STRANGE FIRE IS THE ANTITHESIS of Holy Fire. Both “fires” are found in Holy Scripture, and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will now take our readers into a Bible study on “Strange Fire”.

     Let us go first into the Word of God, and then I will make mention of the supposed “Fresh Fire” outpouring that started in Lakeland, FL (2008)—and came and went more like a “FLASH Fire”!

     Leviticus 10:1—“And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer and put fire in it, and put incense on it, and offered strange and unholy fire before the Lord, as He had not commanded them.” Here we have two sons of the High Priest, Aaron, offering “strange” and “ unholy” fire before the Lord. Were they “BLESSED!” by the Lord, dear ones? It states in verse 2 that “...there came forth fire [HOLY FIRE!] from before the Lord and KILLED them, and they DIED before the Lord.”

     That, dear readers, is how God feels about offering “strange fire”! The Hebrew word for “strange” is zuwr or zoor: “to turn aside, to be a foreigner; strange, profane; spec. (act. part.) to commit adultery...”

     So, offering “strange fire” is equal to committing adultery in God’s sight.



YOU SEE, what Nadab and Abihu took foolishly, God took seriously . . . which proved fatal to the profane brothers. Their act was not just a mistake or ignorance. No! Their inexcusable sin was in going unto the Lord THEIR WAY instead of HIS WAY! Isn’t this the SIN of modern Churchianity? It is! And don’t be FOOLED by all this “fresh fire” out there—it is very “strange” to our Holy Lord.

     Even offering God our tithes and offerings in order that we can become RICH is a SIN! Giving $$ to all those greedy dogs, called ministers of the Lord, is unholy. They entice you into a business deal with what is supposed to be an honest endeavor or offering. (You may write us for our FREE teachings on the LUST and GREED for wealth.)

     There is no doubt in my mind that all this “Charismatic” stuff, for the most part, is UNHOLY! The “strange fire” being offered nowadays is prevalent in the non-Charismatic crowd too. But the Charismatic crowd uses God’s supernatural gifts, etc., to draw crowds into their carnival sideshows—this has been going on ever since I became a Christian back in 1971 . . . it’s true, I’ve seen it all!!

     For reference, Numbers chapter 3, verse 4, and chapter 26, verse 61, repeat to us the sin of Nadab and Abihu.


The Bible

IF ONE studies the Bible, even casually, one will see that God has a way to be approached: a way that is pleasing, a way that is right. To approach God in such a manner as do these “ministers” of today, is nothing short of what Nadab and Abihu did! All this foolish “holy laughter”, false “slaying in the Spirit”, etc., etc., is sheer stupidity. What is the point? Where is the Holy fruit?

     In case you get me wrong, I do believe in Spirit manifestations, gifts of operations, ministerial gifts, etc. (as described in the New Testament); but I also know satan/demons counterfeit the same. I do not believe all that the non-Pentecostals/Charismatics accuse us of is demonic. There are genuine “experiences” and genuine”ministers”, but there are also the false.


Under the Law

INCENSE WAS to be offered in the Old Testament temple in such a manner as prescribed by the LORD, not man. By the correct service of God’s chosen ministers, incense was offered; by this service, the LORD taught the Israelites that God accepted only prayers/service done in the prescribed manner.


Christ, Our High Priest

OUR HIGH Priest, Christ Jesus, by His mediation, puts “incense” to His genuine people’s prayers (see Rom 8:34; Heb 8:1-2, 9:24; Rev 8:3-4; and also Ps 141:2—may our prayers be as “incense”). The priests under the Old Testament Law served as an example and shadow of Heavenly things (see Heb 8:5).

     You see, Jesus Christ must be approached correctly as He approaches His Father, for us, correctly—just as the Old Testament priests had to approach God correctly. If He is not approached correctly, His and our sacrifices/services will be rejected. These “ministers” that do such “brutish” and “humanistic” services are certainly REJECTED!


Today’s Ministers

TODAY’S MINISTERS are so brutish and carnal that there is no way they do Divine ordinance. It is pure “STRANGE”! . . . carnal and common.


FIRE: Pure and Holy

READ THE “Fire” Words (Prophetic Words of the Spirit) we’re posting on our webpage and you will get the idea that “Holy Fire” deals with the SIN issue whereas “strange fire” does not. This is the big difference that is immediately obvious between the “fires”.

     Also, you’ll see that all this “Charismatic fire” junk is man-centered, not Christ-centered. In other words, man—not the Father, Son, nor Holy Ghost—gets the glory. Despite some ministers’ false humility, man is still at central stage, i.e., the “STAR” of the show!



DEUTERONOMY 4:24—“For the Lord your God is a CONSUMING FIRE, a jealous God” (AMP). Deuteronomy 9:3—“Know therefore this day, that the Lord your God is He who goes over before you as a DEVOURING FIRE(AMP). Hebrews 12:29—“For our God [is indeed] a CONSUMING FIRE(AMP).

