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God's Holy Tibal Nation || A Militant, Aggressive Army || Obedient Disciples

God's Holy Tribal Nation

To begin, we are a people who belong to God. Not belonging to this world, or the nations of this world, we are citizens of Heaven residing here on earth. Just as Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, so the Holy Spirit has led us out of this sin-cursed world to be a people separated and consecrated to the service of our King. We are in the world but not of it. We are one people, joined together and unified under the glorious banner of God's Kingdom. God has made it clear that He is our King and He desires to rule over us. This is called a theocracy: a government where God is the supreme ruler, governing by His Spirit Word through His prophets. In the theocracy there are no elections: only appointments. We don't vote; we submit as loyal subjects to a King who loved us enough to die on our behalf. We enjoy the security of knowing that our King can never be removed, overthrown or voted out. The same righteous ruler will be ours throughout eternity. On the human level, God appoints our leaders, like Moses, strengthening and protecting them, giving them the wisdom they need to guide His people. A standing army in the flesh need not be drafted. Carnal weapons are not needed, for God protects us, fighting on our behalf.

Mistakenly, the governments of this world try and claim God's people as their own. This can never be, for although we may live within their boundaries, our allegiance belongs solely to God's Kingdom. Jesus warned us of the consequences of such radical dedication: "You will be hated of all men for my sake" (Matt. 10:22-24). Persecution is the natural result, and we count it an honor to suffer for our Savior who redeemed us with His blood. It is the least we can do, and we won't complain. For without the loving mercy of King Jesus we would be doomed to eternity in Hell.

As God's Holy Tribal Nation we are a living example, an outpost, of God's Kingdom on earth. Our purpose: to lift up Jesus our King. We are meant to be a light of hope shining in the darkness of fallen humanity. Through us God has established a refuge for those seeking to be liberated from sin and to escape the oppressive culture of death which controls this sin-cursed earth. We are the final destination for those seeking the truth about how God desires His people to live. We are also a mouthpiece for the Word of the Lord, standing boldly for the truth and declaring His righteous judgments to a world that has forgotten their creator. Because the Word of God is living in our midst, God is able to send people to us to be judged for rebellion or blessed for obedience. Sin is judged without hesitation or compromise. Hidden sins are exposed, with repentance and forgiveness being the keys to victory. Correction goes by the Book: first in private, then in public if needed. If correction is refused then isolation and eventual removal are the only options. In this way we make sure the innocent do not suffer for the guilty. It is God's order, and it is the only way to have a people free from the cruel ravages of sin. This is serious business and it is only given to those God can trust.

More than just politically unified, we are woven together as a tribe, an extended family, a thriving community, bound to each other by the love of God. Living by God's rules and standards, we are morally and culturally unified, experiencing a strength not easily broken; a determination not easily crushed. We look to our leaders, our fathers in the faith, for wisdom and guidance, knowing we can trust them, for they are submitted and governed by God's love. Each member of God's family is loved and cherished as a valuable resource. With God's wisdom and help we take care of our own. Our children are born at home and carefully educated and trained with loving discipline as the rule. They learn early that they have an important part to play in God's Kingdom. We have no place for the tragedy of wasted youth.

We hold all things in common, for everything we own belongs to God. The competition of who has and who doesn't is eliminated. Hard work, diligent industry, good stewardship, along with keeping waste and frivolous expenses to a bare minimum, all work to assure that we will prosper even when times are hard. Of course these characteristics are the result of obedience to the wisdom God gives us. We give God all the glory, for without Him we can do nothing.

The boundaries of God's Holy Tribal Nation span the globe, and you will find its subjects in every nation. Our culture is as old as time itself, for in the beginning God created man, walking and talking with him in the garden. This is who we are: a people who walk and talk with God; a people who beg God to rule over them; a living example for all to see how God can bless a people who truly love Him and seek to obey His commands.

