CALIFORNIA, AS YOU KNOW, did make a Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage—allowing same-sex marriage—. . . at least she tried to. Nothing has been redefined in God’s eyes, though.

     America used to be a Democracy—the people’s rule—but as we all know, over the decades this right has eroded away to the point of almost extinction. The U.S. Constitution has been under attack now for years on end by the “One Worlders”, along with perverted and anti-Christian groups like the Homosexual Movement, liberals of every persuasion, etc. The national media, which is totally anti-Christian, always does its best to present the propaganda that “MOST Americans” want perversion to reign supreme. This, of course, is a BIG LIE! Voters, Christians and non-Christians, actually dislike most of what the media pushes.



HISTORY OF all ages has defined a “marriage” as the union of a man and woman; this union being, first and foremost, for the procreation of children—something perverts CAN’T DO!!

     I have protested sexual perversions (both homo and hetero) for years now. By God’s grace, I’ve written dozens of articles, preached many sermons, and have OPENLY CHALLENGED any and all sex perverts to show me just ONE, only ONE Biblical passage where homosexuality and all its offshoots are ever shown in a positive light. Surely you “Church perverts” must have at least ONE Scripture you can show me—I am still waiting for just ONE!!


Really Stupid!

MARRIAGE BETWEEN two men or two women is really stupid! Sick judges may declare it otherwise, but they can NEVER redefine the sacred, Godly institution of marriage that God has already defined—even nature has defined it.

     One writer has said, “You can put lipstick and earrings on a pig, and call her Peggy Sue, but it’s still a pig!” Amen to that.



I PRESENT in my 5 “Gay Way” booklets, ample proof that nature and God are anti-homosexual, yea, even anti-heterosexual sin, i.e., against adultery, fornication, incest, etc. I won’t be redundant here, for I have already done my research and findings on this SICK and DAMNABLE subject; so I’ll just give my readers a pep talk.


John 15

MAY I ask my readers to read John 15:1-6: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” The text is that of the relationship of Christian believers to Christ, their Savior. Jesus is the true vine, but God the Father is the husbandman (or Vinedresser), and we are branches attached to the vine—that is, if one has been born again (see John chap. 3). It is the Father who breaks off, cuts off, unfruitful branches, for the Father is the Gardener, so to speak, of His vineyard.

     Jesus, in this parable, speaks of two categories: the fruitful and the fruitless. In order to be fruitful, one must remain in the vine—something that the progressive, liberal and “emerging” Church has failed to do.


Vital Union

LIKE THE “marriage” issue, we are to get and keep a proper vital union, or marriage, with Christ and His Word. When anyone—church, denomination or organization—departs from the faith and yet still proclaims “Christianity”, they are going to be REJECTED by God. Dear ones, this is where the current Homosexual Movement stands (the “Church” Homosexual Movement): REJECTED BY GOD!

     Since God in His Word has definitely defined marriage and defined sodomy, adultery, fornication, incest, and all other sex-sins, we cannot redefine them. To do so is SIN in the first degree. What will be the consequences?


Cast into Fire

VERSE 6 tells us this, unmistakably loud and clear, “If a man (male or female) abide not in me (Jesus/God), he is CAST forth as a branch . . . and cast . . . into the FIRE, and they are BURNED.” This goes for ALL unrepentant sinners as well as sinning “Christians” such as all these pro-active sex perverts of today!

     Another thing, for those of you who believe “Once saved, always saved!”: better reread this chapter again. Jesus Christ did not believe nor preach “Once in the vine, always in the vine!” He taught the very opposite.


Now to My Point . . .

“A MAGNANIMOUS spirit in which you give and receive religious criticisms without taking personal offence is very rare today” (author Robert Morey). Magnanimous means “courageous”, “heroic”, “elevated in soul or sentiment”. What Morey is saying, I think, is that anyone who is courageous enough to tell the truth without compromising that truth, and be criticized for telling the truth without getting his/her feelings hurt, is rare.

     When I criticize sexual perversions, I criticize the forbidden acts that are clearly forbidden by Scripture. It has, in reality, taken many years for me not to get mad or upset when my opponents criticize me for my Biblical stand against sexual perversions.

     We can’t really and rightfully criticize sexual perversions unless we in one way or another criticize the sex perverts themselves. Yet my focus is on the twisted theology (Church) and philosophy (non-Church), not so much the people themselves. But it is almost impossible to separate the theology/philosophy from the practitioners of it.


