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Not A Church || Not An Entertainment Center, || Not A Pagan, Hippy, New-Age Camp

We Are Not A Church

In the realm of the Spirit there is vast difference between God's militant people and the church crowd. This difference lies in the level of commitment and the degree which we allow God to control our lives. The idea of the 10% tithe accurately describes church life. Churchites are 10% Christians, if that. Whereas subjects of God's Holy Tribal Nation strive to reach the 100% mark in all they do for the Lord. True, this is a real challenge, yet this is the answer to the search for real Christianity.

What does 100% really mean? When it comes to money, we give it all. We don't have our own personal spending money, savings account, or credit card. That way we can't waste it on ourselves. Our money is God's money, and we let God decide how it should be spent. We refuse to beg, harass, or flatter people for their money. We work hard and look to God who makes sure we always have what we need. Churches only meet once or twice a week for a couple hours. In God's camp we do everything together, meeting at least 3 times a day for prayer, mealtimes, and teaching. Our time is God's time, and we let God decide how it should be spent. In church each member or family lives in their own house where they determine what is allowed. Because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, sin spreads quickly and is very difficult to eliminate. How can God control a people like that? Of necessity, each church member or family must have their own car, food, appliances, utilities, and all the stuff needed to live. What a wasteful, inefficient economic system! In the army these necessities of life are all shared. This results in significant amounts of money being saved--money that can be used to fuel the war machine, taking the gospel of Christ around the world. In God's army soldiers live together under the caring eye of trusted leaders who make sure a high standard of holiness is maintained. Our life is God's life. Holiness is mandatory, not an option.

Churches are notorious hangouts for rebels who hide behind religious masks. Rebellion and religious deception have no place in God's army. We are soldiers under command. Unlike the church, we don't pretend we're religious to impress people. You can't be fake when you're in a war with the forces of evil. Either you fight or you die. We refuse to overlook or excuse sin in our midst and in the world around us. The political correctness game is something we refuse to play. We preach the same gospel to everyone, calling sin for what it is wherever we find it and no matter whose it may be. This type of activity is not popular with many, but Jesus wasn't popular in His day either. Although we may use them at times, we don't look to the medical, legal, or educational systems to save us. When we face a need or a problem we look to God first and follow His leading. Receiving government handouts or using "non-profit" tax shelters is out of the question--too many strings attached the enemy can use against you. Getting involved in worldly politics is none of our business. God founded our nation, established our government, and Jesus is our King. What more could we ask for? Considering these things, it is easy to see that WE ARE NOT A CHURCH!

We Are Not An Entertainment Center
Our lives are made up of a multitude of choices. We choose how we spend our money and our time, who we associate with and who we avoid. The things we consider high priorities in our lives are the primary factors that influence our choices. People do what they feel important. As obedient disciples, God's purposes and plans are always at the top of our list. His will is our top priority. Our goal is to please Him at any cost.

Yet for many claiming to be God's people this is not the case. Multitudes of Christians have been poisoned to death by prosperity, especially in the West. Contrary to gospel teaching, they have convinced themselves that God wants them to have the biggest, the best, and the most. After material possessions, entertainment is of utmost importance to the church crowd. With these topping their priority list, finances which are meant to support God's work are quickly wasted on superfluous nonsense that serves no better purpose than to gratify the flesh. Too many churches of today have become prosperity playgrounds where the King's kids show off their new toys. When they're done flaunting new homes and cars, then the fashion show begins. Both guys and gals strive to impress each other with expensive clothing, jewelry, and hair styles that show exactly where their hearts are. The trick is to imitate the world while still maintaining a semblance of Christianity. This bunch is possessed by their possessions, bound by their image, and enslaved to the lust of the flesh. What a mockery of the One who had nowhere to lay His head, the One who told us to forsake all and follow Him. They claim His name, yet mock the very principles He died to establish.