A Militant, Aggressive Army

As we progress in our walk with the Lord, we soon find out that God has enemies, and because we belong to God, His enemies are our enemies as well. As we truly love the Lord and seek to obey His Word, the truth soon dawns on us that every true disciple is also going to be a soldier. When enough soldiers join forces, instituting a chain of command and submitting to that order, what you have is an army. That's what we are: an army of militant Spirit soldiers under the command of Christ our King. To avoid confusion, we make it plain at the outset that we are the Army That Sheds No Blood. Carnal weapons have no place in our ranks. The sword we use is spiritual, for we want to see men saved, not destroyed like worthless animals.

As an army we share common goals and ideals. We live by army standards, rules, and regulations. Because we are God's army, the standard we live by is God's holiness. All aspects of our lives are lived in common. That's the army way. We live together, eat together, work together, and enjoy life together as a cohesive unit, controlled by the Spirit of God. When it comes to warfare we fight as a team, presenting the enemy with a united front difficult to break through. Satan fears a people who are aggressively unified under the banner of God's holiness.

Yet just because we choose not to use carnal weapons, that doesn't mean that we are soldiers in word only. No, we fight! The spiritual battles in which we are engaged are real and very violent. In fact they can be matters of life and death. We fight hard on two fronts. Internally we fight against the beast within, keeping it subdued lest we fall away. Externally we expose enemy activity wherever it may be found. When it comes to sin we are militant and aggressive, for sin is such a deadly foe that compromise cannot be tolerated in any form. This means that sometimes feelings get hurt, people are offended, and enemies are made. We are not surprised, for Jesus told us that we would be hated if we truthfully represented Him in this world controlled by the enemy. Yet because we tell the truth souls are saved from the bondage of sin and rescued from Hell. This is our objective and it is worth all the hardship, persecution, and suffering we face.

It is no secret that the world is filled with people who intentionally join forces with Satan in hopes of gaining spiritual power. This is known as witchcraft, and it is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Knowing how deadly it can be, witchcraft is high on our danger list. It can be deceptively subtle, virtually invisible to the untrained senses, yet devastating in its attacks. It must be constantly guarded against. Ancestral curses, along with those originating from the enemy's camp, are routinely broken and returned to the sender. Following the example of our Master, demonic spirits are identified and cast out. This is spiritual warfare and it brings results.

We are equally aggressive against worldliness, and compromise is not tolerated. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are sworn enemies of our cause. These activities are of Satan's world, not of our Father. We evaluate ourselves according to I John 2:15--"If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." In God's army holiness is more than a religious cliche, it is a way of life, and we are ready to defend it at any cost. Neither the enemy nor his vile trappings are allowed in the camp. We police our living environment with vigilance, both internally and externally. When the enemy attempts to enter, or infiltrate with poisonous materials, the Holy Spirit alerts us through discernment. We feel the enemy's presence. Whether it be a trashy magazine, a worldly CD or video, a worthless book, indecent clothing, or a demonic spirit, the source of contamination is quickly identified, disposed of, or driven out. Our televisions were destroyed years ago. This is Aggressive Christianity. This is militant holiness. This is how we live.

As soldiers we are aggressive in our outreach to the lost. In fact we are a war machine. With God at the controls we attack enemy strongholds wherever they are found. Armed with literature and a good testimony, anointed by the Spirit, our objective is to liberate as many souls as possible from the kingdom of darkness. We want God to use us to save people from Hell. We have been commanded to take the gospel to the entire world and we are giving it our best (Matt. 28:19). By God's help it is being done. Anyone can be a part of this army. All you need do is meet the requirements of an obedient disciple.

When faced with the battle we don't back down or run away. At God's command we charge into the enemy's ranks, doing as much damage as possible. Retreating is only a strategy to outmaneuver the enemy, buying time to formulate and launch a counterattack. This is warfare, and as true Spirit soldiers we take it seriously.