Our Mandate

WE HAVE a Christian mandate to “defend the faith”, as Jude 3 tells us. In fact, the Bible tells us that we “should EARNESTLY CONTEND for the faith”. I want to do this. I really don’t want to see people burn in HELLFIRE . . . I want to see people receive eternal life, Heaven’s life.


Homosexual Christians?

NO SUCH THING! There is no way, NO WAY anyone can prove by Scripture that God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or New Testament writers ever condoned homosexuality (or any offshoots of this repugnant and offensive SIN!).

     We need to see many more Christians with a Biblical magnanimous spirit. Yet because of “Homosexual Terrorism”, many Christian churches have either joined the terrorists, okayed their perversions, or remained silent (which itself is a form of compromise).

     “EARNESTLY CONTEND” (KJV; Greek, epagonizomai) describes the battle that those courageous and heroic believers must fight in the defense of the faith (i.e., the whole body of New Testament doctrine). This battle, I warn you, will be costly and agonizing—even martyrdom may result.

     Sadly, too many churches have fallen prey to the whole sodomy thing; thus they have been weakened, and thus they have compromised and distorted the truth, explaining away all the Old Testament and New Testament condemnations against sodomy . . . and thus they have become morally rotted—stinking rotting corpses.


Did Jesus Ever...

DID JESUS ever rebuke, condemn, or criticize His Heavenly Father for being “hateful”, “unloving”, or “intolerant”, when the Father, the Vinedresser in John 15, CUTS OFF unfruitful branches and allows men to gather them and cast them into the FIRE? NO! Nowhere do we ever find Jesus protesting the supposed “cruelty” of His Father.


Political Correctness

INSTEAD OF the Church following Biblical Correctness, she has followed Political Correctness (PC). Just where did this PC junk come from? PC is just another phrase for “Cultural Communism”, spread by a clique of Marxist intellectuals who set up the Frankfurt School in Germany in the 1930s. The disciples of this Cultural Communism have been at war against Biblical Christianity ever since those days—they are responsible for today’s “Churchianity”. One of their platforms, their doctrines, was and is sexual perversion: we know it today as “Political Correctness”. These sick cultural distorters will do everything in their power to undermine and overthrow Biblical Christianity.


Subversion of Christianity

THIS IS what the cultural war is all about: education, I mean miseducation, which has helped the “development of personality”— without Godly restraints. America has been reeducated and Christ re-imaged: thus, we have a moral poverty and insipid people.

     The subversion of Christianity (by this I mean what purports to be “Christian” but in reality has fallen from grace, thus Churchianity!) has spawned bastards that in turn have reduced Christianity to “personal taste and subjective preference”. But what did Jesus say in His day?—“Not MY will, Father, but THINE.” This was and should be our cry: “Not MY/OUR will, but GOD’S!” Let me warn you: our personal preferences do not have anything to do with Biblical truth or Godly morals—NOTHING!

     Man’s will (which is really satan’s will) has caused deterioration in all realms of the American life. Not that America was ever totally Christian, but her roots were.


Crudeness and Coarseness

NATURAL AND spiritual crudeness and coarseness has become the main diet of Americans: pornographers (see the Internet) and sex mongers of all grades prevail. Lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, homosexuals (male), feminists, and so on, are OUT. This decaying filth is meant to bring about the liberation of the “oppressed”—“oppressed” by God’s Word.

     Friends, repulsive physical and moral sickness (jaded appetites) will never make any society healthy. Saint Paul of the Bible calls sexual transgression “sin against one’s own body”. Sex sins pollute, not purify.

     “If it moves, fondle it!” became the liberating mantra of sexual freedom. “Be sin articulate” and “Have the courage to sin” is in! Radical feminists wanted to “liberate the inner self”—and they have, beast and all.

     Reeducation/Re-imaging has taught America to “Transgress—practice freedom!”


Revolutionary Reconstruction

AGAIN, EDUCATORS of PC have preached syncretism and “mystical spirituality” with pretty good results.

     With PC’s reductionistic approach, no religion or fantasy is condemned as “evil”...except Biblical Christianity. This, of course, is the constant battle cry of the perverts who control public education, mass (mess is a better word) media, fallen churches and politics today. According to these devils, nothing should be viewed as evil, let alone condemned as evil or false, except Biblical Christianity.