     The Hebrew word for “consuming” (#398 Strong’s) is akal or aw-kal, which means “burn up, consume, devour; (also) accuse”. The Greek word for “consuming”, katanalisko (Heb 12:29), means “to consume utterly”. An alternate definition is “to seal closely”, and it comes from a word that means “to use up, i.e., destroy”.

     In Biblical reality, the FIRE of God will BURN the HELL out of us!—whereas this phoney, “strange” fire (of demon origin) only gives “experiences”, really stupid and unholy “experiences” . . . even un-Biblical ones at that. The real fire of God will EXPOSE sin in one’s life and bring one to the point of renunciation and confession, sanctifying and setting us free.

     Instead of stirring up “miracle”-chasing and “star”-worshiping, the Holy Fire of God will BURN OUT such carnal things. Truly, miracles (real ones) will follow those who believe—not we follow “miracle workers”, signs and wonders, as we see so much of today.

     As I said, I firmly believe in miracles, healings, Spirit gifts/operations, but these are by-products of our Spirit-walk with God and, at times, the fruit of our labors. But to put the Holy into a circus atmosphere is like casting our pearls before swine and dogs...yet who has the discernment these days to know the difference between the precious and the vile? Apparently not today’s church-folks—they are about as stupid as one can be.


“Strange” Called “Sacred”

YES, IT has gotten this weird, folks!! Some people believe that the sons of Aaron offered “sacred” fire unto God, and that it was only called “strange” from the manner of placing the incense on it. But what is the point? God killed them anyway.

     The point, dear ones, is that God “COMMANDED THEM NOT” (Lev 10:1). They were not allowed to offer sacred fire unto the Lord.

     Israel’s rites and ceremonies prefigured the whole economy of Christ’s redemption. And what happened back then happens today: man doing the service of God—man’s way!

     And don’t think these buffoons in Church La-La Land will not get their just rewards—they will come some day.


The Ministers’ Sin

MINISTERS (REAL or imagined) who ought to know better, “bless” and even promote much unholy service today (the latest major core being those who pushed for Todd B., the tattooed buffoon who was “blessed” by the Charismatic leadership this past summer of 2008).

     Arrogance, brutality, hypnotic Rock music, uncontrollable shaking (with no real purpose), “ecstatic”/fruitless manifestations, unholy laughter, pointless trance-dancing, off-the-wall teachings, etc., etc.—all the above PLUS lots more, make up today’s “Holy Outpouring” (?) . . . and of course the prosperity teaching to boot!

     This is not new. Every decade since the “Charismatic Outpouring” began, strange, weird, sinful, sensual, lustful, stupid things have been done in the name of Christ or the Holy Spirit.


Excessive Manifestations

AGAIN, THE Bible speaks of real manifestations, signs, wonders, healings, miracles, etc., but let’s face it: religious demons can and have infested and infected the modern Church with excessive (un-Biblical) manifestations and excessive (un-Biblical) teachings to gain wealth and power. With all this, comes the stupefying of the mind, so that “amazement”/“entertainment” become sought after and not the purifying of the mind and heart.

     I personally know ones caught up in this folly who hardly ever read their Bibles or pray; they only seek after sings, wonders, miracles, and they worship the “stars” who bring such things. FRUITLESS! Fruitless, dear ones; not only fruitless, but STUPID!


Deuteronomy 4:24

“FOR THE LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God” (KJV).

     Having seen the Almighty God’s FIRE upon Mt. Sinai, Moses received the Law written by the very finger of God Himself. Israel saw God’s consuming fire in the instance of Korah, Dathan and Abiram and company. Thus, in line here with Deuteronomy 4:24, Israel had good reason to expect goodness from God’s approbation and every evil to dread from His displeasure.

     Verse 26 tells us, “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that ye shall soon utterly perish from off the land whereunto ye go over Jordan to possess it; ye shall not prolong your days upon it, but shall utterly be destroyed” (KJV). God is a “consuming fire” to the sinner, but a merciful God to the repentant (vv. 30-31). Idolatry in any form provokes God to anger. Even when we exalt men or women too high, as in the case of “miracle workers”, etc., God will take note of it—and not for our good.


Deuteronomy 9:3

“KNOW THEREFORE this day, that the Lord your God is He who goes over before you as a DEVOURING FIRE(AMP).

     Israel had been given a faith did not allow for the compromise of God’s standards. They held the belief that God is sovereign over all, but they were not to compromise with anyone or any nation. This holds true for the New Testament people of God: we are not to compromise His laws, standards, commands, etc., in order to please other believers or sinners. This is exactly where the modern liberal Church stands today—IN COMPROMISE! All this “man pleasing” is sheer SIN, and all these works are done to be seen and heard of men.


Hebrews 12:29

“FOR OUR God [is indeed] a CONSUMING FIRE(AMP). Hebrews 12:29 refers back to Leviticus 10:1. The Hebrews’ author states in verse 28 that the NEW Testament saints have received a Kingdom that “cannot be moved” (KJV) or “shaken” (RSV). “Let us therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe” (AMP). This heavenly realm, dear folks, must be lived in accordance to His rules, not man’s. We can’t just accept any ol’ “experience” and call it “God”. We can’t act like brute jackasses and please our God. Our faith and works will be tried by FIRE.