Obedient Disciples

It's easy to spout religious phrases and think you're better than the rest. It doesn't cost much to say how much you love Jesus because talk is cheap. Yet when it comes to living life as an obedient disciple of the Lord Jesus very few make the grade. A key component of the Aggressive Vision is that we strive diligently to obey the commands of our Captain, desiring that our lives be conformed to His image and likeness as much as humanly possible. Is it hard? At times it can be very hard on the flesh, but think about what Jesus went through. Is it worth it? There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have pleased the one who gave His life that you could live. Is it possible? With God all things are possible. Jesus has gone before us and made the way. Now He beckons us come. Considering that, every sacrifice, every denial, every cross we carry is loaded with manifold spiritual blessings. How can you put a price on spiritual growth? What value can you put on an eternity spent with the God who is love? No sacrifice is too great, no task too difficult when Jesus is the objective of the effort. God is good and He rewards those who love Him and faithfully strive to obey Him no matter the cost.

People are not automatically made into obedient disciples. It is a training process, which once begun, lasts for life. You never reach the point where training is no longer necessary. God's wisdom is endless and we will never have it all. The enemies within and without are relentless and must be continually guarded against. In light of this, training cannot begin too soon, nor its importance stressed enough. For those rescued from the world, training begins as soon as they join the ranks. Children born in the camp are the most fortunate of all, for their training starts at birth. They are spared the many troubles that living in a pagan family can bring. What a blessing, for the damage that sin can do is kept to a bare minimum, allowing the child to grow strong in the light of God's wisdom and love.

Realizing the importance of training, God has established different systems to accomplish the task. Undoubtedly we are a spiritual training center, producing disciples that follow in the footsteps of our Master. For the children we have our own school, Tribal Academy, taking them from preschool to young adulthood when they are fully integrated into the ranks of God's army. For those who join past school age, a wealth of teaching is available, including anointed messages over the pulpit, printed materials, and regular personal instruction. In God's army every soldier is also a teacher, showing by living example what serious discipleship is about. In either case God is continually teaching, training, and refining His people into the obedient disciples, the aggressive soldiers, He desires them to be. This is not something to be taken lightly, for whether you zealously cooperate with God's training program, or approach it with half-hearted, apathetic laziness, your attitude will determine the length of your stay. God has no place for those who refuse to be trained. They are worthless in His eyes and will eventually be removed.

It was the Aggressive Vision that burned in the hearts of the martyrs. It was the Aggressive Vision that burned in the hearts of countless missionaries down through the ages as they willingly gave their lives in service of our King. True to our calling, we deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus wheresoever He may lead. We deny ourselves by subordinating and submitting our desires and ambitions to the will of God, the ultimate intention being to make His will our will. A strict determination to deny ourselves unnecessary excess and frivolous extravagance keeps us free from the cruel bondage of materialism. Constantly reminding ourselves that all we have belongs to Him, we pick up our cross and embrace the privilege to sacrifice and suffer for the one who suffered unspeakable cruelty and pain for us. We are comforted that Jesus will never put on us more than we can bear, and that in the end, all things will work together for good to those who love and obey the Lord. We follow Him as we allow our paths to be chosen and our steps ordered by His will.

As our hearts become one with the Master, we are filled with a deep concern for the ocean of lost humanity surrounding us. We are sobered by the fact that Hell will be the final destination for many we meet during the course of our lives. As disciples we know it is not God's desire that any should perish. With this realization comes the understanding that we have been entrusted with the sacred duty of bringing the gospel, the means of salvation, to a lost and dying world. Souls are perishing, locked into eternal damnation, and we have the key that can set them free. What a privilege! Life is so short we dare not waste it on ourselves. As obedient disciples we are already guaranteed our reward in eternity. We must use every available resource, every ounce of strength and determination, to rescue those perishing in their sins. This is the beautiful life of an obedient disciple and we have made up our minds and hearts that we will walk this way.

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