AMERICA ONCE was the bulwark of family-based monogamous heterosexual values, a fortress of the Christian faith. But now, to stand for and proclaim the above mentioned values, one will be called “intolerant, bigoted, and unloving”. Good! Call me what you may, this will never change the nature of things as God ordered them.

     I personally don’t give-a-hoot if you like me or not, I make my stand with God’s time-tested Word. It is true that many started out right but went left: satan has captured much of the clergy, even much of the Christian Church, but this still does not change the immutable Word of God.


“Mean ol’ Generals!”

OUR OPPONENTS feel that my wife and I are mean, even un-Christian. No, it would be mean and un-Christian of us if we did not tell you the truth!

     Is it unloving to point out that the Church is infected with a virus of secularism/humanism? I might ask my opponents: Is it unloving to tell a homosexual that he or she has AIDS (proven by a doctor’s examination) and that they need medical attention? Apparently not. But, irrationally, it is apparently “unloving” to inform the Church in the same way about her sicknesses!

     The modern progressive, liberal Church has spiritual AIDS—and she is dying fast, too. Likewise, the sickness/disease of same-sex marriages/unions will result in death . . . death to society as a whole.

     With the American pagan epidemic spreading, both Church and State show little concern but maintain an “artificial calm” in the face of such putrefying stench.

     There is just no way to sanitize filth: it must be eradicated. There is just no way to sanitize sodomy. To let this immoral filth remain WILL satanize any culture. And tranquilizing a corrupt society with false images and propaganda only enhances the problem. When a nation has become addicted to tranquilizers and pain-killers, where do we go from here?—THE MORGUE!

     Until we rid our country of sex merchants and pornographers, we’ll have sex perverts. I personally believe that no society will ever rid itself of such immoral filth, except by means of strict Bible adherence. Of course, this too is very unlikely, but this is not to say we should not try to stamp out the cause of the disease. We should, we must.

     You would think with all the “scientific know-how” out there, this nation would be more healthy, but sex-related diseases are forever multiplying, multiplying!


Nefarious and Sex-Obsessed

SEX-OBSESSION HAS always been the dark undercurrent of society. Even Puritan cultures had sex perverts. But what is new is the proportion of the population OBSESSED with sex. We even have innumerable methods to help sexual potency—ha!, look at the sex-sicknesses: has “potency” made our society any better? All these sex-ideologies are killing this nation. We now live in a DEATH culture.


Dog’s Vomit—Sow’s Wash

Read 2 Peter 2:20-22. “For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” Does not this describe America? Laws that once curbed sexual perversion and propensities have all been trashed. Puritan, i.e., Christian morality has been pronounced “UNHEALTHY” now. Now diseases/death stalk the land without impunity. What was forbidden is now permitted, even promoted. But not all agree with all this “sexual freedom”. In fact, I would dare say the majority of Americans despise what has transpired, though very few have said or done much about it.

     TOO LATE, AMERICA, you are sinking into the stinking quagmire of moral filth! America is sinking into anarchy, moral cynicism, indecency and spiritual blight of the worst kind.


Age of the Jackal

“RELEASE THE Beast”—and so the beast is released. The unscrupulous Homosexual Movement is like a hungry jackal; promiscuity has no ill meaning today within its ranks.

     Years ago, a satirist remarked that the freedom of expression has come to mean “photographing of genitalia from every conceivable angle.”

     Chief of the jackals is the U.S. media—“chief devourers of anything good and vehicles of deterioration”. They, the media jackals, are usually, as one concerned Christian said, “anarcho-Marxists . . . for unrestricted sexual freedom!” They grossly propagate animalized freedoms (in their worst form) as “progressive”.



PAGANIZATION IS certainly on the rise—tattooing, body piercings, nudity, . . . nihilism in all its false beauty . . . satanic ideologies . . . psychoanalytic theories . . . demonic maladies . . . wanton brutalities . . . atheistic confusion . . . irrational, animal, infernal trends . . . witchcraft/priestcraft sorceries . . .

     This “perennial demon”, paganism, remains a challenge to all Christians in all generations. Even within the Church itself, there have been and still are heretics, demons in human bodies (males/females/both—its!), etc., all at work to dilute and adulterate the Christians’ Good News. I’ve met my share of such devils posing as “Christians”. These deceitful purveyors and practitioners of paganism are on the rise. The “progressive” Church is empowered by such demons.       The time has come when many of these hidden workers of darkness have “COME OUT!”—fangs and all, showing their undisguised hatred for Christ, Christianity, and all that is holy and sacred.