Things are different in God's army. We refuse to waste money on ourselves because we're not worth it. We don't pamper the flesh, for it's never satisfied. Following Jesus' example, we die to our desires and crucify the carnal beast within. Striving to impress others doesn't interest us. The only one we want to please is God. Because this country has such an abundance, many fall into the trap of idolizing material possessions. We won't. God knows best what we need and He always supplies, often miraculously. We don't insist on having everything we want whenever we want it. Nor will we allow food to become the center of attention. In His wisdom God has given us a diet that is both healthy and economical. When it comes to music we let God control that as well. God has given us many beautiful songs, yet we refuse to let music steal the show or use it to draw people to us. We also consider sports a waste of God's time and money. We don't have a "favorite team." Watching TV, worldly movies; music, and radio are out of the question. Nor do we have need of worldly magazines and books. The sights, sounds, and smells of modern day Sodom and Gomorrah won't be found in our camp. It only makes sense that the more you keep Satan's poison out of the camp, the less people are poisoned. This is war! Why tempt yourself with worldly garbage for no reason? You don't hang out at the enemy's camp looking for excitement. You don't take vacations either because you might not make it back. Redeeming souls from sin is our goal and we take it seriously. That's why WE ARE NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!

We Are Not a Pagan, Hippy, New-Age Camp
The doctrines we believe and teach are ancient, dating back to the creation. The reason these truths have endured so long is because they have been given by the Living God who is eternal and unchanging. The primary thing that sets us apart is the fact that we live according to God's rule of holiness--a standard that will never change. Unfortunately, many so- called Christians take the gospel lightly. They give God lip service yet live for the gratification of their flesh. Pagan practices and hedonistic lifestyles dominate an ever-growing segment of the church scene. Christians of today do what they want when they please. The standard of God's holiness carries very little weight with them. Being happy, enjoying life, and having fun are what they are all about. Life to them is a pleasure cruise and they don't want anyone to rock the boat--especially God.

Since the 1960's, selfish, liberal ideas--what the "hippy" generation was all about--have become solidly rooted in our culture. God's moral laws are under constant attack. The virtue and value of hard work is no longer important. The goal now is "take it easy and kick-back." Join the party! Independent, rebellious attitudes have set the stage for the decline and fall of true Christianity. Irreparable damage has been done. The original hippies have all but vanished, yet the standards they tore down still lie in ruins. Now a fresh generation of pierced, tattooed, neo-hippy pagans are on the scene, continuing the attack on God's standards of morality. This crowd only works when forced to, for they are chronically lazy. Like leeches, they are quick to line up for government handouts and programs, yet at the same time they are ready to bite the hand that feeds them, for they are ungrateful and full of rebellion. We recognize the value of hard work, living by the rule that if you don't work, you don't eat. We do not support wastrels or bums just because they claim they "love Jesus." Talk is cheap. We look for action. We are ever thankful that God has set His government over us and we willingly submit to His rule. Like pagans throughout the ages, neo-hippies have no standards. Anything goes with them. Their ethics adjust to the situation at hand. "If it feels good--DO IT!" has long been their rallying cry. They go whichever way the wind blows. The unclean, unkept look is their idea of a fashion statement. Sexual experimentation of all types is common in their camp, which explains their pitifully disease-ridden condition. As God's militant disciples we refuse to succumb to the pagan invasion. Rebellion is not tolerated. Soldiers don't "do their own thing." Our lives belong to God and we let Him tell us how to live. The banners of holiness, hard work, and discipline fly high in our camp.

Unlike those of the new-age camp, we don't hold any secret knowledge which you have to go through us to obtain. We're not selling something that will make you more spiritual. We refuse to add to or take away from, manipulate or adjust the truths of God's Kingdom. The gospel we preach is open to all, free of charge. The message we teach is so simple that even a child can understand it, yet it poses a formidable stumbling block to the mind that is centered upon itself. Considering these things, you can see WE ARE NOT A PAGAN, NEW-AGE, HIPPY CAMP!

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