     In the RSV, verse 28 says, “...let us offer to God acceptable worship with reverence and awe...” Friends, these contemporary “ministers”, these Rock n’ Roll fanatics, worship without an ounce of reverence or fear of God. The following is a quote, only one short quote, mind you, from last summer’s Charismatic darling, Todd B. (Mr. Tattoo man):

     “And there is this older lady worshiping right in front of the platform. And the Holy Spirit spoke to me; the gift of faith came on me. He said, ‘KICK her in the face with your biker-boot’ . . . I went like this [kicks and shouts], BAM! And just as my boot made contact with her nose, she fell under the power of God [audience laughs!].”

     Where in the New Testament do we ever find the Holy Spirit telling a minister to abuse a worshiper like Todd B. describes? Never! Kicking an older women in the face with biker-boots—real spiritual! And what was the essence of the lady falling out under the supposed “power of God”? What was accomplished? Zero! This is only a sample of the stupid stunts and antics performed by “Spirit-filled” ministers.

     God has used some men to do unique feats, like Smith Wigglesworth, but the fruit of their working was always unto salvation, healing, and deliverance, not merely a fruitless “experience”.

     The worst thing Jesus ever did was put mud upon a blind man’s eyes—he was healed.

     Brutal shows are fast becoming the trend. I’ll tell you something: the Holy Spirit may do some strange things (I’ve seen a few), but this is carrying it too far.

     If God doesn’t intervene in all this demon-inspired BULL, the time will come when nudity and sexual orgies will become the prevailing trend IN CHURCH. When I warned my audience back in the early 1980's that the Homosexual Movement would invade and dominate the Church, I was scorned and called a “false teacher”.


Consuming Fire, Cutting Sword

IF ALL this Charismatic/Pentecostal BULL is of God, pray tell me, where is the spiritual fruit? The Bible tells us that our works will be tried and or faith refined BY FIRE so as to come forth as pure gold. What these demon-inspired jerks bring forth is “FOOLS GOLD”. And don’t be fooled, demons can work miracles, speak in false tongues, show forth great signs and wonders . . . all for idiots like you who believe in those con-men and women—money-grabbing perverts!

     The whole idea and sole purpose of the Sword and Fire of God, is to prepare the Christian for Heaven, with fruitfulness and godliness. The Bible never even hints at believers chasing “Christian stars” who perform signs, wonders and miracles. Miracles ought to be signs in themselves that we have power with God and power over the demonic. But the Church has made these manifestations a “god” in themselves, things to worship, even deitize.


Fire Gone Out?

HAS YOUR fire, dear Christian, gone out? Is your relationship with Christ only cold coals? maybe smoldering at best? If so, it is time for real revival and AGGRESSIVE REVOLUTIONLET THE SWORD CUT AND THE FIRE BURN!!

     You see, when we let the true fire of the Gospel burn out, satan will replace it with “strange fire”—a burning for the world with all its allurements, excitements and deceptions. This pretty well sums up where today’s Church is at.

     Once we let the Gospel Fire die out in our souls, love for our God dies with it. This, in turn, causes the child of God to become careless, self-indulgent and demonized.


Let Your Fire BURN!

NOTHING IN this world, even in the “Church world”, is worth losing our Holy Fire over. God’s genuine Holy Fire, that passionate flame, will cause us to shun the world, not embrace it. You tell me what spirit these modern church leaders are of . . . to promote worldliness the way they do!

     When Christians seek their comfort, security and pleasure in the world (e.g., better economic order, a better democratic society, better relations with the world’s people over a better and healthier relationship with Christ), be it known unto you, they have either grown completely cold or been infused with “strange fire”.

     The CONSUMING FIRE (the Holy Fire that consumes SIN in our lives) is what the Church needs most, but loves least.



CLEARLY THERE can be no genuine worship of God without reverent awe. When I see and hear these pathetic pulpit prayers and worldly worship services, seeing worldly looking “Christians” “saunter gaily in and out of church like they’re at a romping party”, one can’t help wonder, “Where is the Fire?”

     You can’t convince me that God promotes or is pleased with tattooing, body-piercing and studding, immodest clothing, Rock n’ Roll [and even other worldly music(?)], especially as means to worship Him by. The loud and atrocious music (really bad NOISE!) can’t honor our Holy and Majestic God. Surely adultery, idolatry and every other sin named in the Bible can’t be “sanitized” by the world.

     We have it to where “church” is nothing but a house of ill repute, a glorified whorehouse at best—a Stinking, Rotting CORPSE!


Fear God?

INSTEAD OF fearing God in a reverent way, we have been taught to mock God, use and abuse Him. These perverted pusillanimous ones are really afraid to let the Holy Fire of God touch their lives. They keep the Sword of the Lord at arms length as well.

     The solution to this STINKING pollution is AGGRESSIVE REVOLUTION—“Rebel Against Hell!” Amen.


[Study material for this article was adapted from its original sources.]

* * *



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