     Saint Paul, in 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8, warns us of fornication (as including all sexual sins): “For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness” (v. 7). It would do the progressive Church good to go into a textual study on this subject.


Fascination with Fornication

IT NEVER ceases to amaze me just how rebellious certain churchfolks can be, even whole groups. Here in Thessalonians we have a clear warning against fornication and yet we see whole Church groups promote and practice fornication! Their erotic obsession with the forbidden is REBELLION in the highest sense.

     A good case and point is a certain “gay” Episcopal bishop, V.R., the darling of the Episcopal Church or the wider Anglican Communion. He has caused quite a ruckus over the years because of his choices. He is now involved with a man named M.A., whom he has actually been involved with for a number of years, even when he was married. This summer, 2008, the men were “united” in a civil ceremony . . . clearly an abomination! The bishop champions the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the Church, also an abomination!

     To top it all off, the Rev. R. (a woman), head of an Episcopal gay rights group, delivered the sermon. Pray tell me, what kind of Godly sermon can one deliver over something that both God and nature condemns?!

     Listen to this blasphemous line of BULL: It was said that this event “enriched” and “blessed” everyone. First of all, Give me just ONE, only ONE verse out of the whole Bible where God even seemingly condones sodomy! I only ask for ONE! Yet I can give over a dozen clear and emphatic Scriptures to the contrary (write for our free booklets on sexual perversions). Second of all, tell me, how can a penis in a man’s butt and mouth “enrich” and “bless” anyone—except they be perverted and fallen from grace? I’m really waiting for an answer.



AMORAL MEANS “neither moral nor immoral, not caring about right and wrong”. Pray tell me, how any church person can be amoral? Jesus said that we will be either with Him or against Him. We either love Him or hate Him.

     There is no doubt that one can LUST and not LOVE. “Love” to the Homosexual Movement, as I see it, is the contact of two (or more) bodies. Yet true love and a desire to be Godly in the Biblical sense is not a carnal compulsion, nor a licentious or incestuous passion, nor a sexual encounter with the same-sex, nor an adulterous affair, nor even a one-time fling with someone other than your wife/husband. So, are we to call the prevailing Perversion Movement “mutually agreeable”? Do fancy definitions allow perversion to be “sanctity”, “blessed”, “enriching”?


Purified of Sin?

COME NOW, sexing with a “true love” does not purify all our sins. Does the declaration of “love” make the act of sin innocent? A fluffy thought indeed, yet very much nonsensical in a world of real responsibilities and real relationships, wherein we all are accountable.

     Do you homosexuals really believe that your same-sex encounters are less serious than deflowering of virgins? In the sense of not impregnating a female, resulting in abortion (MURDER!), maybe your sins are “less serious”. Or maybe since you’re not producing bastards whom you care not for, who grow up to corrupt society and pollute a thousand others, your sins could be “less serious”. Less serious or not, sin will damn your soul!

     Apparently, the “sanctification” of sodomy is believed in your camp, but don’t hold your breath, it is NOT believed in God’s Kingdom.


I’m Born This Way!

OH, THIS is a real “cop-out”!—“I’m gay . . . I’m born this way.” This reminds me of the idea of metempsychosis, the belief that the soul of a dead person enters a fetus and lives another cycle of its kharma thru that person’s or animal’s life. This seems too crude for today’s scientific thought: our sophistries appear more complete and convoluted today; thus a person can now excuse, even escape the conviction of sinfulness and personal responsibility.



EXPLOITATION OF perverted sex is revolutionary . . . causing permissive attitudes to influence the interpretation of God’s Word. The sodomites’ hatred towards cardinal teachings of Biblical Christianity is at an all-time high. The solution to this sick pollution—this Stinking Rotting Corpse—is Godly REVOLUTIONREBEL against HELL!

     Reader, where do you stand: with Christ, or against Christ? Have you listened to the Battle Cry of God’s Word, or the soft, sexual voice of the serpent? Are you among the x-rated revolutionaries or the T-(Truth-)rated revolutionaries? As for me, I have no fellowship with moral imbecility!

     I do not want to minimize the power of the Holy Spirit. God can save and sanctify ANY lost soul. I am a witness to this myself. And once anchored in Christ Jesus, we can learn to love God, His Word . . . even the wretched souls that are bound in sin. But we still are vulnerable to the workings of satan and demons. We must learn how to fight the good fight of faith. Amen.


[Study material for this article was adapted from its original sources.]

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