly opposite to what the modern progressive Church does. Churchites today, grasp at and seek to shape “self” into what they want it to be and do—not what the will of God demands.

     “Grasping” has the connotation of “penetrating into the depth, into the fleshly nature of things”. The “god within”, as they say, has the capacity to be grasped. But the “god within” is nothing but a religious demon (or demons) whereby one is moved like a mechanical toy—this demonic force moves one further WEIRDWARD! The Bible warns us against such teachings and teachers of these things.


Plastic Passions

PLASTIC PASSIONS are those “blobs in inner space” which preoccupy and paralyze their victims—predominantly “self-lovers”—preventing their victims from the pursuit of genuine passions of the Lord. They cause the victim to be disconnected from the Holy Spirit. These plastic passions, or carnal passions of the natural man, are fabricated as “spiritual” passions, by all these church fathers/leaders that are also victims of demonic delusions. I call those who promote such passions, “demons in human bodies”, or “priestly professors of plastic passions”. The Bible calls them “filthy dreamers” who follow mere natural (fallen) instincts and do not have the Holy Spirit (Jude v. 8).

     We had a name we called folks in the 60s Hippie Movement who were not of our ranks: “PLASTIC”! . . . meaning, not “real”. Now we can call these flakes and fakes who are adepts or disciples of the Stinking Rotting Corpse, “PLASTIC”. Plasticization is the same as what we call “phoney” . . . here signifying the all too familiar “internalized demonization”. This state of plasticity, in turn, concludes with the destruction of spiritual/Biblical truth.

     The Church in this generation is literally consumed by all these synthetic spiritual substitutes—like “junk food”. There is a BIG difference between eating junk foods and natural foods: junk foods today literally have plastic put into them, among other cancer-causing elements. Yet both the world and today’s cosmetic Churchianity advertize their food as “fantastic plastic” . . . nothing but a conglomerate of plastic passions and psychobabble futility.



God is Love

THE LORD never seems to give up on people—even His chastisements and judgments are His Love . . . to get people in right standing with Him.

     Since the worship of idols is considered sin, the Holy Spirit warned that in the last days, many would depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits. It is also written that there were and will be false teachers among the people of God (2 Pet 2: read the whole chapter). It says that they will introduce “destructive heresies” (NIV), deny the Lord, be greedy, exploit the believers, have eyes full of adultery, and seduce the unstable; they are experts in greed. These false teachers are here NOW! They are in ALL denominations, in high and low positions in the Church, both in Protestant and Roman Catholic churches and in cults and sects. But the Spirit warns us about all this—this is Gods’ Love. God doesn’t want His people to perish.

     Please understand, I too want to see God’s people LIVE and not DIE. We who love the truth must never tire of warning others about the consequences of idolatry and adultery (natural and spiritual).


In Closing

OUR DEAR brother, St. Peter, after putting forth a warning about falsity (2 Pet 2), he then writes about the future (no doubt, our time), that evil men and evil systems will be ultimately destroyed (chap. 3). Even then, Peter writes that the Lord “is patient . . . not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to REPENTANCE” (v. 9). He writes in verse 11, “Since everything will be destroyed . . . what kind of people ought you [we] to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives”—the very thing the people he described in chapter 2 weren’t doing! And those in chapter 2 are the very same people we have living among us today!

     Peter ends his second epistle with speaking about St. Paul (3:15), who wrote letters of warnings and encouragement, saying that ungodly and ignorant men distort what he (Paul) wrote, “ they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction” (v. 16).

     Peter’s final warning: “ on your guard so that you may not be CARRIED AWAY by the ERROR of LAWLESS MEN and FALL from your secure position” (v. 17). Don’t ever let men or women tell you that you can’t FALL from grace or LOSE your salvation (as I said, I have other FREE teachings on this important subject).

     Look at this MESS called “Church”. You tell me if these progressive, liberal churches are in right-standing with Christ! NO, THEY’RE NOT! They are backslid as HELL and getting worse every day.

     Stay in these stinking rotting houses of whoredoms and idolatry and be DAMNED. The Scriptures are replete with warnings—only a fool will go headlong into their own DESTRUCTION!


[Study material for this article was adapted from its original sources.]

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